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Streets were wet with rain and the fabric on her body was the only sound she heard right now. Adjusting the skirts she made a face at the weight that they added to her person. A letter had summoned her to the building she saw on the hill, and she had read enough of Conan Doyale's new works to be on alert as she continued to climb the wet incline. At least the building was not alone where it stood, which did ease her discomfort a little. Only a little though. Shaking her head she could swear someone followed her, but she saw no one when she looked around. Frowning she finally reached the gate and entered, looking to the metal device as it creaked and groaned. Moisture must be making it cause such a noise, since the grounds looked very well kept as she scanned them. Lifting her skirts a little she moved to the house proper and knocked.

It seemed like forever before the door was opened and she was let into the warmth of the mansion. The butler did not ask for her name, but took the letter that had summoned her here and then led her to the parlor. Whoever owned this place was well endowed indeed, only the best furniture donned the Victorian house. At least from what she had seen. Catching her reflection, she fixed her hair and once again adjusted the ever annoying skirts of her dress. Woman's fashion, it caused her to sigh dramatically. If she did not have to wear such things in public to be presentable, she would not. They were heavy and corsets made it hard to breathe at times. Give her a good pair of pants any day. Looking away from her own reflection the woman went and sat in a chair, making sure to look proper no matter how hard it was to sit that way.

From here she could hear the door open again as more guests entered the mansion and were led to join her in the room. Each time she looked to the new comer, but had yet known the person...even just on rumor or passing. Narrowing her eyes she wondered just what kind of gathering this might be. When the clock chimed, she gave a jump, then laughed at her own nervous reaction to the sound. So far nothing bad had happened...just a gathering of random people in a mansion in the middle of the city. Though it was not a normal occurrence, she saw no reason to mistrust the situation. Though of course, she still stayed on alert. You never knew what could happen in the dead of the night...with strangers...even if you were in a fancy place. Sighing she resolved herself to calm down and just enjoy what ever might be going on.

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