Farm that land

POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:36 pm

A stretch of green in front, a nice home behind. The calm air was clean as she took a deep breath. This was her life now, here with her mate and children. Hamish had shown her happiness and she was glad they were together now. Her daughter Sophie had left, but she held hope in her heart that the young female would return. Looking over the fields she sighed and crossed her arms. Winter was always a more boring time on the farm a quiet lull took over the place. They couldn't really plant, so they only had the animals to worry and care for.

Yawning Kamilia moved and went to check on the chickens, gathering the eggs left behind. Sophie had taken one on her travels, so there were fewer eggs, but they would still manage without the hens yield. Taking the eggs inside she saw Hammish was already outside with his sons. It was then that she realized she was the only female canine left in the farm. Rubbing her chin she gave a sigh. She would miss her daughter, but at least she was not completely alone. She still had her husband, and she still had her sons. Smiling she placed the eggs in the wood case they were kept in after being gathered, then she went outside to help with the rest of the chores

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