A Day to Herself

POSTED: Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:07 pm

OCC: A glimpse at Riddle when she's a bit older| Word Count: 615

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Riddle loved the ocean. The salt in the air, the guffs of air hitting her face. If it were up to her she would never leave the rocky shores of the coast. Oh and the sand! The day she had found that little sand spot, she had rolled around for hours. Though it had taken hours for all the sand to leave her fur, she still longed to roll in it again.

Hopping carefully from slippery rock face to rock face, Riddle made her way closer to a little cave she had dubbed as her secret hideout. She housed all sorts of little trinkets in there. Things she kept just for herself. To an outsider, it may look like a bunch of junk, but it was her junk! Countless piles of shells, some broken, others in mint conditions. Strange rusted artifacts from long ago, ranging anywhere from simple bolts and screws to a grime-covered bottle, with a tiny note inside. Riddle's most prized possession, however, will always be her Bag of Tiny Shapes. The bag itself was simple; a once lovely velvet green, now browned with age and exposure. Inside is where the real magic lay. A hundred or more different colored and shaped plastic and metal objects filled the inside of the bag. Although damaged from water and sand, they still fascinated Riddle. When she could find the time to, she would dump the bag out and sort through the wonderful colors, nudging them into piles by color or shape, depending on her fancy. The activity never failed to bring her spirits up.

This was her plan for the day. And what a day it would be! So eager was she that she almost missed the creature until she barely avoided stepping on it. A started yelp escaped her as she tumbled against the rocks, splashing down in a small puddle of captured seawater from the recent high tide. Shaking herself furiously, Riddle hopped her way back up the rock to, determined to find the creature that started her so.

The sight that greeted her was strange indeed. An aquatic creature, a little smaller than her, struggled miserably. The poor thing had been pushed on its armored shell and now was stuck between two rocks, its many legs wigging desperately for freedom.

"Oh no! You poor thing!" Riddle exclaimed, scrambling closer to see what she could do.

The strange creature grumbled at her in low speech, wiggling its legs harder to keep her back.

"Calm down you odd crab. I will help!" Riddle declared, stepping closer to see if she could get her snout under the creature. One of the legs caught her in the nose and Riddle flinched back. Rubbing the small cut with her paw, Riddle glared down at the creature, it's beady eyes glaring right back.

"Listen here." Riddle stomped her paw down for emphasis, " I am trying to help you! If you won't stop moving, I will leave and let someone else find you. And you can bet they won't be as nice as me!"

The creature stopped it's movements, while not understanding her words, could certainly understand her tone. Riddle eyed the creature for a moment, testing to see if it was trying to trick her. When it stayed put, Riddle quickly pushed her snout under it and with one smooth motion, it was back on its many legs. The creature barely glanced at its savor, before it was scuttling away back to the ocean.

"You could at least be grateful!" Riddle yelled after it. Huffing, the young wolfdog turned back in the direction of her hideout, looking forward to her Bag of Tiny Shapes to cheer her up.

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