Valley of the Horses


POSTED: Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:59 am

[AU of a book series Jace and I like]

Horses were ahead and her companion was to the side. Sharp eyes spotted one that was a bit separate from the others and she looked to the other. Adjusting the grip Winny had on her spear, the wolf moved forward and towards the one that was to the side. Of course the animals caught their scent and tried to escape, but they only needed one for now. They were both hungry after tracking the herd down, and plus they need some fresh supplies that one of the four legged creatures could supply. The female for one wanted the skin to make some fresh knapsacks with. As for her companion, they would likely want the bones and hoofs, and she may share the skin if there was enough left. First though, they had to take down the targeted beast. Running at her full gait, she tossed the spear and it landed in a flank. Though it may not be a deadly hit, it did make the animal slow once it tried to get away from the pain without much success.

Now it was up to the other wolf to hit a more vital mark. Slowing she panted for breath and kept a eye on the other horses to make sure none of them were in the way. After seeing the others were long gone she looked back to see the horse fallen and smiled "Good job!" not that her companion did a bad job ever. It was just nice to share the joy of the kill after a long hunt. "Should we take care of it here, or try to move it?" she had already spotted some other predators, including some lesser wolves that had probably caught their scent and thought they were aiming for the territory. As far as she was concerned, they could keep their so called land. Winny looked back to her companion "We already got others eyeing our prize"

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