Bent reality

POSTED: Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:36 pm

[[Female bend AU? Set in the states(Utah area) IDK it just popped in my head XD]]

White peaks were in the distance, reaching up with no hope of ever reaching the sky. That was a common sight here in the area where she lived. It was common, but not unappreciated, she loved the mountains and it made her smile each time she saw them. Looking around, she saw even more mountains, at varying distances and chuckled to herself. Traveling through this area had proved interesting since the peaks had been a almost constant companion for a while now. Letting out a yawn she kept moving forward, planning to only stop in the night, when it was colder and a little harder to travel. So far that had proved to work well, especially since she had no true end goal in mind.

Orange orbs picked up the movement of a bird, and she readied her bow, releasing a arrow as it took fight. It dropped and she went to it, and there was her lunch. Tying the fowl to her waist she kept moving on, she would take a short break soon and pluck and cook the bird to eat. Right now though, it was still early enough that she did not yet need the food that was now at her side. Moving her ears she picked up the sounds of a stream and headed towards it. Water was more important right now than food and she smiled at the sight of the gleaming source. Bending down she took a few gulps, then was once again moved forward. So far it was a good day, with pleasant weather and good luck. Knowing the day could change she stayed aware of her surroundings as she traveled and wondered if she would meet anyone else.

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