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Sophie adjusted the harness on her stallion Bill and looked over to her companion. Derek had been quiet this whole time and she was a little worried for the older male. When she had found him he had pretty much given up on life and had not really been responsive to her. With some time he had started talking more, though that air of not really wanting to be around was still there. It had taken a lot of time to convince him to travel with her, he hadn't wanted to leave his home in hopes that someone would return. Then he had cried and agreed, and now he had been quiet the whole time. The dual eyed female wasn't sure what to do for the poor guy. From what she had gathered he was alone because he had lost his home...more than once. The person he was waiting for was his wife who had been missing for years now.

Sophie's heart went out to the poor man, but there wasn't much she could do right? At least the male was here, and not by himself. If he had stayed behind...well, she wasn't sure she would have found him alive on her return. Because she did plan to return there. Derek had a nice little set up at that building, and it would be a waste to not go gather some of those supplies. For now, she just wanted to test the waters of these lands and see if it would be worth it to start a trade trip. For now, they had loaded the basics in her cart and would go to other packs to see if any wanted to trade for the goods that they carried. Depending on their success they would go back to his house and pick up more to trade again.

It was a decent plan, and she only hoped that Derek would come out of his shell by the end of it. She had caught glimpses of a cheerful man beneath the heavy grief. One day she hoped that grief would ease enough that the man she had caught glimpses of would be the one that was the most active. Patting Bill's neck she got back on the cart and looked to Derek. He gave a shrug and encouraged Grayson to move forward. Sighing Sophie flicked the reins and her cart started to move, her two horses pulling it easily as the group traveled the land.

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