the sun only rises for one

POSTED: Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:39 am

1523 For Bellatrix and her Hilli~

Flames crackled and sparked in the darkness, combating the silence that might have otherwise blanketed the area; the scent of smoke devoured all others, rendering the sense blank if only for a small while. The biting breeze could not stave the fire's burn, so it flickered on, uninterrupted and unsatisfied, in the midst of Drifter Bay, with four occupants looming nearby to share in its radiating warmth.

Two of these wanderers were horses, merely under the influence of a single Luperci, who sat now before the fire with blank eyes clearly entranced by the fire's dance. The fourth lingerer was a young buck, barely with his first head of antlers—and he could see nothing, for he was very much dead.

There was another light then, far more spectacular than firelight, and Aquarius snapped out of his quiet reverie with eyes no longer quite so void. He straightened his cocked knees, pushing himself to his feet—rising just as the sun had begun to—and let his bearskin unfurl around him as he took a short antler in his strong, craftsman's hand, and dragged the heavy body into the flames.

Ankh, he breathed Her name reverently, pleadingly. Though he bore the mark of Regulus on his shoulder, the divination of Khalif appealed to him more. Ankh, Samman. The goddess knew his heart, and She knew what.. who he wished to "find"—in the Language of the Dead.

He could not ask this of Tak. Tak knew no generosity or kindness and would not bring the sort of happiness he sought into his life. Now should he ever wish to triumph against an enemy, he would seek Tak's greatness, but this was a pleasure his soul longed for, and Tak was not an appeaser of souls but rather of body. Ankh would soothe his aching spirit.

As fire burned the flesh of the whitetail, he watched gray smoke turn black and fly infinitely heavenward in sacrifice to his beliefs. The roasting meat was delicious to his nostrils, but he would not partake in an inch of the deer's flesh. He was for Ankh, and it was Ankh to whom he was returning now. A single spear-wound to the throat was all the damage he had allowed himself of the sacrifice, and now the fire would render the body into ashes, a gift to the goddess who he praised each sunrise and would bring him what he searched for...