Breaks amid the rolling flowers

POSTED: Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:56 am

His trip away from Vinatta had been unexpected and more or less, very benign. The young boy had appeared from no where, talk about his mother being killed and his father being held hostage only pushing Cody to leave Vinatta amid all the happiness he seemed surrounded by. And now that all was said and done, he couldn't rightly know what was he was heading back into. He'd left without saying a word to anyone. Aspen, he was sure, would understand why he'd had to leave if she at least got to see the young sheep dog he was bringing back with him. His trip had ended in failure, the young Tobias on the verge of tears. But nonetheless, Cody had promised him solace in his company, in letting him live with him until he could get on his feet. He wasn't sure if it was the age of the poor guy or just his size, but Tobias was shorter than him, a little more stocky with tan fur coloration, a lighter undertone of creme running from his maw to the very underside of his body and legs.

His personality reminded him of his own in small, little ways though Cody knew the pup was only about a year of age. Soon to be mature and on his own. But he wasn't ready to be just yet. He'd known a life of constant love from his mother and father who shielded him from the world around him, making sure he didn't see the brutality in those that he came across. In the end, the only thing it had gotten him was a broken heart and now Cody knew that the sheep dog would have only a few paths set before him; to live on with his life and forget the coyote who'd held his father hostage, killing his mother, or to seek revenge and not trust others. He hoped it would be the latter but he couldn't be sure either way.

When he came to the borders, the sounds commonly made by those within reached him fairly quickly. It was the time of celebration, the one held each year by the members of Vinatta. For now, he needed to get the boy cleaned up, to make sure that he was okay and properly settled in before he went to visit Saul or even Colibri. The chance at getting the boy to be accepted when he wasn't in the best spirits were little to none, even if the leaders were understanding so the very first thing he did was silently make his way to Jordheim, Tobias caught with Cody's arm about his shoulder, Gwnyth only a short distance above them in the air.

His house was dark and the silence that ebbed through it cut like a knife. He pushed the door open, letting it settle with a brief click of wood against wood on the other side. There was no warmth in the house as there had been when Aspen was here. He supposed that she hadn't visited his house in a short while and the thought almost brought a thundering beat to his heart as he ebbed slowly forward, grabbing a set of furs and releasing Tobias once he reached the pantry where all his new kills had been skinned. He tossed it to the boy and quietly made his way to the kiln oven, pushing several blocks of wood into it, tossing some kindling paper and striking his flint stone to get it going. The door to front of the house was left open for the world and soon the flickering of orange would announce it's patron being home. "You can sleep on the pallet in the room. I'll take this room's," he pointed to his spare. Tobias looked Cody over for a moment before glancing toward the kitchen. "Ya got 'ne wata?" The first time the boy spoke and this was what he asked for.

"In the kitchen. Go ahead and drink the last of it. If it's still there.. I'll go get some more later." With the boy lost in the kitchen, Cody sat down in the wooden recliner closest to the window, looking out of it and into the sky.

Set three days after the mandatory thread in Vinatta that's happening right now. Tobias looks like Click here.

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