Sing me the songs of our past

- Lust

POSTED: Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:18 am

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Every day the same thing. Wake up with the sun. Stoke the fire in Bel's furnace and pass the task to the lucky initiate who's turn it was to be on fire watch. Make a fire outside for all the members to sit and eat around, to speak about the day to come. Then, hunt. During the winter months, things were harsh. Greed thought things were difficult before the snow started to fall, but now that the land was covered in a chilling white blanket he knew the true meaning of survival.

Prey was hard to come by and he was not the only one who's stomach he was responsible for keeping full. Some mornings, they would go on group hunts and hope they could find a sizable meal. If they were lucky, they would and would have a supply for several days.

This morning, Greed went out on a hunt by himself before most everyone else woke up. The patchwork cloak trailed behind him as his feet dragged through the snow. Long, unruly locks whipped about in the morning breeze, collecting fresh snow as it fell from above. His breath billowed out in tendrils, disappearing only moments after its birth from his maw. Ears pressed forward as Greed heard the light footsteps of a small animal, he froze in his tracks. Ears shifted above his head as he located the animal, head swinging to the right as a hare stopped before him.

Slowly, his hands reached for an arrow to knock. Quietly. The hare had returned to his own hunt for foot, nibbling lightly at whatever leaves managed to sprout above the deep white blanket. Once the arrow was knocked, he shifted lightly in the snow to get the premier angle for the best shot. Just as he perfected his form, a branch released a flurry of snow ground next to him with a loud thum. The rabbit darted. He lurched forward, not thinking much about the consequences of his actions. When he got close, he tossed himself at the rabbit with hands splayed wide. All he got, was a nose full of snow.

Damnit!! Greed shouted as he sat up, shaking his head to free some of the white mess now clinging to his hair and fur. Amber hues began to search for the bow and arrow that he'd tossed somewhere in the midst of that pathetic mess.
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