Testing Thread

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Testing Thread

Please post all of your tests here. If you preview your test before you post it, you can see how your table looks without posting. If you want to view your avatar or signature, navigate to an older post of yours -- on phpBB, all signatures and avatars change when you update them.

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575OOC PP of Rurik approved by Rath.

Though the children involved in this mentorship ceremony had no blood relation to the creamy gold healer, she pulled all the stops as appropriate for her station. Dressed and ready in full regalia, armor and cougar mantled cloak, she spent the last few moments giving her mate the critical eye for his garments as well.

She brushed fur and minor debris from the black dress linen shirt he wore, smiling softly, and readjusting the collar of his Cadet cloak. He gazed down at her with an inscrutable bicolored look, and slowly he smiled back.

He raised both hands to gently clasp hers, pulling them down from where they fussed to in between them. I don't believe I've said so before, blatantly, but I'm proud of you, Veri. I know, this is a day for the kids, but it's one of your first as part of the Council, and you've more than earned it.

Veri lifted their hands to kiss his knuckles, humming softly. It's only thanks to you, my love. I know you don't think so, but I truly wouldn't be here without your support and influence. she smiled beatifically up at him, stretching just a little to press an affectionate kiss to his cheek, even as he tried to scoff softly at his insinuated importance.

He didn't get the chance to refute her, however, as then Luca's howl rang through the Fort to summon all pack members, though it didn't come from the usual venue. This made one of her brows quirk up, but she gave a shrug just as Alaric blasted by them, his own Cadet cloak fluttering wildly behind him.

Come on Mama, Papa, it's time for the kids to be paired! with that, he disappeared through the door and sprinted toward the gathering group of adults. Veri chuckled and shook her head, awed at his boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Having heard Rumpa getting ready as well, Veri ushered her mate along from the house, allowing the younger boy to close up the door before he too made his way along.

Hand in hand, the pair entered the crowd of canines and patiently waited side by side for the announcement to begin, which it did with a brief introduction before Luca called up the first two, Temnota and Pushok. Without meaning to her grip on Rurik's hand tightened with anticipation, both cream ears rotating sharply forward. To his credit, her mate only squeezed back without saying a word, knowing how much the two boys meant to her.

The first to be paired was Pushok, and their Lune had chosen Honrin as his mentor, bidding a pleased smile to cross her lips as she, too, approved. As one of their new Brotherhood, and also a previous mentor to her son, Alaric, she knew Honrin would be good for Pushok.

Next to be announced would be Temnota, and Luca wasted no time in doing so. To her pleasant surprise, he named herself as Tem's mentor. Golden eyes of the Lune met with her blues, motioning her to come forward and join them, which she did with a gentle nudge from her mate.

Beside Temnota, she crouched lower to the Lupus Hushhowl boy to place a hand on his scruff and smile encouragingly. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into, hm? she murmured to him, winking conspiratorially.

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