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Death Thread

POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:36 am

WARNING: This thread contains: tables with images and graphics of an explicitly violent, gory, or racy nature. Sensitive readers are advised to disable images or to read in a text-only format.

[Anyone willing to cause her death? Witnesses welcome as well]

Sakura looked to the island that used to be her home. It was empty now, the pack long since gone. The mixed dog was saddened by this fact, she had hoped to one day return, though she had never imagined she would be gone so long. Taking a trip had been her idea, but she had not intended to be away for so long. Sighing gently she looked to Jadiza, still by her side after all this time "I am old" she stated, and the other female moved to object, but Sakura raised her hand "I know it to be true...I feel it in my bones" it was getting harder to move. Eleven years old, and already she could not travel as well, her companion and body guard had to help her often...and even her long time companion was no spring chicken.

Sakura moved, heading away from where Midnight Shores had been and towards a new pack she had heard of...a Mistfell Vale. "I wonder...if they would let a old woman just rest with them. You are good company dear Jadiza, but I need more people around me." to watch and interact with, and perhaps to teach her ways before she died. In a way she could sense her time was coming. It was like a feeling in the air, and just...a sense. Izzy had already died earlier this month, when a blizzard had come out of no where. The small weasel had not gotten in a warm enough spot fast enough, and had frozen to death. At least the death had been quick...or so Sakura hoped. It was quiet without the hyper weasel. It was also more lonely, even with Jadiza at her side.

If she died, she wondered what Jadiza would do. The other female was old as well, but not AS old, still with a chance at life. Knowing the Great Dane though, she would chose to follow Sakura in death. Though such a thing saddened the Collie and German Shepherd mix, she would not be able to stop the other canine if she were already dead. That was also the other females choice, and part of the way of the world. Sighing again they traveled together and would face whatever would come next the same way they had faced anything else

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