i'm trying to run you down

for solveig; colchester quarter

POSTED: Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:57 pm

Perhaps Solveig could have the food? Unless you'd prefer to go another route, of course. :3

The passage of time meant little to Dantalion. She had lost track of the days a long time ago, scarcely taking note of the change between day and night. Travelling was merely a way of wasting that time, because that was truly all she was doing. She moved listlessly across varied terrain, from the squat mountainsides to the roaming forests. There was no goal in mind for her, just a nomad range that so far had done nothing more than turn in circles. Plans were coming to her, however slowly, but she debated on acting on them. Today there was no particular thought on them, because simple survival had overrode the notion. She was hungry.

A fair scour of another outcropping of civilization left behind turned up little. Unlike Halifax, where there were at times, a fair amount of game, this place was seemingly devoid to her. Close to the shore, close to the mountains behind her. She had rummaged loosely through houses, only adding to the trashed state of some of them before departing ultimately for the road again. Or at least what there was left of a road; the asphalt trail leading wherever it went appeared to have served more as a trading trail than anything. In spite of that, Dantalion did not see anyone out and on the move. It was warmer out, bright and sunny to the point that she was briefly confused if the seasons were violently shifting. But the biting cold lingering beneath the warm determined that it was untrue.

POSTED: Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:27 pm

Solveig could hunt with just about every weapon in her arsenal. But today she'd been hunting using her spear, leaving most of her weapons behind in the sparsely furnished hobbit hole she'd taken to living in back in Vinatta. As a professional warrior, Solli had an impressive array, taking both looks and effect into consideration. A strong bow. Several spears and javelins of different lengths, weights and designs, most of them had actually been left at home. What wasn't Viksund produced, was from far away lands, some of which the warrior hadn't even heard of. Not forgetting her shield and sword. But it was her axe and shield she carried today, alongside her hunting spear and a small dagger.

Her hunting wasn't clean, but it was effective. Overkill was the best word to describe it, but for Solli it was just as much about fun as it was the end product. Tyr was less than happy about the sudden bursts of speed he was expected to undertake, even more so about the tight turns. He was not built for such tasks. And the horse and rider wandered aimlessly as the warrior picked the raw flesh from the prey's colds bones.

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