Shiny Scales

POSTED: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:16 pm

[idk I felt like writing about dragons. Join if you want]

The sun shines brightly in the sky. In the mountains, there is movement from one of the many caves that litters it. Out of the cave steps a dragon of white scales. So light a creature that if you had dared watch as it left the cave, you may have gone blind. It was not a evil minded creature, though many may think that. This dragon was named Derek and stretched his wings with a yawn as it entered the light, shaking its head after doing so.

The white dragon lay itself on the warm rock, looking to the lands below. Now, even though its home was quite a height from the land others walked on, it could see quite well. It would often laze about in such a manner, watching the elves of the woods, and sometimes the men of the fields from its lofty ledge. Some activities would cause it to smile in pleasure, while others caused it to huff in distaste. Today was a good day for his viewing on the activities. No fighting, and he could hear the almost bird like singing of the elves. A rare occurrence indeed. Derek gave a small roar and a purr like growl then stood up his body and took off into the air. Today was a good day for flight, today was a good day for the hunt. Flying in a small circle until he picked a direction, he then shot off into the west, roaring again as it flew over the elves home. He could see a few waving to him and he growled in content.

Derek flew for many miles, lifting higher until it was above the clouds. Giving a pleased smile as it glided easily upon the warm winds of the world. The dragon gave a thought of thanks to the heavens for such a wonderful day as he felt it was time to drop. Moving his wings he lowered below the clouds, gaining close to the ground at a fast pace. Then he heard the screaming. The dragon looked to find humans, he had flown too close to their home. Derek tried to fix this mistake right away, and pulled up.

The humans had already started throwing weapons though, and one was lucky enough to land a hit in his wing. It pierced right where the wing was attached to his body. He let loose a roar of pain, but continued to try and flee the village. Though he was a dragon, he felt no need to harm the much weaker creatures. Soon though, he had to land, his injured wing unable to carry him any longer. He ran on all fours, and despite his size, did not get far before he had to rest.

Derek ended up near a old wolves den, he lay and pulled the spear out and licked at the wound.

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