Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a typhon

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Dated to July 29th. Alvira is 8 months (~12 years old)
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NPCs: Pythia & Lachesis + Kititara Birch
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The monochrome shape of a young girl stood in a meadow. She held a wooden replica of a weapon in her hands; it was like a spear but the tip of the spear looked more like the blade of a dagger than anything. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail, but the tresses that were too short to be in her ponytail framed her face. She wore a blue long-sleeved blouse and a grey skirt and wore four necklaces: a choker with multiple gemstones, a necklace with a jackal howling within a crescent moon, a necklace with a raven perched in a crescent moon, and a raven and a pentacle.

The girl was not alone. Leaning against a tree branch was a tri-colored shape that had similar jackal features to the girl and a wild pelt. She had a weapon of her own, a wooden replica of an Asseiga. The woman was dressed in a red shirt, Luperci-made vest, and a pair of leggings.

Above them, perched on a branch were two carrion birds, both of which with peculiar coloration. One was a raven with mottled grey plummage and the other was a raven with white wing feathers.

Alvira was practicing with the weapon called a Nanigata. Kitiara had managed to convince Adrian that it would be more benefecial for them to move on to weapons rather than stay with unarmed combat. The youngster only knew how to throw punches and kicks, as well as use her claws and teeth. She was no master, barely even competent with the art of hand-to-hand, but she could refine her skills later on. Right now, the jackal girl wanted to focus on this new weapon.

The Birch woman knew that weapons of longer reach were often beneficial to smaller Luperci as it allowed them to have space between them and their opponent and extended their reach. While she used the Asseiga, her pupil had fallen in love with the Nanigata. Considering their similar designs, the warrior woman could teach the girl as best she could, but the Phoenix child would have to figure things out on her own.

"Okay, show me what you remember!" The loner called out to the grey-scaled girl. The weapon the girl had been using as a staff was pulled up as the girl held it with two hands. She thrusted out, imagining that she was stabbing an invisible opponent. And then she spun around, the blade creating an arc in front of her that would threaten to slice into any opponent close to her. And then, the icy waif ended the exercise with her holding the weapon high and then spearing an invisible enemy on the ground.

The jackal-dog woman could see some faults in the fox-tailed sprite's movements. She thrusted too low, as if she expected the enemy to be the same height as her, which would be rare if not impossible. The girl could also use a better grip on her weapon or it would be easy for the handle to be pulled from her hands. The tri-colored woman cleared her throat as she walked towards the young warrior.

"Alvira honey, you have to remember that not everyone is...how do I phrase it? Uh, vertically challenged," The dark-eyed jackal pointed out, though she didn't want to sound too mean. They were both jackals liviing in a world where they were the small ones in a land of Luperci that grew much taller than them. She would never say that their size was always going to be a problem, but it was the ugly truth.

What? The ghostly girl tilted her head to the side. She didn't know what Kitiara meant by "vertically challenged". She knew that her mentor's speech could be confusing at times and was used to having to ask for clarification. The hybrid child leaned against her weapon.

"What I meant to say was that not everyone will be your height," The spear fighter clarified. She thought for a second and then she added, "Imagine that your opponent is the size of that big burned dude or the green and blue-eyed girl. She was horrible at remembering the names of the other people in the group of loners. But, the woman hoped that she was getting her point across.

Lux and River? The desert-blooded youth supplied the names of the two that her mentor was referring to, though she knew that the names would not be remembered. But, she knew how tall she was compared to the two non-jackal hybrids. The pixie's head was nowhere close to the dark giant's chest and the tips of her ears weren't even close to the Lykoi girl's shoulder. She then understood the point she had been missing. The ghostly girl would have to imagine taller opponents. Oh, I get it now.

The frost-hued fledgling started again, this time repeating the exercise but this time, she aimed higher, or at least tried to. One of the first things that the woman told her was that she did not need to hit the head or neck, the midesction was just as vulnerable and much easier to hit. She held her Nanigata higher as she thrusted forwards, angling the blade upwards, spun with the weapon held high over her head, and then came down but thrusted outwards. The tri-colored loner clapped as the Phoenix daugther finished the exercise.

"You're catching on fast!" The woman commented as she watched her pupil train. The pup had been doing this for around two weeks but they had been training regularly and the student was learning the basic thrusting, spinning, and spearing techniques. She had yet to be in a spar, which meant moving on to learning about blocking, deflecting, and dodging, but that was for another day.

Thanks, the argent angel replied with a smile. She was excited to learn more about armed combat and she wanted to see what she could do. The monochrome fox waited eagerly as Kitiara continued their lesson.

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