You can take the gal from the farm...

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[Posting as Kamilia's daughter, Sophie]

Taking a deep breath, the scents almost overwhelmed her. So used to the smells of the farm, it was a bit odd to have such fresh scents come to her. This was definitely not home. Sophie looked to the horses and patted their necks to help them stay calm “A new adventure….we will go to where ma and dad went, and maybe come back” she sighed and hugged the mare, who she hoped would get pregnant this spring. After a moment of leaning against the sturdy animal she drew back “Part of me doesn't want to leave.”

Going to the stud she checked the straps and ties, and then the cart the stallion was pulling. Inside was the extra grain and hay for the horses, her tent and sleeping furs, and a smaller space where a hen was resting. “Maybe I shoulda left you home…” she rubbed the hens cheek with her thumb and sighed. The bird had been anxious around the others, so Sophie had thought separating her would be smart. Now though she had some regrets, since she had no clue when she would return. Two horses were more than enough to travel with, especially if the female got pregnant.

Rubbing her chin in thought she shrugged. Too late to turn back the hen would provide fresh eggs that she could trade or eat. Going back to the front she mounted the mare and encouraged the horse to move forward. The stud followed, pulling the cart behind. Her ears twitched at the soft sounds, but soon the sounds just became background noise as she took in her surroundings. White peaks in the distance spoke of mountains, which could mean ibex or mountain sheep. A good source of wool. Noting the hard to miss landmark she let her eyes wander, hoping to see signs of old human areas. They would be good for scavenging, which hopefully would provide things to trade with.

A shift in the gait of the beast she roads brought her attention to the ground. Still snow laden and she spotted some ice, and eased the mares gait into a slower walk “Take your time gal” she patted the mares neck and looked to the stallion, making sure the male was keeping his footing. When she saw he was moving carefully and resolutely she smiled and relaxed a little. She would have to watch the ground for worse patches and avoid them. It would be devastating if either of the equines broke a leg.

Giving a yawn she let the tread of hooves and the sounds of the cart wash over her. Her parents had always told her this land was good for scavenging and trade, and she hoped to branch out their farm by claiming a small spot for herself. She may not be in a pack or even form one, but at the very least she would make sure her horses had enough land to roam. Sophie also wanted to see the areas her parents had seen, including the semi secluded area that they had lived in. Midnight had been the name of the pack, and she wondered if it was still around. It seemed doubtful, but she could still see the land where the pack had lived.

Personally she wanted to see as much of the area as she could. Learn where the best places to scavenge were. Maybe do some hunting and trade the hides. Or she could just relax and enjoy traveling a new area. Of course the horses were always a concern, but that didn't mean she couldn't enjoy herself a little. “I wonder if the people are friendly?” from the stories she would say yes, but she was mature enough to know that there were bad people and good. The only thing to do was hope she didn't bump into anyone bad. Sure she could defend herself if she truly needed to, but she would rather avoid conflict if it was at all possible.

“I guess only time will tell hm?” sighed she shifted her weight on the horse and looked towards a glint that might mean water. The mare changed direction to go that way as if reading her riders mind, and the stallion snorted before also following. Sophie smiled, glad that her training had been useful for situations like this. Sometimes spoken signals could spook the animals she hunted, so she had worked on using silent signals with her horses. It didn't always work, but it did make things easier. When the source of the glint proved to be a small source of water she got off the mare and broke away the ice.

As the horses drank she checked their hooves for any damage and was happy to see that so far no ice had hurt them. They would travel more carefully just in case. Patting both horses she let the stallion loose to graze and take a better break from pulling the cart. Checking on her chicken again she smiled and kept a eye on the horses. They never wandered too far from her when they grazed, but she still kept a eye on them and stayed alert for any predators that might think her animals were a free snack.

Yawning she looked up and saw she still had some daylight left to travel by. Scratching her chin she looked to the horses and then shrugged before setting up camp. They had gotten far enough today, and she didn't want to push the horses too hard. Once her tent was ready she sat near it and watched the horses until the sun was almost down. It was only then that she called the horses with a whistle and tied them to the cart. The lead they were on was long enough they could reach the water, but short enough they wouldn't be gone when she was ready to move again in the morning. Once they were secure she gave them each a hug and then went into her tent to sleep for the night.

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