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[m] when can i see you again?

Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:31 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

OOC: Backdated

Anton was bolted awake from his sleep. Eyes unfocused and bleary, he briefly wondered where he was. His surroundings were a dreamy blur, light trailing when he moved his gaze. Once the world was pulled into focus, he remembered his surroundings. He was in the belly of a ship, wood creaking and water rushing around him. Was this where they were disembarking?
Picking up his meager things, he picked up the scent of food. Following his nose brought him to a stack of wooden crates. He pried one open, not one to be denied food. He fit what he could in his bag, and when he could not fit that final loaf of bread, he shrugged and decided to just carry it in his paw.

Anton disembarked, teeth gnawing on the heel of his loaf. The light of the outside world seared, but the feel of solid ground underfoot was a welcome sensation. He did not easily get seasickness, but he could only take so much sailing until he was annoyed with the lurching.

“Halt!” A guard had caught sight of Anton exiting the ship from its storage. “Stowaway!” They motioned the other guards towards them, and pointed at him.

“...Ah.” And with that, he bolted, dropping a piece of jerky as the guards began pursuit. What a way to start the day.

Re: [m] when can i see you again?

Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:28 pm


Gunner tried not to stumble and trip over his feet, still so used to the sway of the boat. He muttered to himself as he walked slowly down the wooden docks leading into Portland. Make sure you stay out of trouble, Wilds! The captain, a man by the name of Ren Smith, called after him, and he promptly flipped the man the bird. The long trip had made the sailors of the North Lightning used to his antics, so the Captain simply laughed, giving him a dismissive, not quite as rude hand gesture in return. With a roll of his eyes, he looked forward, and then—

Halt! Stowaway!

Bodyguards of the ship across from him apparently had some issues docking. He nearly shrugged it off until he caught sight of familiar golden hair bolting across the docks, the steady wood thundering loud from supporting the chase. Anton? His lips spoke the name before the recognition even truly hit. Gunner stood there in shock for only a second longer before springing into action. Hey! Hey! Wait! The hybrid ran after the guards, the three of them stopping to glance back at him. Didn't you see? There's another one, looting your ship! That jackal's just the distraction.

Shit! The burliest one swore. Wes, with me. Grady, you get the other one. He went off with 'Wes' back to the ship to check the storage, while Gunner supplied quickly to 'Grady': I'll help. The hired guard grunted in reply, allowing Gunner to run alongside him, none the wiser. He waited until they were on land, gaining on Anton, before he kicked his leg out to trip the guard, sending him toppling into the dirt.

He didn't bother with whatever choice words he must've had for Gunner once he spat the earth out of his mouth. He focused entirely on catching up to Anton. His heart pounded, and he remembered a glimpse of what it was like as he ran, feeling like he was still chasing Anton around the forge like when they were younger. Silent Dragon wasn't here to shush them, to calm them down when things turned ugly, when Gunner would get too loud or bite Anton a little too hard. There was a strange guilt alongside the memory, but it didn't keep him from grabbing Anton roughly. Anton! Gunner pulled him into the nearest alleyway, and he was too paranoid to stop there. Instead he dragged the jackal by his wrist to the back of it, hiding them around the corner, against the nearest wall.

Once he was sure they weren't followed, his rage grew, and he pressed Anton against the wall, holding his fur in tight clumps. He interrogated him quickly, urgently. Did you fucking follow me? Did my father hire you? Why are you here? Where the fuck did you go?!

Re: [m] when can i see you again?

Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:48 pm

Blood rushed through Anton's head as epinephrine coursed. The roar of the chase was loud, so he could barely hear the voices of those after him. All of it clicked when he heard that voice. Still, he could not stop; a guard was hot on his tail, and he was sure it was not actually Gunner's voice. He had heard it before in stressful times like this, so he would not pay it heed, especially now. Who knew what they did to thieves and stowaways here?

When grabbed, Anton yelped. His mouth parted in shock as he tried to catch his breath, eyelids lifted only slightly higher than their usual half-open state. Being held this roughly did not bother him. In fact, it was grounding for his dizzied head.

“No... to all... that.” He looked up at him through his eyelashes, still not entirely sure if he was truly real. “I can... explain what happened... later. Just... It's really you, huh?” He pressed the edge of his paw to his temple, taking a minute to think. Things were still hazy, but somehow, out of everything else possible, he remembered him with the most clarity.

Re: [m] when can i see you again?

Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:39 pm

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Tension hung heavy between them, because Gunner had always been known as unstable, unpredictable, it was difficult to know what he would do to anyone, to himself. Then it was broken as he let go of Anton, scurried back like he had been burned by the sandy fur he'd had in his fingers. Of course it's fucking me. Do you think anyone else has this fucking arm? He pulled up his sleeve. The scars that resembled the crack of lightning still ran deep along it.

What the absolute fuck are you doing here? Answer me. Despite what Anton had said, Gunner was a selfish young man. If there was something he wanted from anyone, he never let up, not until he got what he thought he wanted, what he thought he needed. Luckily, that was usually just to be left alone. But with Anton, things were a little bit different. I'm not going to fucking hang around for long, not all day,

He folded his arms. Especially after that shit show. His tone might've sounded accusatory if it were from anyone else. But Gunner always sounded like that, so it was hard to tell if he was truly blaming Anton for the trouble or not. So you better speak now or forever hold your goddamned lazy peace.

Re: [m] when can i see you again?

Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:50 pm

The tension had a strange overtone for Anton. It was familiar, but in an uncomfortable way; something supposedly forbidden. He just was not sure what it was. That was locked away for now. So he was half relieved when Gunner let go of him, and half something else. He rubbed his fur where he was grabbed with a paw. At the sight of his arm, he briefly wondered what it would feel like to trace its raised textures.

"It's... not that I didn't... recognize you. It's just been... how long has it been?" He furrowed his eyebrows in thought. He couldn't recall exactly. "Hey... relax. I was... escaping. And... it wasn't my choice to go." His words flowed out as slow as molasses.

Re: [m] when can i see you again?

Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:13 pm

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Does it matter? Gunner asked in return. While others couldn't fathom such an amount of time passing without loyalties shifting, without changes in minds, Gunner stood firm, rooted to the ground. He laid in his beds that he had set, and Anton was just another choice he had to stick to. ...Escaping? He parroted, annoyed yet somehow influenced by Anton's slow, slow speech. He was not quite sure if he wanted to admit that the jackal's words rang true for his own departure as well. He couldn't know what Anton had gone through in the years he hadn't seen the flash of his golden locks, the dust and smoke of his fur.

Though he would always be an ally to him, Gunner couldn't sacrifice hours prying. Well, did you fuckin' manage it? No one followed you, did they? If there wasn't any immediate threat, he could be on his way. Gunner put more distance between them and took a step back, glancing around at the Luperci that passed by; none of them paid the two any mind, apart from the occasional split second glance. Uncomfortable with the sizable population of Portland, just how many eyes there were, the hybrid frowned and folded his arms.

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