The storm that broke me

POSTED: Tue Jan 29, 2019 2:35 am

[[Backstory ;)]]

The crash of waves was different than normal, screams on deck had her heart racing as she scrambled to get to the Captain. The storm had come out of nowhere, and the ship was tossing harder than normal. It would surely sink. “Crystal!!” She knew it might be pointless to shout, but she heard her crew members just fine. Another lurch of the ship had her hitting a wall with a grunt. Mumbling a overheard curse to herself she continued to look for the Captain. Once the area below deck proved empty and dangerous for her footing she decided to try the deck.

Out on the deck proved even more perilous, she saw two of her mates get tossed overboard with the next big lurch. Gritting her her teeth and squinted past all the rain. That didn't really help her see better and she gave another curse. Moving as carefully as she could she looked for any sign of the Captain and helped who she could. A few of the crew were trying to get a lifeboat away from the ship. Even as a newer member of this crew, she could tell that the ship would not make it. Suddenly she lost her footing as a wave washed over the deck.

For a moment there was nothing but empty space, then she was in the deep waters of the ocean. She was moved about for a unknown amount of time, before she broke the surface with a cough. Trying to tread the waters, the watched as the ship capsized and went over “No!” She coughed as water entered her mouth, and a wave pushed her under again. She struggled to gain the surface again, gasping for air as she once again reached the surface. Realizing she was in true danger she looked around for anything that would keep her afloat. It would tire her out if she tread the waters too long, especially with the waters moving so violently.

Her thoughts were broken as she was engulfed by another wave, and this time she was near blacking out before she felt something else moving her to clean air...before she passed out completely.

Lilith woke with a start and panted for breath as she looked around. She was in the same room she had been since waking up three days ago. Still the dream would not leave. Tearing up she rolled to her side and curled up. They were all gone, her friends...her lover “Captain….” of course she had asked for the other female when she woke back up. The ones helping her recovered said she was the only one found. Even her ship was gone, likely no more than wreckage by now. Sighing she rubbed her eyes and tried to put it off her mind. It would not help to keep going over what had happened.

Everything she knew was gone now, and she would have to move forward still if she was to meet them in the afterlife….if there was even such a thing. Moving again she sat up and held the cloth she had been wearing. Red like the coat her lover had worn. A gift from the other female, right after making Lilith a Luperci. “Crystal….” Sighing again she tied it to her head, then adjusted the one around her waist. “I will survive….I promise my love” she stood, then had to sit again as a wave of dizziness washed over her. It would take more time to heal before she could leave this place. Huffing lightly she drank her medicine and laid back down. “So bored”

Staring at the wooden ceiling and wished she could move around already. She closed her eyes and could see the ship as it had been before this more recent trip. The hadn't been the largest of ships, but it had been sturdy and able to sail just fine...normally. “Fairbreeze” she opened her eyes “...should I use that as my last name? Sounds catchy….Lilith Fairbreeze” she chuckled than yawned, the boredom making her sleepy. Or maybe the medicine was. Shrugging she tapped her foot as she thought of Crystal. Her strong and adventurous captain, and her lover. Tearing up at the thought she snooker head and wiped her eyes “Don't dwell on it”

What would Crystal say? Every day was a gift, live to your best and when it was your time to die, die honorably. Lilith had loved hearing that, and since it looked like it was not her time to die, she would live. “Live my best” smiling to herself she nodded and let herself rest a little. Well, her body at least. Her mind was a whirl of thoughts and memories. They would not go away easily, if at all. All she could do was try to not let them distract her when she was ready to leave. She would live her best, even with such sad memories staying with her. For to forget all together would be worse than the bad memories. Thursday she forgot….was the day she would likely die.

It was a whole week before she was fit enough to travel. She traded some brew she had prepared but wasn't aged for a horse. The mare was useful for carrying supplies, and was a sturdy beast if nothing else. Traveling to the east, then north, she made her way to a land that many had talked about. Trading as she traveled, she didn't really have a need for much. As she traveled she worked on improving herself and living her best. Every day was a adventure, and should be treated as such. Traveling at a easy pace she just lived her life the way she wanted. It was what her Captain and crew would have wanted. It was what she wanted. Moving forward was all she had now, that and her memories and past experiences. With that she could survive, and keep on living the best that she could.

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