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Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:00 pm

By the power of East and West; I command you

The journey had been a long one - full of stops and starts as weather would allow. While the snows and blizzards had yet to grow near as treacherous as those of her homelands, Valdís knew better than to attempt too much. She'd learned long ago in her youth how much she could handle. When she dared to push herself, however, Hestur kept her in line. Even the snarling huntress could not prompt him to move an inch in a blizzard. He knew that she was all bark and no bite when it came to her steed.

So the two Icelandic transplants spent nearly the whole month of January traversing the land in search of a lost pupil. Had she attempted to explain her reasoning to anyone, she wouldn't have been able to give a straight answer even though she knew it. Pride prevented the words from being spoken aloud. Words that her daughter seemed to know without question.

Life without the silver cavalier could have almost been considered simple had her coyote child not still lived with her. Rozenn was enough excitement for a whole slew of canines, let alone for the suddenly single mother. While she and Everett hadn't started - or ended - on the right foot, she could never deny that he had excelled at parenting their troublesome teen. Everett and Rozenn had shared a bond that Valdís could never have hoped to recreate. She would always be the outsider, the enforcer, the disciplinarian. Everett had been the fun, relatable one. Fine, so be it. They each had their roles to play.

But Everett had left soon after Rozenn had. He'd apparently seen no reason to stay when their child had ran off for the umpteenth time. Even though Rozenn had returned only weeks later, he'd already disappeared to the Cavalier's outpost.

Valdís hadn't wasted time on worrying until news had swept through the land. A new power, foreign in nature, had come to their small region. It had begun decimating packs one by one. Rumors ran abound that all the recent pack disbandments had occurred because of this power, though no one could say for certain. She had taken it upon herself to investigate and what she'd found had set her course.

Rozenn was never going to stay put, no matter what her mother said. She had found a band to stay with and that would have to be enough for now. Rozenn didn't want her near. Didn't want her advice or safety, even after all that had happened. So Valdís wasn't going to try.

Instead, she was going to venture to who knew where in order to find a man that in no uncertain terms didn't seem to even get along well with her.

Clearly she was thinking logically and rationally about all this.

When she finally did arrive at the outpost, Valdís set up a camp about three miles north of it. She dug herself a den and set up a perimeter for Hestur to wander in. She used the last of her grain to feed him once before travelling even further to a different town entirely to find some feed for her horse. By the time the week was through, she had a cozy little set up for her and her horse. Every morning, she would douse her fire and go scout out around the outpost. She searched the daily scents for those of her once pupil's and when she found what she was looking for, she would turn back to go hunt for her day's meal. Regularly, she would trade her semi-ample supply of meat for grain - but only when there were strangers manning the trade.

It wasn't much for a life, but it was hers. Day in and day out, following her routine. Maintaining that he was safe and that the destructive powers of her daughter's land were not yet here. It was a life. But not really.

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Re: Rationality

Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:41 pm

Word Count → +000 :: Thank you for starting this <3

The world stretched endlessly onward. For a enthusiastic creature, it glittered with opportunities and adventure. For one scarred by fear, it made them feel exposed. Everett sat in the midst of either perspective given his current situation. Portland was a city haunted by his memories - echoes followed him around every corner, it seemed. Innocuous stimuli unsettled him, as his gaze wavered and body tensed under the influence of a perceived threat. He chalked it down to being in the windswept city again; Casa’s outpost lacked the ancient stone walls and deep forest of home.

Home. The word twisted in his stomach like a snake. Everett walked, aimlessly, mulling over his departure from Casa. He had failed them all. Arlen, Rumpa, Jace, Honrin. Even Rozenn. Doubt and self-loathing had tore into what remained of his confidence. It was strange how Portland seemed to be the place the Scholar found himself running to and from. Vapours curled from his maw as he coughed, and cleared his throat. Ice underfoot was not the only issue Everett had to contend with - sickness bore down on him. The Secui’s muzzle crinkled as liquid threatened to seep down his nostrils, an inconvenience that dipping his head into the snow could solve. How pathetic he must have seemed.

Everett licked at the cold flakes decorating his jaws before shaking out his coat. The allure of a hearth and the mindless chatter of strangers drove him towards a familiar haunt. The scholar was well-known for his solitary nature, yet the odd social call fulfilled his need for connection just fine. It also served another purpose; sating his hunger for knowledge that could be helpful to the knightly pack and himself. Of two women in particular. Both he was guilty of ruminating about frequently.

They were dear to him, the scholar rationalised. Olivia was easier of the two when it came to organising his reasons for. Valdís on the other hand, tugged at his emotions in ways he could not comprehend. The hunteress’ absence hurt him, but the silvery male had not stopped looking. The idea had occurred to him that she did not want to be found. She had rejected him, without a word. Everett stumbled as the thought lingered there, like a blow to the back of the head. Teeth flashed as he snapped at the empty air, huffing warm vapour as his sides heaved. For a heartbeat he remained this way, wanting nothing more than a mental void. “Go away.”

Once he pushed past the paralysing agony, allowing his feet to guide him. Leaving the confines of his own head and the sense of despondency was of utmost importance. Everett’s breath stilled as a tell-tale scent tickled his nose. He caught the dark-pelted female’s fragrance occasionally, never far from the places he roamed. Their aromas touched and lingered over each other, whereas they did not. The scholar held his head a little higher, simply savouring the wind and the recollections it brought with it.

Like the sun breaking through dark cloud, her trail was a sign. There had been times the male had found her, and turned away. Today would be different, he decided, as he set his course forwards. Everett would speak to her and find an answer to the questions that plagued him. That was the idea in theory, at least. Meeting the woman in the flesh was not a simple matter.

Once his world was filled with her essence, he stopped and drew in a steadying breath. The male shifted, his body lengthening into a bipedal stance until he stood bare, save the hemp and stone necklace that his fingertips brushed against. “Valdís.” Her name spoken in reverential tones, befitting the goddess he saw in her.

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Re: Rationality

Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:16 pm

By the power of East and West; I command you

Hands running gently across her steed's black coat, she checked him for the thorns and burrs he seemed to complain of. Her fervent search brought forth nothing more than a few long-dead leaves he'd undoubtedly rolled in just that morning. Scowling, she brushed them away and slapped his rump. He was a flighty, high-strung thing. The last thing she wanted or needed right now. He whinnied at her before trotting off to the far edge of camp crossly.

Valdís sighed, rubbing her forehead with her hands. It was as if her stupid horse was determined to take Rozenn's place as the major annoyance of her life. First, he'd tried to drag her straight into town. Then he'd insisted on being noisy the first three nights they'd stayed. And now this time he was complaining of imagined offenses to his person.

As she stood there, the tell-tale sounds of someone near by grew louder. At first, she didn't think too much of it. Given her proximity to the town, many passed by each day. But none had ever dared pass her scent markers. She quickly grabbed her quiver and arrow, slipped on bracers and loosely strung on her leather breastplate before backing herself against a tree, perpendicular to the oncoming approach.

He stepped into her sights and whispered her name, and in the second it took to register, she slid forward with an arrow at the ready. Bow already drawn and hazel eyes glaring down the shaft, directly aiming for his heart, she glanced up into his face only at the last second. She untensed her arm but didn't lower the bow.

Looking down her nose at the much smaller man wasn't enough for the Viking huntress. She straightened her spin to its full height, lifted her chin so that her pale hair slipped off her shoulders and down her spine. He had said her name. He was the first to speak it in so long for she'd not given it to anyone in Portland. After holding his ice blue gaze for several seconds, she finally dropped the arrow to her side. "Everett."

It was as much a greeting as she ever gave. Slipping the arrow into its quiver, she set her bow against the tree and laid the quiver beside it. Her arms crossed over her armored chest, the leather ties of it dangling at her hips. Hestur gave a cheerful greeting to his old friend, happily approaching the silver dog to nuzzle his shoulder. "Why are you here?"

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Re: Rationality

Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:09 pm

Word Count → +000 :: <3

It was reckless to cross an individual’s borders unannounced. Everett should have known that, and his folly was answered with hostility. Valdís stared down the length of a nocked arrow. An intake of breath escaped his jaws as the man raised his arms protectively. If he was not the intended victim of the woman’s ire, he would have marvelled at her self-preservation skills. Having captured her prey’s attention, she seemed to shift into a subtle display of primal dominance. Her pale chin lifted, and with that movement her hair tumbled loose. A heartbeat spent in terror and awe between them, until finally Valdís released him.

Everett exhaled loudly, silently thanking whatever gods would listen to him. His body curled inward at the woman’s closeness. He had risked her wrath once this day and lived. His continued survival had consisted of bowing and scraping to superiors. The earthy female glared at him, arms folded against an armoured chest piece. Everett quirked an eyebrow as this new addition to her attire; he was certain she had shown a preference for being unclothed. It was strange to see it on her person, and dare he admit it, disappointing.

Sometimes, his thoughts wandered into strange and unfamiliar places...

Until Hestur rescued the scholar. Everett reached up to stroke Hestur’s thick neck as the stallion shielded him from his owner. “Hestur, my friend you are looking well! My apologies but Percival is at home.” The horse’s good health was a testament to Valdis’ skills. “He’s doing well I see. I praise your ability.” It would serve you well in a pack, he mused without daring to utter it aloud.

The silvery male had not ignored her question. He took a moment to compose himself, to keep the edge from his voice. “This is where I live these days.” Everett licked at his muzzle, whilst his ears tilted forward to hear her answer. “It seems I am not alone in my choice of haunts. What about you?”

Art by Nat

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