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Viper & Pythius' Coming of Age Ceremony - non-mandatory

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Kentaro stood tall he called out through the caverns to call the pack together. His brothers were of age now to be in adult ranks. Normally this normally would be his first but today he was slightly stepping down. Not for Axelle or Mido, nor for Panda but for his mother. Cold hearted he had heard those whispers, tonight though he was kind and gave the former leader the ability to do for her sons like she had always wanted.

Aeron Smiled as she put a golden hand on his shoulder. She said nothing but just stood there she wore a fox cloak Lillith had made her so long ago. She stood proud next to her son though still slightly stooped compared to him. Kentaro looked at her and waited for a moment. He wanted to give this to her and he knew how much it meant to her.

The dark leader watched as the withes filed in never very far from him. He watched as other members filed in and he waited not saying a word. He watched silently as he hoped that Mido and Axelle would come soon they should always be at these. He still didn't know how he felt about Axelle lately and was on edge for the most part. It was almost like she was gunning for him all the time.

Kentaro Lykoi
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Stonebriar walked through her new pack's village or town. What ever they called them. Seeing people gathering around each other she walked over to see what was going on. dipping her head in respect to those she knew were of higher rank than her. When she got to the back of the group she found it difficult to see. So, thanking her small size once again, she wound her way closer to the front of the gathered pack members. Looking around her green eyes darting to and fro, trying to get the gist of what was going on. There seemed to be an older she-wolf with, what Stone presurmed was, her son. The possible mother looked very pround, as she placed her hand on the male's shoulder. Scooting to the side she didn't want to make others feel like they were being pushed aside by a new pack member. So, after she found a comfortable place to sit she searched the crowd for Mido. The male that brought her to the pack. Not sure that she would find him here, Stone turned her gaze back to the two wolves that were, probably, the cause, or purpose if you will, to this gathering.

Making sure that she was quiet, so she could hear, Stone tried to make out what was going on. She didn't really like questions because she didn't know any one and that made her feel akward. She also knew how annoyed people get when some one asks a million questions like they havn't a clue in the world what is going on. So she kept her maw shut.

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Against all odds, her darling baby brothers had miraculously returned. Their family had long waited for this homecoming, and the pack had all but given up hope for Aeron's youngest princes. Now it was their special ceremony, inducting them back into the ranks but as proud adults instead of the children she remembered them as. Her own Rast did not feel that long ago. Isolde had been shocked to see just how big they were now — she still saw them as the little puppies playing in the Villa. Who were those two great hulking teenagers looking more like Venom by the day? Goodness.

Not that she was complaining. There was such an air of mystery surrounding Viper and Pythius thanks to their time as captives. She was fascinated by the lost boys, and was now eager to reconnect with her brothers, especially Viper; she had more of a chance to know him in their youth since he had been a part of the family longer. (She was one of the few who knew that Pythius was a foundling and not a true twin, and she reveled in the secret knowledge even if it was hardly relevant.) She adored all of her brothers, truly and deeply, and desired for them to adore her just as much.

She fidgeted, though, waiting impatiently for the twins and their grand entrance. What would their sacrifices be? More importantly, would they notice her? Isolde had groomed and preened to the fullest extent of her vanity, and now used the downtime to edge as close to the front of the room as she could. She wore her formal crow feather capelet, and she knew with all its black ribbon bows that she must look adorable. The vain hybrid beamed at Kentaro, trying to catch his eye without being too obvious in front of Aeron.

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Stonebriar saw a very beautiful optime wolf edging closer and closer to the stage. Finally deciding to try and get some information, she got to her paws and walked over to her. Slithering through the group she tried her hardest to not step on any paws. Though, being the clumsy person she was around new dogs, she always managed to place her own paws in the wrong place. "sorry." "oops." and "oh, excuse me." were constantly coming form her mouth. Only until she seated herself beside the wolf, well she assumed she was a wolf--though there were probably many other breeds mixed in with her heritage, did she not step on any one's paws. Or tails.

Stone could feel a few eyes glaring at the back of her head. Ducking her head in shame she wasn't sure that coming over was the best choice for her. But still she came over and she certainly wasn't about to go back. Stone spoke but it came out as a nervous whisper. So she cleared her throat and spoke again, "um...Hi. I was wondering what your name was."

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1418 words → ooc: soooo, I'm going to be posting with Panda as well, so I would like it if you would also maybe give me a few days to post with her before you start another round? Thanks. Also >.>' Have a book since Pythius is now up for adoption(Wiki) and I would like to have Pythius to be put as a Seere, and Dasa for Viper.

His mothers each had come to the boys and told them of the Rast ceremony that they would be going through in a few days, and that gave them time to prepare. Viper had to hunt hard for his sacrifice, and while Pythius wanted to cheat and do the same thing that Viper was doing, the young vampire spat at his brother and told him to bugger off and leave him be. The twins were, for once, completely apart from each other, and Viper had left the security of Anathema to hunt for his sacrifice while the younger and different looking twin looked for his sacrifice around their home in Anathema. Pythius had found himself a colony of bats, and the male used rocks to disturb the bats and once one of the bats flew a little bit too low, he knocked it out of the air with one of the knives that he had taken at the warrior meeting a week prior. The sharp eyes and quick hand of the young male served him well, and the throwing knife digging deeply into the chest of the animal, effectively making it fall to it's death. Pythius had learned a little bit of sewing with Lillith, and proceeded to make his accessory that was made of the bones of the bat. Pythius took the skull and the back bones of the animal and fashioned a bracelet. Pythius did not stop there though, for he wanted to make wings to adorn his back. Since he had time, he did just that by taking down three more bats (this time being less lucky with his knives and taking a few more tries to get them down) and took their wings and discarded their bodies in a fire. When he finished constructing the wings, he attached them a thin deer pelt and dyed the 'wings' black. By the time he had been finished with all of this, it was almost time for the ceremony.

Viper had to travel well out of Anathema to find himself a den of snakes. He looked for them, and he mercilessly dug up some nests that were empty before the familiar rattle of a threatened snake came in his path. The male cackled as he stared at the snake, and stayed well out of it's reach. His scythe accompanied him, and he positioned himself in a defensive position. He had almost been killed by one of these before, and now it was his turn to sacrifice it's life to the gods. He swung his scythe and easily sliced the head off of the snake, luckily not damaging the spine too much as he had done so. True, he had taken almost no chances with this sacrifice, except for the fact that he had taken a very long time to actually be able to find the nest where the snake lingered. Viper grabbed the head and also grabbed the body and he quickly traversed back to Anathema. The night was still young, but he had little time to actually get his tribute together. He realized this on his way back to the mountain pack and he started to skin the snake as he walked. Viper got distracted by the scent of the sun-kissed demoness' scent while he traveled back, and that caused him to stop and wonder if she really was around. He huffed lightly when she did not show herself and he continued on his way back home. He was to invite the pretty woman to his rast, but since she was not around, he guessed that he was going to go to this with only his brother and slave.

Viper simply took the skin from the snake and knew that it would not be dried in time to put into a bracelet like he wanted to, but then he looked at the spine of the snake and he tried to think of what to do with it. He was coming up blank until he started to run home and the repeated hitting of the necklace on his chest finally made a light bulb go off in his head. When he finally got to Anathema, he retired to his room and he started to craft his tribute. He decided to put the vertebrae on his pentacle necklace string and he fastened the skull to where it looked like it was going to eat the pentacle and then the rest of it easily fit on the string and it ended with the rattler on the back of the necklace, slightly rattling as he finally mounted the necklace around his neck and shifted it until it was comfortable. With the organs, he burned them and mixed the ashes with some of Panda's herbs to prepare it for the snakeskin gris-gris that he would make when the skin finally dried out. The male wagged his tail as he found a mirror that was his father's and he preened himself to look as good as he could look, and the bad-ass necklace was sure to be better than what Pythius had in store. Viper didn't even bother to bother his brother and look at what he made, but he was sure that Pythius would have looked for something simple to catch. He was like that.

Morning finally came and the boys had finally finished their tributes and they each got dressed in their finest ware, for their mothers had gifted the boys clothing upon their return. Viper had a nice button down shirt(white) with a black vest and then black pants, while Pythius had a purple half top and and skirt type garment on and a red ribbon tied around his waist. The skirt was long, and it covered most of his legs except for the slits that went all the way up the sides. Pythius also had his mock bat wings draped on his shoulders. Both of the vampire children looked positively dashing, but also very dangerous. They did not leave the temple at the same, and when they did, they were equipped with their weapons, Viper with his scythe and Pythius with his knives.

They approached the set up where there were others already gathered, including their mothers, and father, Venom, and brothers and sister. It was really a family ceremony, and all of the Behr-Trombetta-Sawtooth-Ganesa children and family members were present. This was an important time for the young princes, and everyone seemed to realize this. First to filter in was the young vampire prince, Viper, with his scythe that stood taller than he, but not for much longer, for the boy was starting to grow into his adult skin and it was obvious that he was to be bigger than any of his other siblings. He was a wolf after-all. Viper stood tall and proud and as he approached the alter in which he would receive his new rank and to offer himself and his sacrifice to the gods. The Serpent Prince would be known for this day. The Vampire boy suddenly turned to see his brother filtering in behind him, with his magnificent bat wings and bracelets that adorned both of his arms. He needed no gris-gris to accompany his display. It was obvious to Viper and probably to the rest of them that one had more time to throw things together while the other had time that was against him.

Viper's eyes easily scanned the room, and they lingered on his primped up sister, who seemed to have spent at leas several hours getting herself ready for this. At least he was not the only one who had spent a good hour preening his fur and making sure he was presentable. Soon, after Viper and Pythius were done looking at their company, their eyes turned back to their mother, and brother who stood in the background. Viper's eyes narrowed when he looked over his mother's shoulder and saw the Angelo. Viper did not let displeasure show on his face, but instead he puffed out his chest a little bit and gave the subjects something to look at. Viper would rise in ranks, and he would challenge Kentaro when the time came. Now just wasn't the time, but that didn't stop Viper from staring harshly at the young King. Even the youth knew that the young king did not belong where he was on the heirarchy.

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Stone closed her maw when she saw a couple of teen wolves step onto the stage. They seemed really important and she didn't want to attract too much attention to herself. Though she constantly found herself glimpsing at one of the twin brothers. He seemed livid that the other male was up there, in his current rank, in stead of him. She wasn't sure why, but Stone was sure that he would do something about it.

Realizing that she couldn't quite see what was going on Stone closed her eyes and concentrated. She could feel her bones readjusting to fit her optime form. Her hind legs grew longer while her forelegs grew slightly shorter. She could feel the mane around her face growing longer until it reached a good length past her shoulders. Her spine adjusted to its upright position and Stone opened her eyes. Though she was still small she could now at least see a little be better as to what was going on.

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As usual the greyscale male was busy with his training when the call rang out, his dark ears twitching at the grating coyote-like yowl that resonated out from the Howling Caverns as yet another reminder that their yearling leader was still very much in charge. Vepar had yet to let go of his meager bitterness toward the fact, but being who he was he wasn't about to raise a ruckus over it, and instead fell in line with the rest of the pack in quiet compliance, even if he didn't like it. Unhurriedly the Dasa made his way toward the caverns from the outdoor training area in the village, his tall lean form slipping through the gaping entryway and wandering down the hall into the main meeting hall. Unsurprisingly Vepar was not the first to arrive and was never the last, the greyscale male making his way through the meager crowd and up to the collection of Anathema's higher ups. Those bright orange eyes of his settled upon the Angelo and his mother first, as custom dictated, his maw dipping to them both in a greeting nod. "A formal congrats on your new rank Angelo." He said to Kentaro with the ghost of a smile, his gaze then wandering to the young male's mother. "And one to you as well Aeron, you must be so proud." He was, of course, talking about the ceremony, which from his quick observation of the scene when he arrived suggested it could be nothing else than a Rast for the young Viper and Pythius. His tone, on the other hand, made it seem like he spoke of something else, but he did not linger long enough for either of them to question his words.

Next came a more friendly and respectful nod of greeting to Mido and Axelle – and Itzal by association – before his volcanic eyes found their way to Panda, another proud mother of the young princes being honored that day. To her and Venom he offered another greeting nod and faint smile, a hand reaching forward to lightly pat the proud father on the shoulder before returning to its place at his side. "Congrats to you two as well, they've certainly grown into fine young males." Stepping back a little he finally settled his sights on the two serpentine princes as he moved to stand before them, his smile just a little bit more genuine as he gave the twins a good looking over before speaking. "Finally, the biggest and sincerest congrats to you two, Viper, Pythius. You guys have been through so much in your lives already that this ceremony is long overdue. Welcome to adulthood, my princes." With a somewhat graceless sort of bow Vepar stepped back, giving each adolescent one last look before he wandered his way to a seat near the front and slightly off to the side. Even though he was not part of their large family, the monochromatic beast couldn't help but feel a meager measure of pride when he observed the young princes, happy to be a part of their lives in a small insignificant way, as he was with their father and their slave when the youths were rescued. Eventually his gaze wandered away from the pack's upper ranks to scan the crowd for any familiar faces before eyeing the entrance and watching as the rest of the pack slowly trickled in.

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Ooc: Thanks for waiting Marie! <3 Panda might cry because she's a big pansy and loves her babies xD Also I'm retarded and should have just posted as panda first. Either way, Panda is there before the boys >.> I also purposely didn't mention what objects the 'rents brought because it's a surprise. I also should be assumed that Addict, and dosage are on the outskirts of the ceremony grounds. If Sixx doesn't reply, assume he is also present, doing slave duties.

Panda could not be any more excited for this day. The boys were to be introduced into the adult ranks, and they were to participate in the Rast ceremony, which meant that they also would officially be introduced into the Trombetta clan with the rituals that were normal for the clan of mystics. Since they were the first boys to be born into the clan via Venom's conception, they would be the first that Venom would have to scar. Had the boys not been kidnapped, then Venom would have already marked them of the Trombetta clan, but since they had not reached their 3 month birthday before they were taken, he had not the chance to do it. He prolonged it to their rast ceremony because then they would be able to take a week off to let their eyes heal from the scarification. Panda had been getting her own provisions ready for the boys. This included a week of planning out what she was going to make and gathering the supplies and only a few days if finishing the little projects that she made for the boys. She certainly hoped that they liked the presents, and she finished off with enchanting the objects.

The female was very excited, and Venom too, and for good reason. Panda had spent the last few days not being sour as she had the weeks before, but happy, and this made Venom happy. Not only that but the air around the temple seemed to buzz with curiosity and magick, and this was also making the Trombetta male excited. Panda had a energetic fire in her eyes, one that had been lost since the rise of the youth prince that would now be the youth King and she was using this energy she had for constructive purposes rather than brewing poisons that she would never use but only fantasize about slipping into the meat of the King's breakfast. Her negative thoughts were gone and all she focused on was her sons and their coming of age. She didn't have time to be negative about their brother when her babies were right in front of her, working hard on their tributes (that yes, Panda did peek in on but did not know exactly what they were doing with their skeletons.) and fulfilling the traditions of the mountain pack. Wherever they had been for so long, the boys did not really show it except for maybe their physical brandings that had caused them to stand out against other Anathemans. They were odd in the group, with their slithering tongues and their brandings.

As Panda's chants came to an end, she finally looked to Venom and noticed that he, too was enchanting his own gifts to his sons. The two often worked as a team on things, and often would give gifts that were from both of them, but this was special. This was their children that were becoming adults, much like Lillith had done before them. Even then, Panda and Venom had given her different gifts. Panda closed the circle and gathered her objects from the alter (their energy now making the objects more dense than they really were) and it almost seemed as if the woman had put too much energy into it because of the extra weight that her arms carried. She felt the fur on her arms stand on edge because of the bubbling energy that was in these objects. She smiled softly and put the objects each in their own bag (one for Pythius, and the other for Viper respectively) and once Venom was finished, he too put the objects in the bag before they each silently dressed themselves in their ceremonial dress and they grabbed their things that they needed and they proceeded to leave the temple before the boys in order to make an appearance, get in their positions, and to greet their family with happy looks and to see what gifts that they had fashioned for the boys, if any at all.

When the two got to the meeting grounds, Panda looked at the front first to see Aeron at the front but with Kentaro shadowing her. Panda's eyes were soft (for the first time in awhile) as they looked to her lover but easily and swiftly hardened when her eyes drifted back to the gray child-King. She turned her gaze from him quickly, unwilling to let her good mood be ruined by the sight of him. She twitched her half tail and turned and leaned into Venom's warm embrace. It was then that the woman had looked to Isolde, and a smile embraced her pierced lips. You look beautiful today, Isolde, dear. Simply ravishing. Are you trying to impress someone, love? Panda asked the girl, a friendly but almost sickeningly sweet tone that was not natural for the natural baritone voice that the female had. She looked at Isolde with a strange look that bordered curiosity and intense anger. It was really misdirected though, this look, but she had noticed the girl had been extra preened today, and while she wondered if it was because of any certain reason, she also knew that Isolde was on Kentaro's side of the fence, and Panda liked to drop subtle hints like that. It was no sooner that a newcomer to Anathema had pushed pass Panda and Venom to seat herself next to Isolde. Panda looked harshly at the newcomer and flattened her ears lightly. I suggest you watch who you are pushing past, Zepar. Panda let a small growl pass her lips after the girl seated herself and muttered something to Isolde.

It was around this time that her attention had peeled away from the beautiful, blossoming female and the Zepar to the tall dark Vepar who had approached Panda and Venom. He congratulated them on the princes, and Panda nodded her head lightly, dropping her angered look to look at Vepar, who she was friendly with. It was Venom that he touched though and Venom chuckled lightly and smiled proudly, and genuinely. Vepar, you have been a big help with the princes, so a thank you, and a congrats to you, should the boys choose to follow in my footsteps and become of the warrior ranks. Venom retorted, a happy smile on his maw as he looked at his friend. Venom liked the male, and was friendly with him more so than Venom normally was with others because Venom felt an odd sense of friendship with the dark male. It was obvious that the Creo was easily accepted among the Trombetta and Behr family. Thank you, Vepar. Venom is right, you are valued along my family. Your loyalty soon will be proven to Anathema, so the boys are not the only ones to be congratulated on this proud day. Panda easily spoke to him with a smile and then as he excused himself, she turned to finally take a seat.

Panda looked to the boys as they finally made their entrance and the softest, and most motherly smile came across her face as she looked at the Princes in their finest outfits and adorned with their tokens that they had made. Pythius' had more time put into it, while Viper's was simple, yet extremely dangerous, and also easily, and naturally worn. While the bracelets on Pythius were a nice touch, the wings were a little much. The twins were both actually smiling, and somehow, and someway they had made Panda's world be put back together. In turn of seeing the boys so happy, she had a silly smile push itself on her lips and she snuggled lovingly into Venom's side, waiting for Aeron to call the meeting to attention and to speak of the meaning of the boys' tributes.

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Better late than never! Also, for their gifts, Viper: Ring 1, Ring 2, Crossbow; Pythius: Ring 1, Ring 2, Sickle. | 500+ words.

Axelle and Itzal had been on the farthest side of the territory, the beach, when the howl was sounded. The two of them had been spending a lot of time together, talking about puppies and possibly continuing their reign together. Axelle liked the idea of more Napiers (since Itzal did not have a surname to contribute), but honestly, the idea of motherhood scared the shit out of her. Her last chance hadn’t ended so well, but then again this time it wouldn’t be induced by a psychopath – well, at least not an unwanted psychopath.

The two of them made their way to the Ceremony grounds as fast as they could – which ended up making them slightly late since they did not bring a horse with them. Subtly, quietly, the dual-toned Atheed and her Dasa mate made their way to the front, noting that the boys had not yet walked onto the stage and everyone was still settling in. They sat beside Panda, where she and Venom sat beside Isolde. Axelle smiled at the patchwork female, speaking as she passed, ”You look lovely, Isolde.” Itzal found a seat beside Venom, with his mate following. He left a seat between them, with Axelle sitting on the other side, close enough to regard Kentaro with expressionless eyes. ”Congratulations to Panda and Venom – your boys have grown into fine young adults,” he spoke just loud enough for them to hear. Shortly after, Vepar took the seat between them. Itzal nodded back to him as he turned to sit beside him. ”Welcome Vepar,” the Atheed spoke, giving him a small smile while Itzal’s head was turned toward him as well.

Earlier that day, and the few days notice they had before, they had been scrambling, wracking their brains looking into what kinds of gifts they could give to the boys. Itzal decided to get them weapons - as growing boys, they would need something to defend themselves. But since Itzal already knew that Viper had a scythe - he attempted a different approach. Instead of getting the child yet another melee weapon, he found a crossbow, similar to the one his mate wielded and from the same place she found hers. For his brother, he found a hand sickle - not really knowing what to give to the boy. He barely knew them.

Axelle, however, attempted a different approach. While she knew they were the prized princes of Aeron and her mates, she decided to deck them out in jewelry that would make them look more their part. She found each of the boys two masculine rings - and tucked them away in two cloth bags - one deep green, and the other blue to distinguish the two from each other. The green one was for Viper, while the blue for Pythius. Both of the boy's rings clinked gently inside the bags, which were tied closed with a piece of string. She held them in her hands while she looked forward at the stage.

It was then that the boys walked onto the stage, and mostly everyone fell silent. There were a few congratulations shouted to them – but her party remained quiet. There was a proud smile planted on hers for obvious supportive reasons, and a faint one planted on Itzal’s. He kept a neutral facial expression. As the boys came closer to the edge of their platform, the work they put in for their tributes was obvious. Venom wore a necklace, while Pythius wore magnificent bat wings and two bracelets. Maybe it was Pythius’ way of standing out from his attention-dominating brother. Today would be his time to shine – even possibly more than Viper, even though his necklace looked cool too.

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As the room filled Kentaro found himself backing slightly. Aeron smiled as she held her head high. It was odd for Kentaro when was the last time he had seen his mother like this? Was it at his and his siblings coming of age. He stepped back fully looking to Isolde he smiled wide. She was magnificent wasn't she. He turned his attention back to his mother.

The golden woman had not been in front of Anathema in what seemed like forever. Welcome everyone to the joyous ceremony for my two youngest sons Viper and Pythius. She spoke her tone carried almost stronger then what Kentaro's did. There was just something about Aeron and her ability to be in front of others She commanded respect and Attention in a way Kentaro did not understand.

So long ago all of Anathema thought we had lost our last princes but here you stand today before everyone as adults. She smiled as they came forward. Viper you have grown into a fine young man with so much more to learn. You brought a snake for your tribute which is very fitting for my snake prince. This creature represents an impulsive nature, shrewdness in life. Both these things can be good but will mostly find you in trouble more often then not. She spoke in warning.

She turned to look at Pythius A bat not quite what I thought you would bring us. He represents the ability to end one phase of life and start another. The concept of rebirth does not always mean death. As now you are no longer a child but being reborn a man. The bat can sense vibrations and you will learn to understand them as well. She stated smiling

Aeron looked around the room for a moment as she reached for her sword. She gripped the sheath Viper your old enough now to be trusted with family heirlooms. To you I gift my sword I no longer have a need for it I hope it always keeps you safe. She spoke handing it to him. And Pythius to you something I know you will treasure. She spoke waving o Catrin to bring oer the small package. Open it now or later but this is just for you She spoke as Catrin handed off the clothing package. Now everyone enjoy the feast!

Kentaro huffed as he made his way down to Isolde. You look good is that for me? He questioned keeping his voice low. As he looked to Axelle Itzal Panda and Venom. They all had seemed interested in her earlier. Maybe he should brand her as his she thought jokingly.

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