Waiting is the hard part

POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:08 pm

[[World of Warcraft AU, yes I am that desperate for words lol]]

Moving and sniffing the air, her hand went to her sword as she spotted the prey she had been after. Pausing she watched the creature move in the flowers and then drew her sword carefully. A head went up and she went forward, swinging the blade at the creatures neck. Striking true she smiled in victory and took the loot that the form dropped for her. Some gold, and for some reason a bag that she could use to store things in. Shrugging to herself, she equipped the back then shook her wolf like form. In the distance she could see her night elf companion and went running to him happily.

"The dog is dead" she stated and the elf nodded. Together they traveled and hunted and looted those they killed. Right now they were in enemy territory, so they had to be a little more cautious. Yet still the accursed dog like creature had tried to attack them and had run at the sign of magic from her friend. Kamilia sighed and shifted to her human form, rolling her shoulders with a yawn. "Any sign of that rogue?" she herself was a warrior, while her friend was a druid. "No." the elf stated and she gave a sympathetic smile. They had been searching for the troll rogue for some time now, trying to gain some information. So far they had tracked the troll to the area near the city of the undead, which made her especially nervous. Being a worgen she had a history with the people who lived in these lands...it was not a pleasant history either.

"We will find her..." she looked around and shifted her weight a little "Hopefully soon, I do not want to stay here long." Her companion nodded in agreement, and they moved forward once the druid's mana was full again. Kamilia changed back to her wolf form and found the scent to follow. It was dangerously close to the long dead city, that was yet full of people. Huffing she dared not move closer. It seemed the night elf was in agreement, though they shared no words on the subject. Moving away from the city, they decided to camp in a safer area and wait for the troll to feel safe enough to move on. Judging from the general direction the troll had already moved, they guessed where she might go next and camped out for the night...and waited

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