Testing Thread

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Testing Thread

Please post all of your tests here. If you preview your test before you post it, you can see how your table looks without posting. If you want to view your avatar or signature, navigate to an older post of yours -- on phpBB, all signatures and avatars change when you update them.

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  7. COUNT YOUR <div> TAGS! Make sure you close the exact number of <div>s you open!
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Had he known what love looked like on another's face, he would have seen it here. Instead, he saw a young woman, a wanting woman. She was cute, with her innocence, as if this was the first time she had ever fancied another, as if she never loved, or wanted another being as much as she did now. It was silly to think, that she liked him this much, and he thought that this surely had to be a facade, that her tears were those of crocodile's, and that Andrew Greygrief, her master sent her out here to reconcile, to fall into his arms like she did, to get close to him and then stab him in the heart when he pulled away. She was naked, here, pressed against him, which made him think that this could not possibly be a farce set up by Andrew Greygrief. He still found himself being extremely careful of his actions, and even though he had showed her respect, and he showed her affection, it did not bound the lengths that others had in the past. Till took baby-steps, for he once did not want to be so involved with her, but now, things were different. She was a beauty, and she liked him even though he had scars, and he was whitening, and he was...not so good of a person.

Did she even know the things he had done? If she did, would she still "like" him? He tried not to think of it, but he also thought that whatever Andrew might had told her was likely to be lies, and if he had told her anything, it would have been before now. She would have already known, she would have kept avoiding him, wouldn't she?

She answered his statement with a stuttered, questioning "oh?", and he nodded his head as he looked still in her eyes. He did not treat her as if she was a servant, as he would have done with others, for she knew where she stood, and here, right now, that did not matter. He did not need to establish his rank, for she knew, and it was not needed, for he did not feel threatened, and he did not feel as if she was any lower than he was. They both were equally in this now. "I need you to listen very carefully." he told her as he suddenly put her down, as her weight had finally been enough for him, and he smiled to her as he lead them to the water's edge, and he took a seat, letting his feet linger at the lake's edge, with his pink toes being lapped at by the water that rippled to the edges of the soft sand. He invited her to take a seat and he put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. "If we are to be successful, I need you to follow my instructions. This is what we will do. You will ------ " he told her, leaning in to her ear as he spoke his words and told her an extensive plan that seemed like he might have spent hours and hours planning. The way he worded it to her made it sound easy, but in the end, he emphasized that she had to be very careful, and that they needed to brush off her tail, Allspice.

Once his plan had been finished, he sighed lightly, and let go of her to lean back and let his back touch the ground. His eyes cast up towards the sky, and his arms remained stretched out to his sides in a "T" shape. "I wasn't lying, Alejandra. I really like you. You are the only lady that would be worth all of this." he motioned to the sky as if this was "all of this". He looked down at her and sighed lightly. "I'm sorry if I worry too much. I want my mind to be here, with you, but I just...I'm scared...Not for me, but for you.. " he told her, as his smile faded slightly and turned into a small frown. He didn't want her to lose her tongue over this, he did not want her to be hurt in regards of being with him, even if it was not of a sexual nature and was only in the friendly way that they had been.

While this all had started out as him being friendly, as just him wanting to learn more information, to goad it out of her, he now felt little need to hear about the Greygriefs, and at this point, he didn't even want to have to think about the cursed coyote. He had taken enough from Till, and it was Till's turn to take something of his.

"Speech". Thinking.

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