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Weeks had stretched out into months. The season had turned in that time, from the riotous colours of fall to the silver and browns of winter – but the silvers had no lustre and the browns held no warmth for Eliza. These were cruel, long, harsh months. There had been no sightings of her mate and daughter; she knew because she’d never stopped looking. Every scrap of black fur she spied, every gentle laugh her flopped ears caught; every time she smelled leather or heard the lowing of livestock, Liz looked in the direction of those things and prayed that they would show her the way forward. The way to Milos and Daisy.

All Liz had to go on was the name Omni and the memories of his devotee’s visit to the borders of Krokar. She’d worn a mask that day, despite claiming she was there with benevolence in mind – despite claiming she was there to save them all. If Eliza had doubted the younger female’s words then it was nothing to how she felt about them now, looking back.

They had promised that the earth would turn to ash, and it had. They’d promised that weapons and false gods would not save them – and Liz was appalled to acknowledge that for a few moments she’d considered abandoning the Goddess. She might have, if it would’ve brought Milos and Daisy back to her.

Cora and Bramble, Inara and Percy and Finlay – they all tried to soothe the only Mother of the group. It did no good; even Willow’s return had done little good for Eliza. Sometimes it felt more like Finlay was goading her, testing her and pushing her – and sometimes Cora’s silence was deafening to her.

She didn’t know what to do or where to turn, only that the months were dragging on and there was no sign of Milos or of Daisy. Tomboyish, boisterous Daisy. Eliza wondered how broken that unruly spirit was now, and she tried not to wonder the same thing about her little girl’s body.

* * * *

“Where are ya?!” Eliza howled.

The river offered no reply and no solace and Eliza wondered if even the waterways were turning against her now. What was she without Milos, without her children beside her? All her children. They were as integral to the whole as they were to each other. She felt Daisy’s absence like a slice to her gut and she knew nothing would be all right until both she and Milos were recovered.

But the River of Fire wasn’t offering her any answers, either.

“Ya can’t abandon me,” Eliza muttered, eyes turning skyward. “Ya abandoned Krokar, but ya can’t abandon me.”

The Goddess gave her no response.

The blade felt heavy against the dog’s pads as she withdrew it, snivelling, from its spot against her calf. It thudded softly into the snow – abandoned there, like so many hopes and dreams and desires Eliza Cormier had once held close.

Maybe Milos and Daisy weren’t coming back. Maybe they hadn’t found them because they were no longer there to be found.


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The burning of Krokar had elated her for weeks. It ran through her veins, the image of the fire taking root, licking at the homes, destroying what it could, hungry for oxygen and fulfilled. Her heart had nearly burst from the thrill of setting fire to the nonbelievers, helping to usher in the chaos of the next era of life. She reveled in the idea that the end of the world was closer and closer and that she and Miriette had been holy priestesses helping it along.

But there was always room to push it along, and push it along, she would. She wanted to add more and more tendrils of darkness of the many-faced god and his hungry gaze. The male patrons of the bar thinned, most wise to her luring ways and the suspicious ways that men tended to disappear if they went with her. Plus a woman, more eager to take a patron like a true prostitute, had appeared to take the "clients" away from her. She needed to work in a different manner.

Her answer came with a woman from Krokar, one with whom she could finish what they had started.

Rosa approached slowly, the glint of a knife shining as it fell against the woman's thigh. But Rosa was not afraid of a blade, not when she had her own knife, knotted rope, and the support of the many-faced god.

"Well, well. Looks like the river rats still linger. How sweet. Nostalgia?" she asked, mockingly.


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The dog stiffened as her blade fell into the snow – too softly for such a dangerous implement. It, like the river, like the Goddess, had no answers for Eliza. And in the sliver of steel she’d spent weeks and months polishing, honing, protecting like one of her own, Eliza saw the face of another appear.

The woman approached with the same ease and confidence Eliza might have once laid claim to. For a heartbeat the Cormier dog wondered if she should force a smile for this stranger.

But the dark woman’s words made it clear that even if she was a stranger to Eliza, Eliza was not strange to her. The mocking in her tone made the dog’s hackles rise into bristles a hedgehog could envy. Prickly, Eliza had once been called by a lover or a friend – but that person had never seen her truly, dangerously angry.

Her lips drew back as the meaning of the words sunk in.

Krokar had had no lasting enemies. Allies had fallen; Krokar, too, had fallen, but there had never been any enduring rivalry. There had only been the ones who had finally torn them asunder.

“You,” she spat as she turned to face this gloating demon. “You were there – you’re one of ‘em.”

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