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Nike had long since considered the options that were placed ahead of her when she made this choice those months ago. While being around former members of Anathema, being around her beloved family was beneficial, there was more to being a part of her father's Order than just that. They had to protect and serve, to help those that either could not help themselves, or sought out the aid of this small group to handle a threat that was in the area. So much had to be put into this group that Nike could not offer... not in the state that she was in now.

And so, it only made sense for her than she take a journey, a time away to be on her own to learn from the world. It was such a small view of the world from the lakes the Order called their home. There was more to experience outside of this bubble, and a much better means for her to do good than from the inside.

The young woman had started from her base point in Portland, her blue eyes fixating on the massive ships that were docked into the port. What an exciting prospect it would be, to jump on a boat and sail across the waters into unknown land. Though, another thought had grown in her mind, the time to travel across such a vast ocean. It would make her work, make her learn discipline, and to act under the orders of another, but the time to reach land would take up to months just on their own for a trip over and a trip back.

She was going to have to try something else.

It took some finding, but she had been able to mingle her way into a small group, one that had sailed into Portland, though were not from across the sea as she had once believed. A shorter trip, and a chance to learn from those like her father... and they traveled. It was a perfect win-win.


She had come back. It was only inevitable that she come back home, but she was not the same as she was when she had left. Nike held herself with purpose, her new sported look dancing in the breeze as she walked. She could not thank the group enough for everything they had done and taught her. Leaving her in the place where all of this had begun, it was time for her to make the familiar walk back to her father's territory.

It was time to return to her place in the Order.

The tan woman paused at the edge of the lake, midday setting in of days later after her travel. Her weapon, a talently crafted war hammer resting along her side as her hand rested on the bottom of the grip. Snow now covered these lands and the chill would be here to stay until spring came upon them. She was a year old now, and she had shaped herself into what she would consider herself a fine young woman...

But there was still another to be the judge of that.

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The days passed as winter consumed the lands in holy white snow. The rollings were now mounds of white powder than on some days, the younger members of the group, plus Greed, might throw themselves into the mess of it. When there was so much structure and rules, sometimes one just needed to let loose. Recently, Greed came to the realization that maybe the path they had decided for The Order, was just a tad bit off. He and Wrath had lost themselves in rules and assuring The Order's members followed them. It had become a tedious job that lent little time for them to actually find action for themselves.

Still, Greed sat in Eagle Tower, watching over the lands like they were his pride and joy. This, was the most peaceful place on earth. Or so he thought. The Quill rolled his eyes at the thought, leaning his head against his hand as his arm rested on the window sill. The Order's younger members were out, patrolling non-existent borders and finding criminals to apprehend. Yet, here he was sitting in the tower like a princes waiting for a brave knight to rescue him. With an audible groan, Greed tossed himself onto the stone floor of the tower. Please....do send me a brave knight to rescue me from this...nonsense! He couldn't help but smile and laugh quietly at his own joke before rolling back up to the window to continue his survey of the lands.

Ears stood erect as he saw a figure walking along the lakes. His nose wrinkled as he sniffed the air, taking in any scents presented to him. He could feel his heart drop into his stomach as he noted the familiarity of the scent the figure gave off. His breath was lost to him as he watched her walk in a way he had yet to see her walk. She was a woman. A warrior. Strong and confident in herself. Nike... Greed mumbled as he threw himself down the stairs and out the towers archway.

Nike! Greed shouted, a little embarrassed if anyone were to hear him, for he couldn't truly believe it was her until he stood in front of her. He felt a whine, suppressed in his chest as he ran. He was no child, no weakling, yet seeing his daughter after her long travels was enough to bring him to tears. Even as he approached, Greed kept his momentum. As he got close, his arms spread, waiting for her form to grace his arms. It wasn't until he'd collided with her that he came to a stop, wrapping long muscular limbs around the child so tight she couldn't escape no matter how she struggled. She was taller than when they last met. She had more meat on her bone, more substance. It was odd to feel her in his embrace when it was clear she was no longer a child.

Nike, how you've grown. I wasn't sure when you'd return. Are you safe? Unharmed? Has anyone tried to hurt you? Greed went from happy to frantic as he pulled back to look her over intently. He had to be sure his daughter was safe and not in need of help.
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Nike had not even thought to look up into the watchtower as she made her way to the Lakes. Since leaving here.. since leaving her mother, her siblings, and Anathema's lands all together, she had always considered her father's group her home. It was here in the Order that she had purpose. Their old home was no more, and her siblings seemed to have yet decided what they wanted to do with their lives. Her choice had been made from the moment she had heard about the Order, and a way to break off from the past that was Anathema altogether.

Her ears turned to the sound of her name being called in the distance. In the time away she had been from her father, it was hard to tell how he would react to seeing his daughter again. He did have three children after all, but so far, she had been the only one out of the three to even make some attempt to be a part of his life. She did wonder what Nox and Nemesis were doing back home.

Eyes went wide as the tan woman noticed Greed bolting down the stairs of the tower and over towards her. Her head briefly went over her shoulder, noting how close she always was to the water's edge, and her father showing no signs of stopping. She gripped her hammer tightly, hoping it would help to give her enough balance as to not fall into the freezing cold water... or heck... to not have both of them falling in.

She was relieved when he wrapped his arms around her that she did not fall backwards, so that was something. Releasing the grip she had on her weapon, she raised her own arm up, taking him into an embrace just as he had done with her. A smile moved across her face, though it soon faded. Of course it was natural for a father to worry when their child was away, but she was quick to remind him otherwise. She gave a huff, her eyes narrowing slightly, "I'm not some dainty little girl father. I can take care of myself, though if it will put you at ease, any who tried to hurt me became really good friends with my hammer."

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Out of all his daughters, Greed had the highest hopes for Nike. From a young age she was determined to fill the large shoes of her father. It wasn't until she actually went to make something of herself, that Greed realized the great worry that came with it. There wasn't much down time for such worry, but when he found a moment of silence he found himself wondering if she was safe. Having her here in his arms made all the worry seem moot. He was her father though and that was what he was meant to do, it was what he would always do despite what his worry failed to achieve.

His daughter's arms wrapped around him as well. It had been far too long since he felt the embrace of a loved one. The warmth it filled him with was unrivaled by any other.

After he spoke, Nike reacted fast as lightning to his fatherly concerns. His own amber hues narrowed in response and his head tilted forward, giving her a stern expression that he reserved only for his children. He couldn't help the smile that broke through this visage as Nike mentioned the fate that met those that tried to hurt her. A hearty laugh shook his lithe and malnourished form and rose a hand to caress her cheek for a moment. I know you're not dainty, nor are you helpless, but harm can come to the strongest of warriors. It does put me at east to know that your hammer has made valuable friendships. He joked back, a heavy huff rushing through his nostrils.

Let's go back to camp, you can tell me all about your adventures. I must say, I'm a bit jealous. When I was young, there was a lot of pressure on me to stay, because of the pack, because of your grandfather and grandmother. I'm glad you got a chance to spread your wings. Greed turned towards the camp and threw his arm around Nike's shoulders. He was truly excited to have a chance to catch up with her and hear about everything she saw and learned. It was clear by her appearance that she had grown in grand ways and not just physically.
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