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Heart opened wide

Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:15 pm


2 days after the CdM masquerade - he's still dyed a dark brownish color, but his markings would be showing through

The past few days had been a whirlwind of emotions for the middle child. He hadn't had much time to think about or process all that had happened, but what he did know was that things had changed for him forever. Previously, Arlen had been subtle and quiet about all of his relationships. He'd made certain to have them outside of the pack and to not bring any drama home with him that could ruin his standing with his family. Now, all of that was about to change drastically.

Some part of him was so very ready for this change and part of him was still incredibly nervous to vocalize it. But there was one thing he had to do first before he went public with his newfound romance. Of what little he remembered of the night before his last dance, something had stood out. His little brother - the one who most closely resembled their late mother - had been dancing quite intimately with a fair figure. A fair figure that many had assumed or believed to be female. But Len was more knowledgeable in such things than most. He knew exactly what he had seen.

So by dawn's early light, he extracted himself from his lover's embrace. He promised a swift return before donning his simple white tunic and black leather breeches. The cane that was always by his side pressed deep into the snow, offering him steady support as he built up his ever wavering courage. A soft rap at the door of the house he'd grown up in, before slipping inside. He didn't wait for permissions, only a warning. He walked down to the room that had once been his and he leaned against the door frame.

"H-hey Cedric, can I talk to you about something?"

Re: Heart opened wide

Sat Feb 16, 2019 6:23 pm

OOC -stuff here

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

The party with the Court had been an interesting experience. Cedric couldn't tell if he'd enjoyed himself, much like he'd felt about previous celebrations. He wasn't built for crowds or small talk, preferring to just observe. And yet the party had pushed Cedric into meeting new people, all of which wore masks to obscure their identities. It would have been an uncomfortable night, but Cidro changed that. The dance they shared felt nice, in a way Cedric didn't feel often with his strict and serious outlook on life. The talk with his father on certain attractions had then come along to drop the boy into a world of confusion. He'd never really taken time to think on his feelings for Cidro. The other boy meant a lot to the Stryder, he was calming to talk to, and kind enough to make Cedric seek out his attention or dedicate time to keep the smaller boy safe. He'd never reflected on why he felt such things. Now Cedric felt like he needed to, and it confused him to no end.

Cedric had even looked for Cidro after they split off during the party to mingle with friends or family, but he could only search for a few minutes before the thick crowds of mostly drunk or jolly canines forced Cedric back into his safe corner. He wanted to see if Cidro could help him comprehend the confusion he felt, Cidro always seemed more in touch with emotions. But without seeing him again all night, Cedric had been stuck in his muddled state for the last two days. Even back in Casa, Cedric found himself staring at nothing at any free chance, thinking about his feelings.

His thoughts got him no where, only more frustrated at himself, and so Cedric tried to ignore them all together. He could bring them up when he next saw Cidro, until then it was best to not let his worries falter his training. As usual Cedric was up early, sunlight peeked barely through the slits in the window of his and Nora's room, giving off very little lighting as the boy got himself geared up for the day. His usual routine was broken by a shuffle of feet just outside the door. Cedric frowned, Nora was up and out already, so it could be her coming back for something. Before he could debate it further, Cedric heard Arlen's voice and relaxed. The youngest Stryder finished tying his cloak and opened the door, frowning softly to his older brother. "Of course you can." Cedric replied, a small smile on his face as he moved back into his room to sit on the bed, an open invitation for Arlen to join him through the opened door.

"Is there something wrong?"

Re: Heart opened wide

Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:29 am


2 days after the CdM masquerade - he's still dyed a dark brownish color, but his markings would be showing through

"No, no," he ran his hand over his face. The curls that he usually loved seemed to be too much right about now. He almost wished Remus had cut them all off again for him. "Nothing's wrong, man."

Briefly, he smiled at his younger brother before sitting down beside him. He curled his scarred leg up close to his chest, wrapping his arms tight around it. Resting his chin on the now conveniently placed knee, he stared at the far wall without a word to say. He should have thought about this longer before coming. Too late now, he supposed.

"So um," his normally eloquent tongue seemed to have abandoned him. "This is gonna be really weird to talk about, but just hear me out okay? So at the ball the other day, there was lots of spiked punch and lots of masks and things could have gotten very confusing for everyone..." But we both knew exactly what we were doing didn't we? We know what men look and feel like. "For, uh, for example. I was dyed all brown and I tricked Damon into dancing with me and he didn't know it was me for a bit."

He paused, hoping that his rambling was getting somewhere with the younger boy. Quickly seeing that it was not, he changed strategy. "Okay, so I saw you dancing with another guy." There. Cat was out of the bag now. No turning back. "But I danced with Damon too." And here we are back in circles. "Look, I just... I figured given the circumstances you should be the first to know. I would have wanted to know when I was your age. I would have wanted to know it was okay."

"Cedric, I think I'm in love with Damon."

Re: Heart opened wide

Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:27 pm

OOC -stuff here

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

As much as Cedric wasn't all that akin to emotions, he had a good eye at spotting them on others. Especially ones that set off his protective alarm bells. Golden eyes followed his older brother curiously, taking note of the nervous movements of his hands, or the lack of eye contact. Something was troubling Arlen, and Cedric hoped that was why his brother wanted to talk, otherwise the youngest Stryder would be forced to pry for the sake of making sure Arlen was alright. Arlen tried to admit nothing was wrong, but Cedric kept a keen eye on him all the same.

Good at being the silent one, Cedric leaned back against the bed rest and waited for Arlen to out his reason for visiting, ever patient as his usually talkative brother was struggling to find the words to say. He began with the ball, which made Cedric frown, and built up to something about spiked punch and masks and confusing moments. Cedric wanted to mention how he'd not drank anything at the party but then Arlen was speaking some more. "So that is why you look different, I didn't realise it was for a purpose." In all honesty Cedric may have been blunt enough and too focused on Arlen's emotions to even realise his brother's fur was a different shade.

Completely focused on why Arlen's fur was different, Cedric wasn't following the implications of his brother's words at all, with his brow folded down into a contemplative frown. They lept to the top of Cedric's head when Arlen then exclaimed seeing Cedric dance with another guy. That statement, if said in the right tone, could sound like an accusation. But Arlen didn't say it in any harsh way, which just confused Cedric more. He danced with Cidro yes, but Cedric couldn't understand the issue with that. In the same tone, Arlen admitted dancing with another man as well, Damon, and then with what felt like a build up of courage, Cedric's brother admitted to loving that man.

Well, thinking he loved him.

Which was the part that made Cedric frown, his eyes reflecting some annoyance that wasn't at all aimed at his brother. Though perhaps Arlen didn't know of Cedric's current internal struggle with his own feelings, his own confusion at the meaning of love. "I don't understand why love would not be okay... surely it is a good thing. But I also don't understand how you think you are in love, and don't know that you are. I don't..." Cedric voiced his thoughts out loud, then looked to Arlen with a huff. "I don't understand love very well Arlen. I know it is a very good thing to feel, but... I don't know what it feels like."

Cedric thought then to his father's words, asking him how much he liked Cidro, and how the young Stryder couldn't find an answer for him. "I am glad you have found love, however. I am honoured to be the first to know."

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