These hands can still sew


POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:16 pm

[[Backdated a few days]]

Sakura moved almost silently, the cloth sliding behind her easily on the snow. Jadiza followed closely, and both stayed in silence. There was not much to talk about. The grey mixed dog wanted to return to Midnight Shores, or at least where it had been. So they traveled, the aged dog not thinking of much. They were going past Salsola now, but not too terribly close to the boarders. It would not sit well to be mistaken as some trespasser to the pack. It was only when she caught a more familiar scent mixed with the rest that she paused and looked towards the boarders. Sure enough, the big grey brute was in the distance. The one she had liked a little, and had made a vest for. Looked like he no longer wore the vest, or it had gotten ruined.

Smiling she bowed to the male, not knowing if she had been noticed or not. It was just a motion she felt like making, it didn't matter if it was seen right now. Standing straight she hesitated before moving again. Though she would like to talk to the male, she did not want to stay too close to the pack she could see even from here. There were more than enough stories of what that pack did to have her want to stay far away. Even if someone she knew was there, she did not trust the others. It was likely a wise thing, though she did stop when the scent of the pack became a little less potent. Her eyes moved to see if the male had noticed her, or if he had followed like a good guard might.

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