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Early 2019

‘Green as grass.’ What did he know?! The Aegas man was shaggy haired and thick-bodied, little more than some up-jumped blacksmith-- a battle-promotion no doubt. Athras sized him up in cool cyan, eyes that shone like gemstones against the backdrop of his forest shadow pelt. And silent as a shadow he slunk, slow and low to the cold hard earth clutching a dagger made from stag horn and iron, a relic of his vengeful god. The Aegas dog held up his hand.

“Wait.” He breathed, “do you hear--” Twip! An arrow lodged itself into the ground at his flank. “They’re on us!” He swung a blade into motion, cruel and heavy and charged. Athras’s heart ceased to beat but a moment, he threw himself into the gnarled brush. All his motion stilled, he schooled his breaths to silence. More arrows fell, but as of yet missed their targets. His hands shook. He waited. And waited. His heart hammered loud in his ears, swift footfalls to his left added to the percussion. A little closer...Closer.

He struck like a coiled snake, sinking his dagger into the heel of his would-be assailant- a thick full-blooded wolf raised a strangled cry, and another as Athras’s dagger withdrew. The usurper hefted a hammer fashioned from rough-hewn stone. Dark ears twitched to the hue and cry of his so-called “commander” as he began to close on the archer who had taken them unawares. Where were the reinforcements? Surely the clans had gathered a force-- had they been forgotten?

A horn-blast in the distance rattled him to the bone. The reinforcements! They were coming! They were...

“The forest burns!” Came the distant shout and Athras’s lungs depleted. The forest? The dangerous whoosh of the heavy stone club snapped him back to the present and he rolled out of the way as the earth quaked beneath him. He clenched his jaw and scrabbled behind the usurper with withdrawn claws raking the soil. The bile began to rise in his throat, choking fear cut off his air. The forest burns! The forest. His family! He blinked and stabbed wildly without cognition, opening wounds in the wolf’s leg, side, and back. Dark blood slicked the blade and dribbled down into his hand. He tightened his grip until his knuckles were bloodless with the force of it.

The wolf was whirling around, but so too was the Aegas man...what was his name? The iron axe carved a line in the usurper’s throat and he crumbled, dropping the hammer with a dull, bone-chilling thud. “Still with me, boy?” The blacksmith grunted. He extended a hand. Athras did not move to take it, he barely breathed. His eyes were wild, the whites flashing. His family would not abandon their god. The forest! Those words became his every breath, every beat of his heart. “Athras.” The dog said again.

He ran.

Pebbles flew in the face of the shaggy dog, his hand still outstretched. “Athras!” He yelled after him. Blood began to cake between his fingers but his feet were driven with singular purpose. The dog’s cries drew further and further away, fainter. He ran with all he had. “ATH---” Twip! He never saw the man who killed him.

So passes ---of Aegas. For the life he possessed Athras still could not remember his name.

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