[M] “It was a mistake," you said.

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Seeds had been planted within him.

Were they doubt, or suspicion? He couldn't tell. There was little he could do to convince himself one way, or the other, but while Ohja was away he had a chance. The dark pelt of his paws rotated before the golden hue of his eyes, inspecting them up and down for any sigh that the alabaster of his wrists beneath were visible. Not a single white hair could be found, but he couldn't help but gather more and more of the charcoal of the campfire and smother himself with it.

From his arms, he moved to his chest. The gritty texture scraped at the skin beneath his coat, but he buried the ash deeper and deeper into his pelt. The less of his own true color could be seen, the less likely he'd be caught. From his chest to his stomach and down his thighs he rubbed the charcoal stain into him until the only think left of him that was clean was his face.

Palms dropped the powdery soot to the earth as he brought it to his face, rubbing and rolling the charred wood remains into every nook and cranny of his face save his eyes and nostrils. Finally, it was time to see if it all had set properly. Moving to the ice that had formed a frozen puddle beneath the pines, he looked with a scrutinizing eye at himself. Well, he could tell there was some color beneath, but he wasn't recognizable in the least.

His own gaze found his eyes, determination wrought within them alongside the heavy weight of something else. A lack of trust had seeped into him for their father, and he was going to go as far as it took to prove the man guilty or innocent. After all, it was their calling. To purge the world of the damned and free the believers. He clenched his fist. He knew he was a believer.

Leaving the campsite to the dust, he followed the young tracks through the snow on the way to Amherst. They'd left not long ago, so he'd catch up in just enough time to meet them half way, find their camp and lay in wait. A gut feeling churned inside of him of what he might find, but he pressed it as low as it would go. If Ohja was really the trouble that Achsah saw, and Debir had seen it in her eyes that she wasn't sure, then it would be simple for the both of them to take him down. After all, there were two of them and one of him.

Taking off at a sprint, he abandoned the clearing for the trees. If what he feared was going on, the both of them would have enough rage within them to do whatever it was the gods needed them to do.

Their trails were growing warm now, their scents thick and heavy in the wetness of the snow. A high sun had fallen earlier in his tracking, and now it threatened to set beyond the trees to wherever it rested in the darkness. An amber glow peaked through the trees and smoke plumed up into the air. The product of a fire being burned with something more than the wet wood that was in well supply.

His shoulder rested upon the thickest trunk he could sneak up to without being seen. Stretching over his own body, he peered into the ambient glow and narrowed his gaze. He could see Achsah's shadow there. She was unmistakable. Strong, lean, tall and feminine in form. His golden gaze rested on her for just a moment before the shudder of brush brought his eyes to the front.

Inches from his nose came the cold, hard glare of Ohja. The man's hot breath sprayed a fog into his face that his eyes instinctually blinked to be rid of, Debir's own breath frozen in his chest as his jaw dropped into a frown. His father didn't say a word, but stood in silence with his piercing gaze static on Debir's own. A shiver traveled from the bottom of his spine, straight into his nape and a tense hush was the only thing between them until something whipped around the back of him.

An arm embarrassed his throat, pulled tight by a strong hand, and a whisper traveled into his ear by his sister's voice.

“You've made your choice.”

The whisper faded as the edged of Ohja's features sunk into darkness. Cold on his face, wetness on his cheek, was the last thing he felt, until he felt the neutral grip of nothingness.

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Slowly he came to. The groans of a headache from suffocation droned from the youth's mouth. It was their queue to get to work.

"Debir, Debir... My sweet, sweet STUPID boy," Ohja's voice was charming and mellow, despite the new title that had been given to the child at his feet. He was bound by rope and twine at the hands and feet. Hogtied like an animal. The animal that he was," Debir, you have brought me to a difficult decision," He mused as one hand wafted to the side. Debir's eyes followed the gesture, groggily, and found Achsah moving with diligence and direction. An eye was left to the camp. Ohja could see the realization in his boy's eye," Are you finding this camp different, my precious son?"

It was a toying question, playing on the slow setting fear that was seeping into Debir's expression. It was sure to grow into something of horror later.

"This camp is not like our others," A dark hand gestured to the fire. It was large. A beacon. Moving along the trampled, muddy earth, he lent a hand to the piles and piles of rope," This camp here was made to make an example out of a fool," Ohja breathed out, his words turning into a venom that didn't match the casual expression on his features," And a fool so did we catch."

Moving out of the way, Achsah came around and righted her brother. Her eyes were cold. Unyielding. It wasn't like her. It was everything Ohja had ever wanted. Shoving him into a tree, he stumbled back and knocked his head on the rough bark. There wasn't a moment to catch his breath before the ropes came. Row by row they were cast around him, tightening on him. Stealing his breath. Ohja grinned.

"My dear, sweet boy, you've lied to us," Approaching Debir again, Ohja slapped him across the face with all the strength of his shoulder. Debir's body was tossed right, dangling haplessly above the rope that held him upright. His father waited until he could see again to show him the dark material that covered his palm," Disguises? Disgusting. Are you so frail?" Debir's eyes turned to Achsah, but she did nothing more than burn a hateful stare into him. Ohja continued," I thought I had taught you well, but it seems to be that you are always falling short of your sister."

A few steps back were taken, his dirty palm placed on the soft of her shoulder beside her neck. The touch was not something a father should give of his daughter and the haze of it was clear in his eyes," If you thought us against our gods, should you not have killed us?" He mused, pressing his face close to Achsah's before returning to his son. She didn't move an inch to it. Like a statue she stood, daggers for eyes in his vulnerable moment," No, you come to us as a spy. Something, here, must be done."

Like a vulture he paced toward the tree, and around and around as he decided the fate of damned," We could leave you here to rot. To starve as bounty walks before you. Though, removing those ropes will not be so difficult once we are gone," A chuckle came from him," Would you starve without teeth?" Shaking his head, he knew that not to be his true intention. It was all a tactic. It was all a game. How much could he scare him before he got the right reaction," We could break you. Limb by limb," Ojha's hand caressed the boy's arm as he made another pass around him, only to leave his sight for the reverse side of the tree again," Then how could you break your binds?" Black lips spread a smile wide across his maw," I think we should wait a few days, Achsah," She didn't respond. He wasn't looking for her answer," Let us see what it is to repent."


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