Why don't we go, somwhere only we know

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Dated to June 25th. Alvira is 7 months (~11 years old)
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NPCs: Pythia & Lachesis
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A silver shape moved through the forests around the Moonstone lakes. She was in her Optime form, a small figure that was skinny, but had some weight to her. She wore a grey shirt with the word "Trouble" in the front and a plaid skirt. She wore several necklaces around her neck, the most noticeable was a leather choker with gemstones. Below that was a crescent moon necklace with a howling jackal sitting within it. Under that was another crescent moon necklace with a raven sitting in the moon. The final necklace was a raven sitting on a pentacle. Thrown over her shoulder was a small leather knapsack, obviously Luperci-made. Her hair was in its haphazard cut but she now sported a black streak on her front bang.

Alvira wanted to explore even more, now that she had the freedom to do so. Avi did not hover as much, though the girl knew that the birds would call for help when she was in need. Her mother had gifted her two own birds when the she had come of age. Pythia, a crow with white wing feathers and Lachesis, a peculiarly-colored raven. The Phoenix daughter adored the birds and cared for them well. She had been raised around these birds and was familiar with them. The birds were the jackal girl's eyes in the sky as well as her friends.

The wing-marked wraith knew not to stray too far from the camp. She also was not allowed to go to Halifax unless her aunt was with her since she knew that the city was not a nice place. She had been to the town a couple of times though normally her aunt and sometimes, the girl, Kitiara would meet the Phoenix children close to their home to teach them to defend themselves. The mist-hued loner was learning to defend herself with her hands, feet, teeth, and claws. Aunt Adrian told them that once they were good at hand-to-hand, they would move on to weapons. The silver waif couldn't wait for that day.

The green-eyed child found something else that caught her interest. She could hear the sound of a small stream and she wanted to see where it lead. She hopped over a log and weaved through some trees until she found the brook. The youngster followed the water and she soon found that it branched off. She guessed that one went to the ocean though wondered where the small off-shoot went to. The fox-tailed sprite followed the off-shoot.

The birds flew above the grey-scaled jackal as she walked along the brook. She moved through the trees and then was stopped when she reached a dead end; the water went into the ground. She let out a disappointed sigh since she followed this brook for nothing. The icy child looked up to see the carrion birds were perched on a branch above her head. The young explorer had an idea.

While the frost-hued fledgling had been raised around birds her entire life, she still wasn't as fluent as her mother, but she had a fair handle on the bird's tongue. She called to her companions, asking them if there was water around. The crow and raven took off and not even a moment later, they squawked out affirmatives. The desert-blooded youth followed their cries.

Hidden in the trees was a small pond surrounded by smooth rocks, many of which were dressed in moss covering. The pond was fed by a stream of water and the sight stopped the moon-washed maiden in her tracks. Once she soaked in the sight, the princess walked towards the pond and knelt at the edge. She was enamored by the beauty of the small spot she found. She then decided that this was her place. The corvids flew down and landed on the rocks near the pond. The ghostly girl looked up at her companions.

Isn't it beautiful? Lachesis? Pythia? What do you two think? The faded fae asked her companions, forgetting that they couldn't understand what she was saying. The two looked up at the sound of their names, but didn't answer. The moonlit child reached out to brush the tips of her fingers against the surface of the water. and then sat back on the mossy carpet.

The argent angel felt at peace in this small sliver of paradise she found. She felt connected to the pond the second she saw it. She hoped no one else would find it, she hoped that it would be hers forever. The monochrome fox smiled as she was overjoyed by her finding.

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