Splish, Splash, Puddles!

Testing writing styles. - Wilco/Alec

POSTED: Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:54 pm

It had been raining a lot lately, a symptom of summer coming to a close and autumn drawing ever closer. The leaves had started to change colors, and some had started fluttering to the forest floor. Pearly gems glanced at all the puddles littering the floor.

His tail wagged, pure joy lit his face. Jumping into the first puddle, the splash of water spraying outwards and upwards. A shiver ran through his body, though the water was cold he decided to keep playing.

Bouncing from puddle to puddle, mud caking his paws just as quickly as the waters cleaned them. Something caught his attention, the shimmering of a large muddy puddle. His jaws opened and closed excitedly but only a huff of air could be heard coming from him.

Bolting towards the large puddle. Just before he reached this muddy puddle, his forelimbs stretched out before him as his belly came into contact with the ground. Inertia causing him to slide along the muddy surface.

As he slid across the span of the puddle, water sprayed out from his sides. He had completely covered his underside in mud as he finally came to a stop. Standing up, what once were white paws now caked in the earthen muck.

Forcibly pulling one paw from the slop causing a wet sounding squelch. This noise was comical to the youngster, as he began stomping his feet in the mud happily.

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POSTED: Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:10 pm

Alec was walking around in his optime form for a change; he generally avoided this form because it made him feel like he was standing out, like he was taller than he should be but the recent rain had made sure that most people were in their dens or houses, seeking shelter. The rain didn’t bother him too much, however.

While wandering and musing his own thoughts, a sound caught his ears and he decided to head towards it, someone could be in trouble after all. If anyone knew the problems water could cause it was him.

At a brisk pace, the grey wolfdog approached the source of the sounds, and when his eyes caught this sorce he couldn’t help but wag his tail slowly. It was the youngster, Tora playing around in a pool of mud. Silently, the skinny male watched the young one play around for a few moments and then made his presence known

He slowly walked up to the young one. “Well, aren’t you all messy?” He said in a pleasant voice. “You’re enjoying the mud, aren’t you?” He followed up. He liked this one, the innocence of youth hadn’t left him yet, and it always made Alec feel calm, it reminded him of a happier time, a time with less to worry about. He kept slowly approaching the pup, a part of him hoping to play, and another part just wanting to make sure Tora was safe.

And that’s when the adolescent's foot got caught on a rock, and he fell face-down into the mud, he quickly scrambled to get his legs under him again and then started laughing. “I guess we’re both dirty now, aren’t we?”

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POSTED: Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:02 am

Tora stomped his feet as he pranced through the mud, bouncing happily each time his feet connected with the mud. Such a strange yet pleasant sound the muck had been making. His jaws opened and closed rapidly, causing his teeth to create a soft clicking noise.

His tail darting to and fro happily until a voice broke came over the sloshing of muck. His ears pitched forward, pearly gems darted here and there looking for where the voice came from.

It was Alec, his mother's friend. Tora nodded his head enthusiastically as Alec asked his questions. The pup was indeed enjoying the mud, though his mother would surely make him take a bath later.

Jaws parting as a huff of air escaped him if he could make noises it would have easily been a grunt. But this was the only noise the young boy could make outside of the distorted whimpers his mother had grown used too.

As Alec approached, Tora had gone back to playing. He had found a deeper spot in the mud puddle, and without hesitation plunged his face into it. Bubbles blowing from the water for mere seconds before he retreated. His face covered in the sloppy brown soup, almost like a mask.

He was used to having older wolves watching over him. Especially since he could easily get lost, or stuck. His lack of voice made it difficult for him to be found, even at his young age Tora understood this.

A slap in the mud and a mixture of mud and water hitting against his back brought his attention back to the older male. Alec was laying on his belly in the mud, and with this Tora went to investigate.

Sloshing through the mud up to the grey man, he began sniffing at Alec's sides. Enthusiastic as he was to play in the mud, he wanted to make sure his friend was okay.

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