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open for those who knew Tayui | backdated

POSTED: Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:12 pm

Backdated to January 2019. Open for anyone who knew Tayui. OOC’ly feel free to assume that your character heard about it through someone, with it originating from Claudius (or later, Laurentin). Both Claudius and Laurentin will be with her.

Location is former Vinatta territory.

It was good that he’d come. She had lived with and without her children for so long that when he’d finally returned, after years of living in the Great Tribe, that she knew this had to be it; his arrival, and the apparent caravan of compartriots, signalled it. He was joined by Attila, his daughter Danaë — although not his son Laurentin, she was later told — her other oldest son Attila, and a dark wolf she recalled from years ago in AniWaya, whom she had to be reintroduced to. The fog in her mind was thick and she had trouble even keeping track of things. Claudius seemed convinced that once he found more of their family and friends that her memory problems might resolve themselves. His certainty scared her but also gave her hope; if he was right, it would be nice to see so many of her children and their children after so many years apart. It would be nice to see them before she could see no longer.

Even now, she was finding it challenging to comprehend shapes at a distance. When the group from the Great Tribe had first arrived, she hadn’t understood what she was seeing, even after they drew close enough for her to actually comprehend it. She’d been so overwhelmed with the sudden visit that she hadn’t been able to speak for nearly a minute. But now they were here and so much was happening constantly. She hadn’t had so much going in ages — years, in fact.

Eventually, they had been joined by more family members. Claudius had filled her in on the goings-on of AniWaya. She’d heard at some point that it had disbanded, but she hadn’t known of the extensive back-and-forth between AniWaya that eventually led to his son disbanding it and leaving the lands all-together to form his own pack. Thinking about it still made her smirk; she was glad someone had the balls to stick it to those stuffy old Great Tribespeople.

When Laurentin had finally arrived with his own son in tow, as well as Aurèle’s son, Anatole, that turned their small encampment into a much noisier affair. And, it even seemed that Amoux took after Laurentin in ways that reminded her more of Attila than Claudius. Anatole, too, reminded her of her sister, unflinching in his responsibilities. She had always liked and been a bit afraid of Aurèle for that reason. Even so, it was a nice, if somewhat intense, reunion.

There was one day in particular, as well, that Claudius had said would be the one for everyone to gather. She, of course, forgot about it and went about her life as usual, though, she suddenly gained many able-bodied hunters, so she supposed it was far from her usual. But, the day finally arrived, when Claudius said that the rest of the family and friends would be arriving. She hadn’t really had much to say about it; she just felt a sense of relief that they would finally make it so she could do something about this pesky ‘living’ situation. Quite frankly, she felt like it was coming time and she didn’t want to wait around too long before her body decided it’d had enough.
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