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POSTED: Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:31 am

Yvonne accepted his apology in silence, and just listened to him talk. Acting without thinking was all well and good, but he had others besides himself to think about. More than just a stranger like her. Then the male agreed with her, which she had not really been expecting, but also accepted in silence. Then she frowned "I use a sling, not a slingshot" they were two different kinds of weapons, she thought that was basic knowledge but perhaps it wasn't if this man didn't even know the difference. Still he was apologizing for underestimating it, so maybe she should nitpick the details too much. She rolled her eyes as she told her to be nicer, then smiled at his shock at her earlier anger.

"Well, I am used to having to fend for myself. No one has ever helped me before, except to train me" she then huffed lightly as he said he had needed this whole fiasco "You needed to get injured? You sure are strange...are all the people of these lands like you?" she really hoped not. There would be no getting along with anyone if they were all like this person. Shaking her head she drew away from him "Well, I suppose it was eventful. I suppose you should get back to your group, and I should get back to my camp." Already too much time had passed since she had set out for a quick meal. That quick meal had turned out to not be so quick. Sighing, she picked up the rabbit that had started this whole experience.

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