[M] Blood oath

meanwhile, across the ocean...

POSTED: Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:56 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

hien's dialogue is denoted by bold, yijun's is denoted by bold and italics. also!! they're both speaking in vietnamese. i just wrote it in english for my own sanity skjdhfhgjmjskd


His wrist jerked upwards, straining until the ladle tumbled from his grip.


The familiar heat grew under his skin, spreading through his body in a wave of painful twitches that crested at his neck, thrown in an odd angle that pushed his already worn muscles to the brink.

Some days were easier than others.

"Damn— that one looked rough, kid."

Yijun regarded him with questioning eyes, already padding his way towards Văn Hiến’s bag.

"I know you’re fixing for a stew, but you wanna use your towel first? Can’t feed me if you’re spilling shit everywhere."

He didn’t even respond, Yijun never took no for an answer. Besides, he was right. Văn Hiến’s one job was to care for the cat, something he couldn’t do if he could barely grip a spoon.

The tomcat hurled the cloth into the pot with trained jaws, hissing and cursing when a spurt of hot water splashed over the rim and singed his fur.

"Fucking cocksucker!"

He kicked the pot and turned on his heels, stalking back to Văn Hiến’s side with a sour expression.

"S’like God’s telling me to stop bein nice. Can’t do one good thing without it biting me in the ass."

Văn Hiến sat uncomfortably beside his friend, fiddling with the sleeve of his ao dài.

"You shouldn’t talk like that, you know."

"Like what?"

His neck twitched again. He avoided the cat’s amber gaze.


His voice faded into mumbles.

"Jesus, Hiến— you know I can’t understand you when you’re mumblin like a—"

"Blasphemies. You shouldn’t speak in so many blasphemies."

He tugged on a loose string.

"He could strike you down for that, you know."

The air was silent around them, save for the gentle bubbling of the water beginning to heat.

"You… pfft—"

Yijun broke into a raspy laughter, ending in a nasty cough that sounded like he might hack up another furball. He crawled up on Văn Hiến’s lap so he couldn’t ignore him, glaring up at him with a teasing grin. Was that tooth always missing?

"What? You think the Big Guy’s got a place up there for me, kid? S’long as I follow his rules?"

The dingo’s wrists strained uncomfortably.

"Well… Kim Quy has a plan for—"

"For Luperci, right?"

His gaze was piercing. He felt his head grow faint at the intensity of it. He usually wasn’t so aggressive about these things.

"Why would he only give a shit about Luperci, huh? Do things like me just get a free pass to smoke and fuck whatever we want? Why you so caught up in this shit, Hiến? Oh, I’m sorry: Đấng Tối Cao."

The last thing Văn Hiến remembered was his eyes rolling back as he fell into another episode.


He awoke to an uncharacteristically worried Yijun peering down at him. There was something warm and wet wrapped around his neck and shoulders— his towel?

"Did… did I…"

"Yeah. Wasn’t a pretty one either. Here—"

Yijun hauled something up on his chest, looking at him expectantly. The dingo tried to grasp it, but his grip was too weak. It always was after his spells. Yijun rolled his eyes.

"Alright kid, sit up a bit for me, kay? Theeeeere y’go."

The cat nudged him until he tilted his chin, hoisting the water-skin to dribble some in his mouth. His eyes widened at the familiar thickness and warm, metallic flavour. He leaned up for more.

"Easy easy", he warned, easing it back. "Don’t get greedy. Don’t want you throwing up on me."

"You bled him for me?"

The cat looked oddly bashful.

"Yeah. Started the stew, too."

He placed a rough paw on the dingo’s chest.

"Don’t go making a habit of this, though. I’m not your maid."

Văn Hiến gave a faint, grateful smile.

"Thank you, friend."

Yijun groaned, but he was smiling too. He curled up on the dingo’s chest, purring when he felt a hand rest on his back.

"Whatever. Just don’t scare me like that, okay?"

Văn Hiến hummed, but said nothing else. He knew the cat well enough to know something else was on his mind.

"Also, kinda late now, but uh… sorry about earlier. It was shitty of me to call you that."

Văn Hiến smiled and scratched behind the cat’s ear.

"It’s okay. It was, um… ‘shitty’ of me to try to change your nature."

Yijun sprung up with a toothy grin, eyes wild and mischievous.

"Did you— did you just swear?"

"I— I di—"

But Yijun was already cackling, blocking out any weak protests that Văn Hiến fought to voice.

"Oooooo he’s really got it in for you now, huh? You think he’ll pop off his ass and strike you down tonight? Or is it like a big ol’ purge thing at the end of the week? Does he smite on Sundays?"

Văn Hiến’s eyes blew wide and his neck started twitching rapidly. He rushed to cover Yijun’s snout, desperately fighting to stop that blasphemies streaming from his foul mouth.


The tomcat pawed at the hands around his mouth, still chuckling to himself.

"Alright alright! I’m just messin with ya, kid. Don’t think he’ll smite you for my bad mouth."

Văn Hiến looked unconvinced, but he released Yijun’s snout.

"Now relax, will ya? Don’t want you passing out again".

When Văn Hiến remained upright and twitching, Yijun sighed and nudged him down, urging him to roll over on his side.


He moved the cloth down and replaced it with his paws, gently working the muscle there in hopes to ease the spasms and pain.

"Why don’t you sip some more of that blood? I’ll keep an eye on the stew."

Văn Hiến was still twitching, but he’d be lying if he said Yijun’s paws didn’t help. He sighed and sipped the blood with a weak grip, hands already tired from silencing Yijun’s foul tongue.

They stayed in silence for a while, listening to the bubbling of the pot and Yijun’s rumbling purrs as he kneaded Văn Hiến’s back. Yijun almost didn’t hear when the dingo finally spoke, his voice even more mumbled than usual.

"I’m sorry I’m not keeping my promise. I thought… I thought I’d be better at this."

A heavy beat passed between them and Yijun paused his kneading. Văn Hiến began to worry if the cat would say nothing at all. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the ridicule that was soon to come.


He opened his eyes to see Yijun in front of him, eyes downcast with a tiny paw against his shoulder.

"You’re doing your best. We’re gonna see this through to the end, Hiến. It’s gonna be alright."

Văn Hiến looked up at him in awe. How did he know exactly what to say? What Ánh would say? Maybe… maybe things would be alright. Maybe they would find him after all. Thuy’s lost son, the rightful Đấng Tối Cao, his brother, Ánh

He lifted an unsteady hand, looking down with thoughtful eyes at the teal cord wrapped around his wrist. He wondered if Ánh still wore his today. If he remembered what it meant.