[M] City of fallen angels

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Optime | Night | January | Portland | (2,195)
Testing out my newest creations, Seraphina and Azrail Colt

Two siblings walked through the streets of Portland. A rather small woman walked in the front, she was obviously a jackal and coyote mixture with her small size, lean build, long ears, bushy tail, and narrow muzzle. She was walking rather confidently and a smile played upon her face. She had magenta eyes that gleamed from a light brown mask over pale fur. She had white hair that went to her chest and curled a bit at the ends. She wore a black ensemble, a short black dress that was zipped down low enough to expose her brasserie and she also wore a pair of black stockings. Her fur was thick enough to allow her to wear so little in such cold weather. A dark-colored whip was worn around her waist like a belt and she had thigh holsters armed with knives.

Behind her was a rather tall hybrid male. He was tall and the girl only came up to his chest. He wore dark clothing just like his his sister. He wore a black leather jacket over a dark shirt and also wore black pants. He was also wearing finger-less gloves. His clothes matched his dark coloring and he was armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows as well as some knives and a pair of scimitar-looking swords. He was the size of a large wolf but his features were undoubtedly coyote, his longer ears, narrow muzzle that tapered, and a bushy tail. He was a bit broad-shouldered and muscled from years of training, yet he moved lightly on his feet. His hair was short though the front part curled towards his eyes. His eyes were a bright blue which contrasted greatly with his appearance.

Both of them had symbols inscribed on their fur. The girl's arms were covered in various marks as well as her chest and some could be seen on her legs. Her brother wore a lot more clothing though a weird "Z" shaped mark could be seen on his neck. It was done with light colors to be seen against the dark fur while his sister was marked with black. They each shared some of the same runes though each was different.

The Colt siblings had come from the City of Bones on a mission from the Court to hunt down traitors, two former Amario members had broken the law and had fled. They had gone against orders and had allowed two prisoners to escape, prisoners that would have been tortured to get information. They were Inmundo, those who lived in the El Calvero and were mainly made up of non-shifters or shifters that had been changed. They weren't Amario, Camora, or traders. In the Court's eyes, they were expendable, especially against the war against the Camaro. And the siblings had tracked them all the way here.

Something had been nagging at Seraphina since she had been set out on this hunt. She had had relations with Inmundo before and they were just as canine as they were. Albeit, many of them had been changed, she still thought that even the four-legged ones were not lesser than the Amario or any two-legged one. The Camora were also darker than the Amario and that's why the Amario protected the traders and often Inmundo, mainly because of a sense of duty, though saw themselves higher than them due to their role as protectors as Raziel had named them as. But hadn't these "traitors" spared the lives of these Inmundo? That perplexed the coyjackal.

Azrail was focused on the mission. Bring back or even kill the traitors. He had always been the one to follow the Law, even if it was hard. He was the oldest of the Colt children and held the family name on his shoulders. He had always tried to make his parents proud - or even happy - but his mother had high expectations and his father under her thumb. He hoped by doing this, he would make them proud of him. Though he knew that their other brother, Kage was their parent's golden boy. He wasn't the bastard daughter that Seraphina was and he was straight, unlike the other two. He was the youngest and their parents doted on him and he was a blessing in disguise since now the older Colt siblings were pretty much free to do what they wanted. But, the dark hybrid still wanted their approval.

And then the huntress turned around, stopping in her tracks and looked up at her brother. The people we are hunting did nothing wrong. She said, stopping her brother in his tracks. She wasn't the good soldier that her brother was, breaking the rules when she saw fit. But the wolfdog's eyes widened. She had never broken the Law before. And going against the Court's orders was breaking the Law and orders. But she didn't think this was right, to be hunting people down, especially when they had done nothing wrong. They were just freeing some possibly innocent Inmundo. The woman would have done the same thing.

But Sera, the Court ordered us to. The coywolf said, conflicted. He was one to follow orders, to carry out the Court's will. Sure, he didn't agree with the orders sometimes, and he didn't exactly see why they had to hunt these people down. The traitors probably had saved one of the Inmundo, the one on four legs from being changed, but they had gone against orders and had fled. But now they weren't a problem, were they? They had traveled all the way here, but he was just doing this because the Court had ordered them to and the blue-eyed warrior wanted his parents' approval and to please them.

We both know that the Court has the judgement of a rock. The white-haired woman replied and gave her brother a knowing look. She knew that her brother wanted to please their parents but she knew that it was impossible. She had already accepted it, being the daughter of an affair that her mother had had. Albeit, her father had had affairs as well, but she had accepted that they would never be satisfied with her achievements, so everything she did was for herself. He brother had been the golden boy until he had come out and then was thrust out of the spotlight by their youngest brother. And the woman knew that the Court wasn't exactly known for their good judgement.

But our home? The archer asked. He agreed with his younger sister's opinion of the Court, but the City of Bones was their home. They had family and a life back there. He knew that they weren't the only ones to defect from the Amario, but they'd be branded traitors back there. He knew that his parents' view on his sexuality wasn't held by all of the Amario, but deep inside he knew that as long as he stayed there, he would never be free from them.

Az, you and I both know that we have everything we need. We have the horses, Persephone, Astraea, Gotham, Scylla, and Mercurio. And we have each other. The Colt daughter replied. She crossed her arms. They had brought all the clothes, weapons, and supplies they would need for the journey. They had their horses, Gotham and Scylla that pulled a cart with everything they needed. They had their birds, Mercurio and Persephone, their horses, and her pet Astraea. There was no need for them to return to their home, they could start a new life. Both knew how to make the inks to create their Runes so they were all set.

We should...we should go back to the camp. The fighter said after a couple moments of thinking. He knew that there was no stopping the warrior woman from defecting so he might as well go with her. A smile came onto her face as they both turned around to walk back to where they had left their animals and their belongings. They and trusted their companions to protect themselves and the camp so it was a surprise when they heard voices, voices of strangers that definitely weren't from the City of Bones. The dark warrior pulled out his bow and notched an arrow while his sister pulled out her bull whip, the longer one she used for times like these.

"No one's there, we should take their stuff." An unfamiliar voice said as the two siblings came close, quiet and alert. They counted at least five strangers, all armed with some kind of bladed weapon and smelled like rum and blood. They were a ragtag group and the two could just smell the bandit on them.

"You saw the fucking horses?" A female voice replied and then there was bickering. The Colts exchanged looks and it was clear what they were going to do. It wasn't the first time they had been outnumbered but both had been raised from birth to be warriors and had had weapons in their hands from the time they could shift.

The ice-eyed male drew his arrow and fired, hearing a cry of pain and sounds of alarm. The magenta-eyed woman charged towards the attackers as her brother fired more arrows, driving them into the open. Their camp was only a couple yards away and their companions heard them at once. The woman cracked her whip as she stepped into their path, her eyes fiery and her black tail swaying behind her. The attackers had a smile on their faces. A small woman against all of them, even with a whip. She wouldn't be much trouble, or so they thought.

The fatal femme cracked her whip, sending it forward and wrapping around a bandit's neck, jerking it forwards with the momentum and sending him sprawling to the ground and she yanked her whip back before it came back to catch another across the cheek and then in the collarbone. Her aim was deadly and her whip was sharp. The woman smirked and then cracked her whip again.

Meanwhile, the dark hybrid had come from behind to catch the other two, whom had tried to help their comrade who had an arrow in his shoulder. He drew his weapons, a scimitar-like sword that had marks in the metal similar to the ones he wore. The two bandits snarled and charged at him, their own sabers glinting. He parried the first one with one of his swords before punching him in the area between his chest and stomach, knocking the air out of him and knocking him down. And then he parried the other attacker, crossing both of his swords. Then the kicked the attacker, sending him stumbling backwards before the warrior finished him off with a slice to the neck and then disposed of the others in that manner.

The marked lady had been busy taking care of her own attackers. The two had been injured by her whip would not be dangerous any time soon. The third, a woman charged at her with a knife. The hybrid brought back her whip and dodged out of the way of the knife before using the whip's handle like a nunchuck to hit the back of the woman's head as she went past. The woman snarled in pain and hit the ground and then the girl struck out further with the handle of the whip, hitting the woman between her shoulder blades, knocking the wind out of her before the girl drew her own knife and walked, forward, stabbing the woman in the back before moving on to the rest of the attackers.

The siblings met at the camp. The horses hadn't paid much mind to the fight and were grazing not too far away. The birds were perched on various stumps and boughs. The two had been raised by the siblings as a lesson of responsibility and had been granted horses once they had shown that they could take care of the animals. The young girl had also befriended in a pine marten.

The two siblings awoke the next morning and decided it was time to move. They had decided last night to move since they had just killed a couple of bandits and there was no telling if the Court would send people after them. But they went through the morning ritual once they had packed up and hid the evidence of their camp. The two began to draw the Runes on themselves since they had faded a little from last night. The two used instruments with ink in them to trace over all of their arks and add more if needed.

The Runes were believed to give them their power, or at least heighten their abilities and it was always best to made sure that they were as strong as possible by tracing over them regularly. The two helped each other with the runes on their backs and anywhere they couldn't reach. Once the two were satisfied with it, they waited for the ink to try before getting dressed and then driving the cart forwards.