Death Becomes Us

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X'ies Death

In her years to come, she would learn to despise this beautiful season. She would hate its color, its scent, how unbiased it was in claiming all. She would hate its silent reminder that even the strong could fall to it, and how in the end death was indiscriminate and unavoidable. All fell to the shadows inevitably.

She looked upon the face lain still within a chasm. His leg splintered and body broken, with eyes glassy staring at naught but the sky. His wounds, they could have healed, had his voice cried out for help from his beloved. She could have come to him in time and spared him the agony of feeling his life drawn away. But not voice was raised…just a whisper of the wind. The scent of blood was still fresh…little more than hours before she had found him so still. In those hours, she had been with the children, light and carefree, oblivious to the torment that befell her loved one. A fool she was, for not having looked for him sooner…for taking the initiative to seek him out and bring him back into the fold of their family. But his previous silence…she had thought he had wanted to be left alone. And now she would be eternally, til the Ancestors took her as well.

A warrior did not cry, nor did they howl in anger to their Ancestors. But by the strength of their breast they could scream at the world, damn all of creation for stealing what was loved from her. And as a lover, she could scream at her love now dead until the air was gone from her lungs and on her tongue she sampled the bitterness of her blood from vocals turned raw with hatred. For all his bitterness…for all his tactlessness, she loved him absolutely for what he had been. But she found hate for him as she looked solemnly upon his broken frame, resting where it had fallen from the peaks of their mountain. He could have lived…he could have called out. But he had chosen to let himself bleed out and die, abandoning his family…abandoning her. For that, she could not forgive him.

365 words.

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Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust....
If something doesn't make sense I am sorry, we had an "Apocalypse" party last night and I'm still a little woozy.

The cold, malice grip of winter had unsettled his soul and sent the man wondering the lands of his pack, since he had yet to become familiar with them - however he had not intended to stumble upon the alpha woman in his travels. He hadn't spoken with her often and had done well at keeping to himself most of the time. He still felt slightly shy in the company of large numbers of people and even those in their small group. Still he approached cautiously, taking in the seen with not a word. Silence washed over the area like the cold hard hands of death that had gripped the body before them and squeezed tight. He knew all to well the feeling of coldness, the harsh bitter feeling when someone you were close to left you, even if not in death but when it was, it was even worse. No matter how long and hard you screamed at them, the only response you could receive is the soulless stare of those glossy eyes and the tale they wove.

Many thoughts ran through his mind at this moment but one he could not push away, as much as it could be considered disrespect the large male stepped forward, wrapping his arms around the woman from behind and resting his head on her shoulder. He'd give a small lick to her cheek but still he felt the need to allow her to be the first one to speak however it was his hope that she would accept the comfort of his warmth, the comfort of his arms around her in a time of need. Today he traveled alone, the beast of a cat back in their den, lazing after a long hunt. It was only him to take the full brunt of the alpha woman's emotions and he was prepared for whatever came his way. Should she strike him, he would not move, only allow her to take out her frustrations, should she leans back into his body and feel the soothing rhythm of his heartbeat, he would not falter.

She had shown him kindness and welcomed him with open arms, into the life he'd never known and now he would return the favor.
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It had been a day just like any other. Nothing had seemed amiss and Sequoia had gone about like she usually did. Her morning patrol had been uneventful, her time at the barn predictable. It wasn’t until she was returning to the den to spend the afternoon with her mother that a voice, carried in the wind and torn with agony, reached her ears. Without pause she turned toward the sound and broke into a run. Something had happened, something terrible.

It took her less than a minute to reach the spot where X’ies had toppled to his death. She slowed as she approached, her heart wrenching at the sound of her strong, fearless leader crying her betrayal to the skies. The earth-toned wolf stood back, watching as Ash put his arms around their alpha. She had no words, nothing that would comfort the golden lady. Yet, she could offer her solace in another way.

Sequoia stepped forward and placed herself in front of X’yrin, leaning against her as Ash held her in his arms. She turned her head away from the broken body of the gray male and buried her nose into her leader’s fur. They faced the grief together, silently strong for the wolf who had given them all a second chance at family.
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X'ies Death

She felt the touch of her brethren, but it was weak at best. Little more than subtle pressure to her fur…but in their touch she felt warmth, however faint. But she did not feel her heart would receive it. The warmth in her had died with her beloved, and with its demise came the cold, unfeeling world. She could think of something save for the pain, the unforgivable wrong of nature brought done on one in the prime of his life. And to her…his lover…his mate…the mother of his children left in shambles to place together the pieces of their family. But as she looked at him, eyes unblinking and heart dead within her breast, she did not know if she had the strength to try…let alone achieve it. There was only pain on her mind… the pain of loss once more and the pain of his betrayal.

“What more can I do…”

The woman whispered as if to hide her vulnerable question. What could she do now without her beloved? Without him by her side, his warmth, his words, his scent…his light…what could she do to carry on?

— words.

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It was little more than a stroke of the wind across the cold grasses, stiff with frost. Little more than a brush of a feather against the soft auburn fur of the mourning alpha. It was not tangible, it was not solid, but it was there, that single word of comfort that soaked into the fuzzed ear of the one she cared about. It was a coo, a gentle sway, and a cry for help wrapped up in a neat little whisper.

She knew the feeling of mourn; the loss of her entire family, and at this time she was still unsure if her four month old brother would be breathing or if his flank would be stiff, as was the case with the gray Luperci that lay broken on the ground forth. She was not in control of her figures, but her body had graciously chosen an appropriate form, that of Lupus- which she was most comfortable with, and what her family was most familiar seeing her with. Lyris parted from the deepening shadows of the the trees, silver-white physique bright against the darkness behind. She quietly crossed to the small crowd of wolves that had gathered. She stood in their ranks, giving the mourning woman her space- but she went so far as to take a single pawstep more, her narrow muzzle inches closer to the auburn female than those of her peers.

Her birthday was in four days- her mother had told her that she was born into a world of white, her feeble powder-white form still wet with new life, even then she could barely be picked out against the alabaster trees. Her mother told her that when the ground was heavy with the burden of snow and the trees lay weak in their roots, that was when Lyris was at her strongest- the day when she stood out against the death of Winter. Her birthday was in four days, and perhaps she didn't know the exact date, but at that moment she didn't care. She only yearned to help the bright splash of autumn red that lay distraught aside her beloved, the woman who had cleansed her wounds when she was fearful and skittish of her new surroundings, that revealed to her the magic of the cave of crystals. She wanted to help her, but how?

She wouldn't say she was sorry- that would be a phony, weak picking of words. She felt empathy, and there was only one way for her to show it. Silence.

So quietly the girl lowered her evergreen gaze to the patch of scattered snow before her, a pair of perfectly formed pawprints, stained with bloody marks. It was ugly and disgusting, she thought. The beauty of snow destroyed by the bad memories that she only wanted to forget. So slowly, a small, petite white paw extended, brushing over the hideous crimson with dashed of pure white. And finally it was covered. A small gesture, but she didn't want to see it. X'ies, I'm sorry...
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But your thoughts will soon be wandering,
the way they always do, When you're ridin' sixteen hours
And there's nothin' much to do
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Asgeir was one of the last to gather near the upper slopes of Mount Oromocto, the silver fox fur clutched in his hand and the stag he had carved, one of several things he had not traded, hanging from a lanyard around his neck. He knew nothing of what had happened, had already returned to the dens after he and Ashleigh had gone hunting, when X'ies fell. But the air of grief had settled over the mountain like a thick fog, was nearly palpable to the male. He could not save X'ies, that time had past, but he could and he intended to provide for X'yrin and her offspring as X'ies should have been doing, and would not ever now be able to do.

He approached without support, holding himself as strongly as a younger male would. He circled around the group, laying an open hand on the heads of Lyris, then Sequoia, and finally on the shoulder of Ashleigh, before settling himself on the ground on X'yrin's open side and wrapping an arm about her, holding her to him as best he could without taking her from anyone else's touch. The pelt he laid in his lap, sensing now might not be the moment to present it, but he whispered in her ear. I will care fer you, X'yrin, an' fer th' children, too. Don't you worry 'bout that.

While it might not be proper for a warrior to mourn, Asgeir was not born a warrior, and neither were the others gathered there besides their Shepard. His creamy maw rose to the sky, a rich baritone cry rising from his throat, singing the Lambda to the sky. He let the tears come when they did, mourning the potentially rich life cut short, and crying out for the woman who would not allow herself to do so.

And you don't feel much like ridin',
You just wish the trip was through
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