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p. Aidan | BD 12/06, night | Biff's Bar

POSTED: Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:36 am

Hundreds of voices commingled from inside and the light shone through the windows of the old tavern. Dystopia stood outside a moment, hesitant to go in for the sole fact that perhaps she’d see four of the men she attempted to attack here, but could not finish the job. Virue, for instance. His was a face she did not want to see... a man with a bit of liquor in him turned into a nuisance real fast.

Still, Dystopia found the courage within herself to push the door open and walk in - with her chin tucked at first, but red eyes peering through the deep strands of her hair. No Virue in the crowd, thankfully. Dystopia found her way through squirming bodies on the dancefloor, swaying and moving to a guitarist who played towards the front of the place. Red eyes peered around the bar, scoping out the competition as well as any potential Luperci that stuck out to her as a good treat tonight...

...And one did, though she couldn’t really say she considered him a treat.

She ordered two drinks at the other end of the bar, passing the bartender two rabbit pelts as payment. Then she walked over to the stranger, squeezing herself between him and the Luperci he nonchalantly sat next to. She set one of the mugs down on the bar, holding hers up to her lips.

”It’s funny seeing you here, brother. I was almost sure you were dead...” Dystopia chuckled, seemingly to herself, taking another swig of the alcohol. ”I lost two brothers to the forest, one sister to the books, and one sister to insanity. Woe is me. Sarcasm licked her words, and her mock sadness did not reach her eyes. Instead, they met his with the intensity of fire.

”So, what will you say to your sister who’s now all grown up?”

Word Count → 000 :: For Aidan! PP used with permission from Draiko. Set for 12/06 at night in Biff’s Bar

POSTED: Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:59 pm

Aidan wasn’t a drinker. He’d tried alcohol once or twice, but the loss of control wasn’t something he enjoyed. The youth had trouble seeing it as anything more than a mild form of poison which only those extremely confident in their abilities to protect themselves, or the stupid, drank. However, Aidan wished to watch the interactions of Luperci and not seem out of place, so he had ordered water in a mug which he sipped from sparingly.

Aidan watched the laughter of friends, the dancing of strangers and the way that it all fit together. Somehow it felt as though there was a glass partition between himself and every other individual in the room. It was thanks to his observation of the room that he spotted his sister, older and taller, but definitely Dystopia, and drawing more than one or two admiring glances which she either did not notice or did not deign to acknowledge.

When she put down a drink for him, Aidan looked at it, but did not touch it, instead his ears twitched as he tuned out the other conversations, giving her his attention. Her inferno of a stare met his own, the intensity of her gaze was sucked into Aidan, and all that was reflect was a vague curiosity. If he was happy, annoyed, ambivalent, it was impossible to tell.

”Hello Dystopia.” Aidan said, his tone mild, and he dredged up memories of watching the crowds ”It is good to see you again. Thank you for the drink.” He was certain that was what a normal luuperci would say in this situation.

”No I’m not dead, I got separated and couldn’t find you all. Did the prospect of my death make you sad? I only ask because your tone suggests that it didn’t.”

His tone wasn’t annoyed that she might not find the prospect of a dead brother saddening, he seemed to be curious.
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POSTED: Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:14 am

Hundreds of Luperci enjoyed the bar around him, and yet Aidan sat alone at the bar, avoiding the gazes of perhaps one or two females that looked his way. Now, no one looked his way as he seemingly found a date, an unwanted one but one none-the-less. Dystopia set her bloody gaze upon him, unwavering and unemotional. Perhaps just intense curiosity emanated from those eyes.

She wondered why she had received the cordial, default greeting, rather than one that’d suggest they went through hardships together or survived together. Instead, she was met like an acquaintance, a stranger almost and it made her slightly uncomfortable.

But if there was one thing, Dystopia liked a challenge.

”Oh, no, brother. That type of talk won’t do in a place like this. This is a room where Luperci get sloppy… you don’t have to get sloppy, but you can’t be this stiff either. Take a sip.” She slid the mug closer to him now, ignoring his question. ”And loosen up just a little.” As if to show him how it was done, she took a large gulp from her cup, setting the wooden mug on the bar counter and wiping away the fizz from her lips with the back of her hand.

She leaned forward, closing the distance between Aidan’s ear and her body, and murmured to him, This is a hunting ground, and you’re the hunter. Who sparks your eye?

She could see one or two males that either looked weak or drunk enough to be taken advantage of. Perhaps they were loners; so alone that no one would miss them or at least notice they were gone for a few days.

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POSTED: Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:43 pm

Aidan was conflicted, and it was an uncomfortable state for him to be in. Their time in Anathema as siblings had been hard, but they’d known no different, but they’d all been through it together. Dystopia probably knew him better than any other Luperci in the world. Did she know about their dad using him as bait? Would she care if she did? Of course, while he’d been sitting alone he’d noticed the glances, but as soon as his sister had sat beside him he’d become invisible, instead Aidan had noticed a number of stares aimed at Dystopia, their gazes lingering. Aidan looked at his drink, but didn’t move to pick it up, instead he looked back at his sister.

”I don’t mean to be stiff.” he said in the same tone, but this time it held a vague trace of hurt, his ears flicking backwards. ”It is good to see you Dystopia, you know me better than anyone else.” he continued, and looking around them room. He lowered his voice to match hers.

”I’ve been told, hunting Luperci is not right.” he made the statement with no moral indignation, just a repetition of something Aidan had been told. ”The last time I drank, I killed a Luperci who thought I was to drunk to notice him stealing from me.”

It was strange, but Aidan hadn’t realised how alone and unusual he’d been feeling until someone who knew him had turned up. Dystopia was both a welcome relief and an uncomfortable reminder, though he was pleased to see her, he wasn’t sure he could express that well enough to make her understand it.

”You’ve caught the eyes of several of the males in the room, a few keep looking at the two of us, and I’ve noticed one or two stand up and sit back down again. You shouldn’t kill them though, I’ve learned that Luperci don’t like it when you kill Luperci in front of them, there were some who got very angry with me. Although, apparently licking blood off your knife is what very much upsets them.”

It seemed to Aidan that if his sister was going to do something foolish he needed to make sure she stayed safe, and while she might not need his help, there was a part of him that was still loyal to her, and familial duty trumped most things.

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POSTED: Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:14 pm

Some took interest in the pair, and Dystopia felt as though a spotlight had cast down upon them from above. But she wasn’t exactly paying attention to those around them. She was trying to get Aidan out of his shell. She took the cup from the bar counter – hers, not his – and took a big swig. When she set it down, she wiped the fizz from her lips with the back of her hand. Red eyes settled on her brother once more.

”It’s not right,” Dystopia agreed, knowing the way her morals twisted and not giving a shit about it. ”But who said you had to follow right from wrong? Mother and father certainly didn’t… and mother’s certainly lived a good, long life so far.”

She took another sip as she listened to Aidan regurgitate the laws of Luperci way. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at some point. It all just bored her to no end. ”He deserved it then. Look, I don’t know who’s been filling your head with these… lies, but embrace what mother and father have given us. No, of course you don’t…” she dropped her voice, realizing she had been getting into it and talking too loudly. Kill in front of others. Have mother and father taught you nothing? You don’t leave loose ends or witnesses! Everyone in this bar will put my head on a pike, and I very much desire to keep my head right where it is.” Dystopia began fixing her hair.

She took another swig and cast her crimson glance out towards the rest of the bar, catching the eyes of a drunken man smiling at her from across the bar. She smiled back.

”Embrace your inner Massacre, but do it carefully. Being smart about it is all you need. Think of mother, if not father. Father was reckless and lucky, but mother is dangerous and calculating. Think of her when you think of killing.”

The drunkard had begun sauntering his way over to the pair, weaving in between dancing Luperci, groups of talking friends, and it seemed almost like a warzone. When he finally reached her, he had bumped into no less than four Luperci on his way there, including one of the waiters. ”You look mightily bored over here…” he commented daringly, casting a glance to the back of Aidan’s head and raising his eyebrows.

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POSTED: Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:57 pm

Aidan closed his eyes for a moment and finally took a sip from his drink. The taste made him shiver and his ears pull back. The male Massacre didn’t watch the drunken male approach, aware of his progress by the way his sister’s eyes moved, and despite her criticism of him, knowing that if anything were to look untoward, Dystopia would have his back. When the male spoke, Aidan could smell the warm waft of alcohol on the other’s breath, but he continued speaking as if the male were not there at all.

”Uncle Belial told me these things.” Aidan said, as though there was no one standing behind him leering at his sister.

Aidan’s lack of reaction clearly stumped the drunk, who for a moment looked surprised, looking over to his friends who were watching with amused expressions on their faces.

”Whenever I want to sit somewhere quietly, eventually I’m always approached. I’m not good at dealing with people who approach me.”

The drunkard leaned forward and put a hand on Aidan’s shoulder.

”Hey, I think you’re boring-“ He was cut off by Aidan, he continued to talk to Dystopia, still not acknowledging the other.

”The last time one of them came up to me in a bar, they put their hand on my shoulder and I jammed my knife under their muzzle and tried to push it through. It upset a lot of people and I had to leave. I don’t think that doing it again will help. Would you prefer to speak to this Luperci rather than me? Despite how much alcohol he’s drunk, I can smell his interest in you, and as much as I do love you Dystopia, I don’t think our relationship would ever extend to that sort of love.”

Was that a joke? If it had been, it was delivered with Aidan’s trademark implacable expression and vague tone. It was almost as though he wasn’t just ignoring the male holding onto his shoulder, his mind had registered the Luperci as not a threat, and to Aidan he did not exist.

”What do you think we should do?”

Aidan continued, watching Dystopia as the Male’s grip began to tighten on his shoulder.
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POSTED: Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:34 am

Dystopia laid her eyes on the man, trailing a claw down the middle of his chest. ”I’m not bored anymore, thanks to you.” For a moment, the drunkard reveled in the contact as Dystopia turned her gaze back on her brother.

She clicked her tongue against her teeth: tsk. ”What are you listening to him for? Uncle Belial lost his mind in the mountains! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Besides, Father always said that Belial was weak. You don’t want to be weak do you?”

Her drunken friend seemed to pick up on her words, even though she spoke them directly to Aidan. He leaned over between them, causing Dystopia to draw back, and blatantly told her brother that he was boring. Dystopia looked over his shoulder at his watching friends, laughing in their corner. She could feel a twinge of anger in her heart, but it wasn’t strong enough for an elicit, unplanned response.

”Why must you make me choose sides, brother?” Dystopia whined, grabbing the other man’s hand and moving it away from Aidan’s shoulder. She turned to the man, playfully poking him in the nose. ”He’s my brother and you have to be nice to him, ok?”

The man pouted, gave a glare to the back of Aidan’s head again, and for the sake of maybe getting lucky tonight, he backed off from at least engaging with Aidan. For the moment.

Dystopia leaned in towards her brother so close that she rested her head against his, speaking in a low manner. ”What I would like is to spray this man’s blood all over the bar, but… impulse control and proper planning.”

Then she leaned out and smiled at her newfound lover. ”Shall we all go to a party at my house? Your friends,” she nodded at the wolves watching from across the bar, ”can come, too, if they behave.” Then she patted Aidan on the shoulder. ”You are invited, too, of course, big brother.” The more, the merrier!

Word Count → 000 :: I keep forgetting what our plans are, so let's just wing it!