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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

[Forward dated to mid Feb | Contains Rape | The male is my character Gunnolf]

Yvonne was on high alert, there was a scent she didn’t recognize or like nearby. The smell she didn’t like was a smell she knew, hyena's normally smelled like it. Like rotting flesh and death. Looking around she finally noticed movement and growled as a black beast showed itself. It was another canine, a wolf hybrid if his looks were anything to go by. Black fur and white eyes that made her shiver, because there was no real emotion there, and a blood stained maw. That explained the smell. Not daring to move she kept her gaze on the other, and felt her heart pounding in fear. It was not often she felt fear, but this canine in front of her made her feel it. He sat and looked her over, like he thought she might be his next meal. Gripping her bone knife better, she was determined to defend herself, even though this black brute was as big as she was….even though he was in lupus form.

The other smell got stronger and her tail tucked between her legs. Her ears rolled back and her hair stood up until she looked bigger. Still she did not move, fearing that any move from her would make the male act on whatever thoughts might be in his head. Barton was nearby, or so she hoped, or he had flown away to get help. Tora should not be far away, she knew her friend would come if the hawk asked. Red stained teeth showed as the black wolf smiled and she felt another shiver ran down her spine. Finally she moved, squaring herself off better and ready for a fight if that was what the other wanted. A deep chuckle came from the large male and she bared her teeth at him in a snarl.

“You do not scare me, little girl” he spoke. Yvonne was no girl, but she could see how he would think her little. He moved and she backed away until a tree betrayed her and got in her path. She was stuck, unless she moved to either side. Eyes darting around desperately she finally decided to break to the right. Moving again she saw him jump and then she was on her back, the air coming out in a sharp huff. Growling she tried to move and managed to get her knife into his hide. He growled out, then bit into her shoulder. Yowling out in pain, Yvonne used her free hand to try and push him off. Hearing him growl deeper, he released her shoulder and then swung his head and hit hers, dazing her. Blinking she saw him move, pinning her down on her back, one paw was on each shoulder. Of course this aggravated the injury he had inflicted. The pain brought her mind more into focus and she could see now what his intentions were.

Renewed fighting came from her end, she used her legs to try and kick him off. “Stop struggling!” he growled out, clearly frustrated that she was fighting so much. He looked around and seemed to see something. Getting off of her, he went to get what he had seen, and she took the opportunity to get the hell away. Wincing in pain, she got up and felt dizzy, fighting the feeling off she tried to run, going in the direction ahead, and not caring if she ended up in some pack. She did not get far before she was on the ground again, the big brute putting pressure on her back this time. Something harder than his head hit her head this time and she nearly blacked out.

A rock landed nearby, his tool for trying to knock her out. Black faded in and out as he moved her the way he wanted with his nose and paws the best he could in his feral form. It seemed he could not shift, and she whimpered lightly as she felt him inside. It was likely that he had smelled her heat. “Shut up bitch” he growled and then she felt his mouth around her throat, cutting off her air as he used her for his need. It was a relief when she finally blacked out from lack of air, the feeling of his teeth leaving her neck was the last thing she was aware of….

Sharp cold had her snapping awake, her body sore and she could smell blood. Her insides were sore somehow too, and she could tell he had used her more than once while she was unconscious. Yvonne felt dirty, and closed her eyes in shame. That sharp cold came back and she opened her eyes again, moving her head with a whine of pain. Water...the edge of some source that was lapping against her. In her muddled mind she could figure out he had left her there to freeze to death...or to just wash his scent off. Whimpering again, she made herself move, fighting the pain that ensued from the action. Once on land she huffed in pain and just lay there for a few moments. It wasn’t until she started shivering, that she knew she would die still if she stayed like this.

His scent was back too. That woke her up more, her heart pumping wildly in fear and her body lurching up. “....help” she croaked out, hoping anyone was nearby to hear. Stumbling she fell to the ground again, her legs sore and unwilling to support her anymore. Huffing she looked around desperately as his scent got closer. Then he was there, walking to her as if this was a normal day. He chuckled and she shivered, hating the very sound “You are weak now little girl….” he nudged her and easily rolled her to her back. Yvonne coughed and looked to him and then whimpered. White eyes were meeting hers, his nose almost touching hers “You are still in heat...it is the only reason you yet live.” A draining sensation washed over her as he said that. “No….” she croaked, her throat raw from the abuse he had done to it. “Yes” he said and then walked away.

The big male dragged something over, a deer? It was a animal of some sort. He ripped some off and started to force feed her, causing her to almost choke and she did cry. She had not cried since she was a young pup...why now….why now? It was easy to know why, but she wanted to deny it, she didn’t want to give this male more power than he already had. After he was done feeding her, he went and lay nearby, watching her. Yvonne curled up on herself and cried until she slept, her rest uneasy and filled with pain and thoughts of what was still to come.

It went on like that for days, and she was nearing the end of her heat. He fed her from the carcass, which was starting to smell bad, and he used her. The black monster that looked like a wolf was happy...a different kind of happy from the norm, but still happy. It made her shiver even more. For some reason she could tell he had her death on his mind. Where was Barton? It had been days at this point right?? Surely her hawk had found Tora or someone to help. The thought left as he moved her, she resisted as much as she could. Pain was not as bad now, that renewed some spark of hope inside her as he started to use her again, once again blocking off her air as he did. Moving her uninjured arm she looked for anything to use against him as he took her so roughly.

Nearly blacked out again she found something finally. Holding on to it she swung and hoped to hit him. Feeling it connect he bit down on her neck more before releasing her to speak “You fucking bitch!!” she ignored his angry words as she coughed for air and then realized he was still going. “G...get off of me…” she pushed and he snapped at her angrily. She would not let him take her air away again. The rock was still in her hand...but if she moved it he would surely go for her neck again. Gritting her teeth, she risked it, feeling his teeth around her neck, but he was biting into it in a different way. A way that caused pain to be renewed inside her as he finished with his other business. Grunting she swung the rock with what strength she had left, he was hit and jerked his head away. She caught a part of her fur...and flesh? It was in his mouth. Anger showed in those white eyes and she saw her knife was still in him. Moving as fast as she could she pulled it out, then stabbed at his eye.

A howl rang out and he stumbled back, finally no longer in her. Panting, she put a hand to her neck and did feel a wetness there. It did not seem he had hit a vessel in his movement, but she would have a scar there if she survived this. Suddenly she saw him moving again and she tried to scramble away. He was on top of her back again, inside her again and growling deep and threatening. Tears ran down her face and muzzle, as he didn’t take her air again. This time she felt everything as he forced her to satisfy his twisted wants. Closing her eyes she tried to escape mentally, even though she could feel everything physically. When he finished he brought his mouth close to her ear, she could feel his blood dripping on her. “You will die now….bitch”

Good...then there would be no more pain. She felt him move, getting ready to end her….then there was the sound of a bow. The twang familiar and more than welcome. A heavy weight was on top of her...the black beast was dead. Crying she felt the weight leave and someone was touching her lightly, checking her wounds and she saw Breton flying above with a cry as she passed out again…..this time she knew she was safe as she slipped into the darkness of unconsciousness.

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