Hearts go astray, leaving hurt when they go

For Cotton

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When Cottongrass had burst through Falcon’s front door, stories already spilling from dark lips, it hadn’t seemed fair to interrupt him. It could wait until morning, he’d thought, as his boyfriend regaled him with tales of adventure. Falcon… Falcon had done enough thinking for one day.

Unfortunately, the Elkenfrey had awoken to a cold, half-empty bed. It was well after dawn, and Cotton was nowhere to be seen. The pale wolf spent more days in the wilderness than with Falcon, at least as of late, but he understood the power of wanderlust. Cotton always came back to his bed, and that was what mattered; all the adventures in the world couldn’t keep them apart.

Falcon stretched and reached for his comb, pale fingers curling around its wooden teeth. Despite his nerves, the hybrid felt… Resolute. There was no changing how he felt, and the last time he’d hidden something from Cotton, it had been such a non-issue that it was embarrassing. This was different, but… But Falcon trusted his boyfriend. Cotton liked men, but he also liked him, and that meant something.

At least, he hoped it did.

Dragging the comb through his long, dark hair, Falcon sighed. Maybe Cotton was still in Winterwynd, attending to Ironpath things; the rank mattered a lot to him, and his enthusiasm was infectious. It drove the hybrid to recruit performers for his show, to practice more openly in the streets of Winterwynd, and to see rank tiers as more than just fancy titles. They meant something to Cotton, and they were starting to mean something to Falcon, too.

The Elkenfrey sighed again, pushing himself to his feet. He stuck his head through the open window above his head, blue-green eyes peeled for any sign of his boyfriend. ”Cottongrass, you out there?” he shouted, smiling despite his nerves. Then, instead of walking out the front door like a civilized luperci, he climbed through the empty window and into the afternoon sun.

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Mistfell Vale
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Saying that Cottongrass had been busy that day would be an understatement; a gross understatement. Because while he had started the day out normally enough—which was to say, he awoke at the crack of dawn, not necessarily eager to leave the warmth and comfort of his and Falcon's shared home but still happy to do so—the day hadn't progressed the way it usually would have. He thought about hunting. Providing for Falcon was one of his favourite things to do, because food was his favourite kind of affection, so why wouldn't it be the coyote hybrid's? Then he thought about exploring. Which he did! He really did! It always felt good to stretch his legs and wander around the perimeter of Mistfell Vale, searching the border and surrounding area in case of anything amok.

But then he had found the scent trail of something—someone—vaguely familiar, and it sort of snowballed from there.

It had lead him further and further away from pack territory. (And further and further away from the warm embrace of Falcon.) And when he caught sight of that familiar face—warm and happy and healthy—he might have gotten a little sidetracked from the bigger picture. But could anyone really blame him? It was an old friend! An old friend that he hadn't expected to see! One that he hadn't even thought he'd ever seen again! They stood on four legs, never two!

And there might have been a reason he so very rarely spoke of his past life, of his days of being a young runaway fresh off the boat called trauma, but it wasn't like everything from that time was bad. There had been some good. (Mostly a whole lot of bad, if he were to sit down and think about it, like, really think about it.) But when his friend had stood before him? He was pretty sure those days were mostly good. Like, forty percent good.

It was easy to get caught back up in the rush of memories and old times. Not that he was really that old; he was pretty sure he was turning two sometime in the summer, but memories nonetheless.

It wasn't until they had asked what he'd been up to did he remember Falcon—Falcon! His boyfriend! The love of his life! The light of his day! And so, he was back! Practically skipping the roads and paths of Mistfell Vale, towards the house where he knew his boyfriend—boyfriend!—was no doubt asleep or just getting up. He was a late riser; Cottongrass was an early one. Both were good. Both were perfectly fine.

(They evened each other out.)

His tail wagged and he finally caught sight of the coyote hybrid. And was he—was he climbing out of the window?


It was all good! Spontaneity! He loved it! Adored it! It was the exit he probably would have taken if he were in his man's footsteps.

'Cottongrass, you out there?'

What perfect timing! Today really was his lucky day! First meeting an old friend, and now arriving back in time just as he boyfriend called him.

"Yes sir, yes sir!" He chirped, tail wagging and jaws parted in a doggy smile, already doing his best to wind himself around one of the coyote hybrid's legs and press himself there. He might have been a little overbearing, and excited. Oops. But all for good reason! A very good reason. One that Falcon would know soon enough.

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Cotton’s voice rose above the spring birdsong, announcing his return to Winterwynd. “Yes ma’am” popped into Falcon’s mind, unbidden, and he swallowed the words before they left his lips. What was he thinking? The hybrid chastised himself, even as he glanced up to meet his boyfriend’s golden gaze. Cottongrass was already bounding across the street, a goofy smile on his face, and he curled around Falcon’s legs when he reached him.

”Good morning, handsome,” the Elkenfrey said, crouching down to hug Cotton, ”I missed you.” Even though, as far as Falcon was concerned, they’d only been apart for an hour or so. He couldn’t exactly miss Cotton in his sleep, especially when he’d slept through the man’s departure. Falcon felt like he could, but if his boyfriend had snuck back into bed before he’d woken up, he’d have been none the wiser.

The green-eyed hybrid kissed Cotton’s cheek and stood. He stretched, body bending suggestively over the pale wolf’s head, and smirked. ”How was your morning?” Falcon asked, ”Find anything interesting?” Whether or not Cottongrass had, he’d have something interesting to say about it. His boyfriend told the most fascinating tales about the most mundane things, and Falcon was looking forward to it.

It would give him more time to get his thoughts together, or so Falcon hoped. The past few days had been… Difficult, and he didn’t know where to start. Cotton was a kind, understanding man, but he was honest, too; if he had a problem with Falcon’s news, the hybrid would know about it. The thought hurt, stinging like alcohol on a wound, but he supposed it was better than the alternative.

The last thing Falcon wanted was to be lied to.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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Falcon crouched down and hugged him. Cottongrass did his best to return the favour, four legs be damned as he pressed forward, tail thumping noisily about as he buried his face where his boyfriend's shoulder met his neck. "Missed you too." He mumbled, pink tongue reaching out to swipe a kiss. It was happy and warm, there, soft and safe. He was reluctant to go, but alas, his boyfriend was speaking, and moving, and so Cottongrass went, throwing himself backwards onto his hindquarters at the coyote hybrid's feet. His tail never once stopped wagging about.

'How was your morning?'

"Hmm?" He hummed, ears perked and listening but not quite hearing as he watched Falcon bend and stretch about. And then—

"Oh!" How was his morning! He knew the answer to that, of course. It was the entire reason he ran back home, barking and stumbling about.

"Good! It was good. Really good." He barely let the little coyote finish his second question before he was already rushing forward, thoughts quick but words quicker. "I found, I found one of my, one of my friends! From before." Before Mistfell Vale. Before Falcon. Before he knew what happiness and acceptance and pack really meant. "He was in the woods, outside Mistfell Vale. Imagine that, huh?" His tail wagged, and he sat the slightest bit straighter.

It really was his lucky day.

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