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“Lucrezia, what are you doing?”

Akantha was watching her daughter pull through her curls with a comb made of bone, but each time the girl got to the end of her curl she made a face. She had inherited the same blaze of creamy fur down her nose as her mother, though her fur was tinged lilac-blue, and ode to the mongrels that floated in the Robles blood line. She was wonderfully muted and cool, and though Odalis had been filled with fire always; Lucrezia was cool and undiscerning.

Her long lashes fluttered as Akantha came to stand behind her chair, her slim fingers plucking the comb from her hands to set the hair the way she wanted. They made quick work of it, twisting the silvery strands around and around, each pin placed just-so so that the weight of the hair did not bother her ears. Lucrezia never understood how her Mother went through her life as if it was an unending dance – she was ready for anything, her dresses perfectly fitted and her hair perfectly done.

It seemed futile to attempt anything similar.

It was to be their first official appearance in the Court. Isandro was with the boy, though Lucrezia knew in her heart that they were lounging in the main sitting area, sharing stories with one another in that irritating way of theirs. Alcuin would be sitting with his knees curled against his chest, a drink balanced primly in one of his pale hands – and Mavros would be sitting languidly, one foot balanced against his knee.

Isandro adored his children more than anything in the world (perhaps not more than his wife) but there was a special place in his heart for his sons who would one day inherit his estate.

”Ouch!” Akantha made a face, ”I’m sorry, you must hold still-“

”I’ll do it.”

Lucrezia plucked the pin from her mother’s hand and twisted the last piece of hair into place. There were pearls laced into her hair, and one of the staff had fetched flowers to twist into the braid that sat like a crown between her ears. It all seemed so complicated, but as Lucrezia finally stood she could tell by the way that her mother gaped at her that she was pleased with her ensemble.

Together they strode down the stairs, where the men stood immediately – each bowing as the women came to stand between them.

Isandro gathered Lucrezia’s hands and smiled proudly – though there was an ounce of sadness to the lines around his eyes.

”You are beautiful mija,” He leaned forward to kiss her forehead, ”I am so proud of you.”

Lucrezia lifted his chin and glanced at her brothers, both standing awkwardly as they took in the sight of their sister so well dressed. Alcuin wore a pale tunic that was embroidered with gold, and Mavros had a high collar that accentuated the slant of his handsome neck.

”Yeah,” He was coughing while he pulled at the collar, ”You do look well…” Alcuin grinned and piped in, ”Wonderful!”

Akantha beamed at everyone in her way – kissing Isandro as the children looked bashfully away. Deep down she wished that the others were here; the brooding Solomon, and the fiery Odalis – but instead they were somewhere cast across the sea, their fates intertwined with a nation that Akantha no longer knew.

Now, her life was here.

Together they turned to head toward the court, the trio of children out front as the lovers linked their arms.

Isandro tugged on a long curl of Akantha’s hair and she snapped her teeth playfully at him as they ducked the final curtain and emerged onto the crowded floor. ”Do you remember your first time?” The children had run off to join their friends – bright eyed Salcedos and a group of strong-jawed Robles – ”Of course.” Isandros eyes sparkled as he lead his wife to the centre of the dance floor.

”How could I forget?”


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