POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:23 pm

Derek scratched his neck and sighed. Being alone was boring, so much so that he was seriously debating returning to the Court, or perhaps even going to the newer pack he had heard of. Yet...if he left and Constance came here to search for him, then he needed to be here for her. This was a daily debate the short male went through. Every lonely winter day made him want the company of others. The thought of his wife made him stay, and he moved about working on his home. Though the building was still intact, he was making a space for the chickens so he could still use a area for trade. A outpost of sorts, though he doubted that anyone would ever come. Not in the winter anyways, maybe once the weather warmed, more people would travel and then trade. Derek would make sure he had enough to catch those canines attention.

To start with he should make some sort of sign that others could see and hopefully read. That would hopefully draw more attention to the set up he was trying to put into effect. Maybe he would also travel to trade in the summer and fall, but not in the spring. In the spring he could trap and hunt and increase his trade supplies. He could scour the old buildings that the Sapient pack had used for anything useful that had been left behind. Busy work, and honestly he could start on some of that now. Like going to the old buildings, the snow was not so deep he could not travel in it. Maybe he could try riding...though he did not trust himself on the big horse he had near his house. Especially since he knew nothing of riding. Shaking his head he shrugged and headed for the empty buildings to see if he could find anything useful.

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