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POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:45 pm

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Tomorrow. There was always a tomorrow, just like there was always a yesterday. It was the only way to think to keep on going. Sighing the wolf dog moved a little and looked away from the fire she had been staring at. For once since starting her travels she missed home. Though all that would be there would be harsh criticism...she missed it. Closing her eyes she could imagine the return. The looks of smugness that would say that they were right, and that she had been wrong to leave after all. Such looks were why she had left to begin with. That and she didn’t like the way they all wanted to fight all the time. It was not the best way of life, no matter what they all may say. Shaking her head she decided once again to not return to that place. Tomorrow she would go through this mental debate again. Then the next day, then the next...until it was too late to turn back.

Kamilia stood and looked forward to the land she wanted to travel. Kicking dirt on her fire she walked. The day was already started, and she should have started too. If she had not been fighting her own damn instincts she would have already been moving. That was all there was to do right now. Move. Forward and forward until there was no more land. Perhaps until there was no more her, it really just depended on what she found in this area. So far she had found nothing, nothing but the same old landscape, though she had found that it was warmer here than back from where she had been. Back there, there was nothing. Nothing she wanted anyways. Only what others wanted for her.

That was not what she wanted. Sighing again she let herself try to enjoy herself. There was no real reason that she needed to worry or concern herself with that past. This new land was her future. Shaking her head she decided to not think about it. The more she thought about it, the more she would want to return despite everything that she was running from. Here there would be a way to move on….or at least she hoped there would be. If there wasn’t she may just travel for the rest of her life. Just be a wanderer who never had a home. Huffing at the thought, she found herself smiling. At least she could amuse herself with such fancies. It meant she had a chance if she truly lived alone. Of course that was not the ideal situation, company was always better than being alone. Still...there was hope for her.

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