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[[Sophie again, I should make her a account]]

Wreckage was around as she padded forward carefully. Human remains always set her on edge, but it was also fun at the same time. The old decrepit buildings always held something she found interesting, though if it was suitable for trading was another story. Her pa had taught her how to look a item over, to judge it's value to another canine. Over time she could get familiar with what would more commonly be wanted, and keep her eye out for such treasures whenever she searched. Knowing the basic wants and needs already was helpful, but it was finding something new that always interested her the most.

A reflection caught her attention, and she approached a hunk of metal. A car, or so her pa had named such a find before. This one had plants growing under and inside it. A metal plate on the front had a unknown symbol on it. So much metal, just sitting here, yet untouched by all but age and time. Looking inside she found the plants intriguing. They looked like whistles, but smaller...a odd find. Shrugging she plucked some and added them to the bag on her waist. Looking the car over again she wondered not for the first time what purpose such a thing could serve.

Once again she found herself wishing she knew more about the ones who had ruled tha lands before. Humans. Not much was known, except that they were gone and had left things like the car behind. Items of mystery and wonder. Moving away from the metal structure, Sophie glanced to where she had left the horses. They were never out of her sight if she could help it, especially since she was still new to these lands. Seeing they were safe, she entered the closest building to explore. Always careful about where she walked, she sniffed the air as she scanned the insides almost casually, but she was on alert for anything worth taking.

After searching the ground floor she checked on the horses then ventured to the second floor. Testing each step before trusting it, she climbed up and found part of the walls had collapsed. Skirting the damage she looked around and saw a small item. Perking her ears in interest she picked up and barked in surprise as she saw herself. Her reflection was no mystery to her, but seeing it in this small device was. The image was not perfect, it was separated in parts and a whole part of her face was missing. The small mirror was broken but perhaps still valuable. Placing it in her bag she moved on with the search and found some parse cloth.

Cloth was always useful. Even if it was torn or dirty...she could clean it. Her bag was only half full as she left, and headed back to the horses. She planned on going back, but first she needed a drink and small reprieve. Patting the patient mare and not so patient stud she chuckled and let her bag rest on the ground as she took a drink from her waterskin. Letting her thoughts drift she rested for a bit, paying only partial attention to what was happening around her.


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