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POSTED: Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:10 am

He sat with legs sprawled out before him, layered over the little mat that sat upon the floor. Shoulders were braced on the wall and arms crossed over his chest, his chin nearly touched his sternum as he slept fast and soundlessly. Today had already been a long day. The morning had been before the sun. Sparring. Wood cutting. Patrol. Maintaining the tower for his captor. It seemed even in his sleep he could feel the sting of his hands from the vines he'd torn down. All this work before the sun was high, his body moving from cold to hot and back again. His pelt was still steaming from all the heat he released.

As his slept, his dreams were a whirlwind. Beneath his closed lids he saw his past play out like it were only yesterday that he'd been free. If only he had been as smart as Hibiki. If only Shaamah had let his guard down. The monster should have been culled.

The past. He missed those days with his brothers, how short they were after he'd come back from Portland. Why did he even go? Hindsight always left him wiser than he was in the present and he was growing bitter about everything foolish and stupid he had done. Zetsu couldn't even blame Shaamah for thinking he was an idiot.

He had certainly acted like it.

The red male fell into every trap, every hole, every hiccup he could make, he did. His habits weighed on the side of futility and his dedication? Well, the only dedication he'd ever had was to beat Shaamah in a match. Imagine the places he could have gone if that hadn't been his goal? A losing battle. It always was.

Memories seeped into that nightmarish day where Dusk was left to the snow. So much blood. His heart sank and even in his sleep he frowned. He wasn't so spiritual that he could pray, and he was growing wiser of the world to think that she could have survived from it. Salsola would prove to follow Shaamah's word, should he even attempt the notion of escape to even go find out, and it'd be a death wish for anyone that encountered him.

Trapped. He was trapped. The shackles weren't on his wrists, but they may as well have been. Now days, his heart was heavy but his willpower waned. The young boy had grown into an obedient man, despite what he wanted for himself. The act of giving up was a painful one.

He would have made a better father than Shaamah could ever dream to be.

“Hmmmmnnn,” A weighted breath passed through his lips as one eye slipped open. He didn't want to be caught in bed all day, but he needed some kind of rest after the busy morning he'd had. A lavender eye slipped around the servants quarters and over to each mat. It was bare inside, still. The walls reflected who he was becoming inside, and it was a painful reminder of who he was to be in his future.

A work horse. Nothing more. Shaamah didn't like horses.

Leaning forward, he let his arms to the ceiling and stretched wide, a whine slipping from his maw as he yawned as quietly as he could muster. He was making better effort of being seen an not heard, though Silas had always been better at that. Thoughts roamed to the kind servant that Silas was, and how tough, capable and rugged the man seemed to be. Now, that was an amiable goal, but Sapient's shallow raising would never have the red son aiming to be anything like a servant. His discrimination wasn't something that came to the front, but something deep rooted and instilled in acts of the mind.

There were things he should have cursed Nivosus for, but he couldn't get over the main reason he hated the Sagax. They all hated the Sagax. Groggily, he stared around the room as his eyes came into focus. Poor Leonardo. The bastard never had a chance.

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To rise and shine is so hard to do
When all the light has been taken from you

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It was not Silas' formal job to take care of this, but habits from Rabenuhr kept the silent male checking on the other servants in Salsola. Those like himself and Corrine had been in their positions for so long, that they knew exactly what was expected of them. Each master was different, but so long as they did what was told of them, there was no issue. Then there were others not like that. He could think of a few that were still having trouble adjusting to their new lifestyles, struggling to be able to accept not only were they no longer a person...

But rather someone's property.

Zetsubou was an interesting case in this regard. He was the servant to his own father. Even back in Rabenuhr, no one that was not a slave had given their own child to become such. All children that were slaves were of those that were children from breeding slaves. Even thinking back to the family he used to have, he could not see his father doing something so cruel. He could not think of him doing something like that to him.

Even so, he was in no position to make an assumptions. Shaamah was the ranked member and the master here.

The wolf padded inside, golden eyes turning over to the male as he was waking up. All of them worked very hard, as was the nature of their own existence, and some were harder on the servants than others. His eye had been scanning around the room, and he waited for it to fall on him before lowering his head. How hard it was to communicate when he could not speak. It were small times like this he wished he had learned to behave faster in his youth... but he could not turn back time.

All he could do was try and help the servants to understand before they would have to suffer the same fate he had.

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