ebon spectres over bleached bones

POSTED: Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:22 pm

"What is that?" The tawny boy with tousled hair slowed to a stop. His sister was quiet, her coffee-colored nose to the ground as she searched through the snow. "You know we'd get there much faster if we didn't stop every five minutes." The boy said, bemused. He slid off his mother's horse, stumbling on a hidden pane of ice. He just barely managed to catch himself on the mare's saddle and sauntered up to her side as if nothing had happened. He watched as Wisteria began to dig, his eyes widened. "is that a...body?"

At his realization Wisteria took two uneasy steps back. "What's left of it." She stared into a snow-filled eye socket and tentatively resumed her macabre unveiling.

"So, we're digging up dead bodies now?" Complained the boy, "is this what you do when we're not around?" Out of view, Wisteria rolled her eyes.

"I'm digging it up, unless you'd like to help?" The pale she-wolf shot him a look with her bright orange eyes. ”And no, Auri...but I'd happily bury yours.” She flashed her pearly teeth at her brother who scoffed.

”As if you could.” He took to his knees beside her and reluctantly began clawing and shoveling handfuls of icy snow away from-- what looked like-- a complete skeleton. ”I don't see what the point of this is…” He began.

”I told you, I thought I saw something shine. Jewelry- or metal, maybe?” Wisteria unearthed the skull at last, it was definitely luperci. She felt around with her paws until she came across the spine. They caught on a broken vertebrae. No teeth marks, she thought, turning the pieces over. ”Their neck was broken. That's got to be how they died, right?”

”Gods, Wisteria, are you always this morbid?” He was scrunching up his nose and closing his eyes, as if to forget what they were doing.

”I'm just curious.” She stalked towards Aurelion and leaned her head over his shoulder. ”We're not far from the Outpost, do you think they were headed there when...Auri do you think someone…”

”murdered them?” His eye lit up with intrigue. Wisteria's, too. She met his gaze.

”Maybe they fell?” It wasn't a very compelling argument-- she didn't believe it herself-- and it didn't look as if Aurelion did either.

”Maybe.” It was then his hand caught something solid, the sheen of metal Wisteria had seen earlier. ”Wisteria, look!" Aurelion grasped in his hand a dagger's hilt. Wisteria, who'd busied herself at the skeleton's other side looked up.

”I told you I saw something!” She said. Aurelion pulled it out and Wisteria leaned in for a closer look.

”It's not in very good shape.” He frowned. The blade was rusted and dull, the hilt tarnished, though intricate in design. It's end was tapered off to a severe (and deadly) looking point. ”Maybe there's another one?” Wisteria started digging again and it wasn't long until...She yelped.

”I...think I found it.” Sure enough another hilt slowly came into view- a twin. This one was no less tarnished, no less rusted, and it's point looked similarly wicked. "They're a set, they have to be."

”You didn't cut yourself, did you?” Aurelion was genuinely concerned, and looked up with eyes as cerulean as hers were amber. Like the deep blue of a foreign sea.

”No.” She replied, picking up her surely bruised paw. She licked it to soothe the ache, startling when the loud croak of a raven sounded at her side. She watched as the bird landed on the skull, its beady black eyes focused on the sibling pair with intensity.

"Hey, buddy." Grinned Aurelion. He cocked his head to Wisteria. ”Think Maman's checking up on us?”

”Probably.” Her ears lowered and she nosed the second dagger towards Aurelion. Maman was the last person she wanted to talk about right now. ”Let's take these with us. Maybe someone there knows how to fix them.”

”Good idea.” Aurelion agreed. The raven hopped off his grisly perch to land on Wisteria's shoulder. ”Hey, I think Mort likes you!” Wisteria tensed immediately and shook him off. Mort cawed loudly, taking off in a whirlwind of black feathers.

”Never say that again.” She hissed and shook again except this time she did it to quell her unease. ”He creeps me out.”

”He's just a bird, Wisteria.” Aurelion shrugged. He took an old cloth from Pluie's saddlebag and began to carefully wrap the daggers in it, placing them in the bag when he was done. ”We should get going, I don't want to be here after dark.”

Wisteria shivered. ”Me, neither.”

A cold, cruel wind began to blow with a chill like the bite of many teeth. It ruffled the siblings pelts and spooked the dark-pointed mare who suddenly screamed as, somewhere a raven croaked.

For a moment the skull looked as if it were illuminated by two points of cold blue light, emanating from the empty sockets. When Wisteria blinked, the lights were gone. The skull was just a skull.

OOC: Wisteria is in lupus form, Aurelion is in Optime. (He's also an open character ;) ) I couldn't tell you who that skeleton is, tho. /shrug I guess we'll never know
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