Too far away

POSTED: Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:13 pm

Marama trotted her way across a small stream. The water level was so low she barely felt it in her paws. On the other side, she shook herself, feeling the forest's residue on her pelt. She was at the edge of a large clearing, the land was golden around this time of year and the tall ferns of grass shone brightly with good health. It made her excited. Her partner in crime, Cotton the Raven came soaring overhead calling for Marama to hurry it up. Marama laughed as she pounced and ran straight into though lovey ferns. She could feel their soft bodies brushing her's as she hurried past. She always did this once every year, it was an event that awakened her inner pup! She howled in joy as she flopped and rolled around in the ferns.

I suppose you could call this her territory but she wasn't quite sure. She always loved it here and came here more than anybody else! It was her place of comfort, her own piece of treasure. Cotton sung overhead, flying circles around the area where Marama was laying. It was so calming. She rolled up onto her stomach and stood up. She took note of the trail of bend ferns she made while prancing around. She smiled to herself in satisfaction before looking overhead to call Cotton down to join her. Now they both jumped around and raced each other in play.
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Form: Lupus|Time: Day|Word Count: 243

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