Broken dreams and silent screams

R/O; Dated for Feb. 16

POSTED: Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:31 am

Despite everyone’s warnings about rough seafare in the winter time, Rio blocked them all out. She was ignorant to proper seafaring conditions and no one would tell her otherwise. She wanted to go during mid-winter and no one would stop her. She packed all her stuff up and went – and it wasn’t what she had done or how she had done it that was the problem. The first couple of weeks were fine; she was fine; Acciai was fine. The trip was even fine. The weather was fine. It was only until the weather started to dip and teeter towards stormy weather that she wished she would have listened to Silvano. She was nearing Aniwaya territory – the swamp where Sabine lived. She was passing that part that night.

The sea was very choppy and she ordered the owl to spend his time in the bunks as the wind whipped around the ship. The rain hadn’t started until after nightfall, and then it was even worse. It was freezing rain – it almost felt like hail – and the wind shot it all over the place. The hundreds of little needle-pointed rocks crashed along the ship, her stuff, and her fur. She worked hard to tie everything down so that she wouldn’t wake up in the morning with no supplies, and she had the boat angled to where she wouldn’t drift to far from the shoreline either. She was set up well – she thought.

Upon tying everything down, she dipped into the doorway that led to the bunks downstairs. She struggled with the wind to pull the door closed – but when she finally did, with a face full of rain – she locked it. The wood still flapped, but at least it would not blow open. She delved deeper down the wooden ladder and sat upon her bed. Acciai sat perched on the bed post, and she stroked his wet feathers.

She didn’t know what time she fell asleep that night – but she knew she didn’t dare go back outside in fear of being thrown overboard. The next time she opened her eyes, it was what felt like calm seas. The owl hooted happily beside her as she rolled out of bed and looked out one of the peepholes. The horizon was tinted orange and the sea was as calm as ever. Her side overlooked the outer part of the sea – so when she didn’t see land, she didn’t worry. However, when she made it outside and didn’t see any land, she couldn’t contain herself.

Her heart dropped as she fell to her knees, looking out to nothing but ocean from every angle with a horrified expression, "Oh no..." Absent-mindedly, she noted her survival equipment still there – her net and makeshift filtration system. Everything she needed for living was available – except for land. Acciai hooted, perching himself on the inner banister. He looked down at her, but said nothing – as he always did. Rio scrambled to her feet, running to the outer banister and howled out to the atmosphere as loud as she could, several times. Not even her echo answered her. There was nothing. She was alone.

Rio really gets lost out to sea, here. Her official departure. Set for Feb. 16th. [000]


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