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Lillith was born on December 1, 2011 in Anathema.

Post Log - In IC Date Order

8.04.15 Wash away
Lillith talks with Ondine.

8.11.15 My time for dust and grime
Lillith and Violeta get the SL storage shed in order.

Archived - 76
7.30.15 The Dragon and the Blue Bird Lillith converses with Kiara. (+3)

7.03.15 all the beads of water move up the glass Visitors from SP arrive. (+6)

6.24.15 Ease your burdened heart Isa has the slave Corinne make Lillith salves for pregnancy. (+13)

6.15.15 That'll be three sets of horseshoes Lillith and Isa check in on their foals. (+16)

4.02.15 Once withered; now blooming Lillith aids in the birth of three foals. (+9)

3.24.15 Down the rabbit hole Lillith interacts with Hel.(+3)

3.23.15 December Massacre The Trombetta/Heiwa family discovers Delfina's crime. (+9)

3.22.15 Don't push me, I'll bite back Lillith is forced to discipline Taoru (+12)

2.18.15 through song and road Lillith meets a poetic loner. (+3)

2.07.15 I say the Frothi was generous Starnja comes calling. (+3)

2.07.15 shaking the wings of their terrible youths Lillith meets with Osrath. (+3)

1.20.15 It takes two to undo everything Isa matches Lillith and Loki.

1.11.15 A grim fandango full of flame Masquerade. (+3)

1.10.15 Color me beautiful Lillith prepares for the masquerade. (+6)

1.03.15 A Time for Change Lillith cuts her hair, and discusses suitors. (+3)

10.26.14 Thimbles and Needles Lillith meets a loner. (+6)

08.30.14 they were only men Lillith talks with Lucias about Pi/Vy's disappearance.

08.30.14 Dancing in our dreams Lillith learns to dance, and talks to Isa about pups.

08.27.14 Red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow Lillith and Azucena gather mushrooms.

07.16.14 but my soul must be iron Lillith interacts with Draugr and Delphine. (+3)

07.12.14 Let's follow some traditions, shall we? Svrasa asks for the Hand of Eris.

07.01.14 Better than this Lillith gives her "sons" the Hand of Eris.

07.01.14 i will be setting myself alight Lillith meets Peregrine. (+3)

06.22.14 Everything your heart desires Lillith and Isabella go to the Outpost. (+6)

06.12.14 If the Glove Fits Lillith sees Lokr's new reindeer. (+3)

06.06.14 The creature wants me screaming Lucias gives birth. (+3)

06.03.14Stricken Lillith and Isa dance in the storm. (+3)

05.18.14 Gravedigger The Trombetta princes return. (+6)

05.03.14 There isn't anyone to listen Lillith protects her new family, asks for Isa's hand. (+17)

04.18.14 waste not Aedan comes to trade for a cloak. (+3)

04.16.14 paw prints and horse shoes Lillith meets Scorpius. (+12)

04.11.14 all around me familiar faces Lillith meets young Delphinium. (+3)

4.06.14 knockin' on the door Sol comes asking for a cloak. (+6)

03.14.14 Firefly come back to me Loki and Lillith spend some time together. (+9)

04.13.14 We were born to die Lillith performs the Cotona on Isa, and things heat up. (+19)

03.26.14 By Your Hand Only Lillith receives the Hand of Eris. (+13)

03.14.14 Firefly come back to me Loki and Lillith spend some time together.

3.11.14 a hand upon my bosom heart Isabella and Lillith discuss their relationship. (+12)

02.27.14 Star of Eden Isabella gives birth. (+3)

01.31.14 Your Eyes Like Diamonds Lillith brings Isabella some gifts. (+9)

01.03.14 Vogue Lillith offers her services for the Last Supper. (+3)

01.01.14 Isn't it wonderful? Isabella comes to check in on Lillith. (+9)

12.10.13 All we need is faith Lillith punishes her sons for killing a lamb. (+6)

12.07.13 The writing's on the wall Lillith and Bastion encounter a spirit. (+6)

11.06.13 I Made These Lillith returns to SL with Viper and Pythius. (+6)

11.07.13 To return to the cold Lillith interacts with a newcomer and her new sons. (+6)

11.04.13 When you die, the only kingdom you'll see Lillith comes across Venom and Aeron's puppies, and kidnaps them. (+10)

11.02.13 the sons of winter Lillith meets Lokr and asks for his help patching her roof. (+15)

10.26.13 The Emperor's New Clothes Lillith makes a trip to Vinátta. (+4)

10.16.13 We've come too far just to fade away Lillith and Severus make it back to Salsola so he can join.

10.15.13 I'm bleeding out every word you said Lillith goes back to the Outpost to meet Severus once more. (+4)

09.08.13 Broken truth, whispering lies The confrontation between Lillith, Salvia and the Itous.

9.08.13 blood runs silver Lillith informs Salvia of the Itous treachery.

09.07.2013 He needs no army where he's headed Severus meets Lillith at the outpost and asks for her help. (+3)

07.20.13 Small comforts. Lillith meets with Yi Taekyung. (+6)

07.11.13 business and pleasure Lillith goes to the Outpost where she meets Wayne. (+3)

07.08.13 And all the hateful things I have become Ren and siblings come to join.

07.07.13 It's a nice day for a white wedding Lillith invites Ren to become her mate. (+6)

06.26.13 When I walk the ground shakes, boom Lillith speaks to a loner on the borders. (+6)

06.09.13 I've been loving like I've been neglected Lillith meets Ren.

06.02.13 or have the tears deluded them Lillith visits with Violeta. (+3)

05.16.13 Shall I offer the fruit of my body Lillith has an encounter with Axelle. (+4)

05.03.13 I Have Dark Bruises Lillith kills a loner.

04.01.14 they will speak my name for eternity Lillith speaks with Salvia before the Saturnalia feast. (+4)

03.30.13 Sanguis Terre Santurnalia sacrifice. (+3)

03.06.13 The Roots of a Great Tree Lillith meets Itachi. (+12)

03.08.13 without saying goodbye to yesterday Lillith meets Violeta. (+3)

02.20.13 Honey bee meets the Hornet Lillith meets Loki. (+7)

02.17.13 A Part of Something Lillith requests to join Salsola. (+10)

02.10.13 No ground to stand on Lillith meets Draugr who recruits her to Salsola. (+11)

02.10.13 No ground to stand on Lillith meets Draugr who recruits her to Salsola. (+11)

02.03.13 You Ate My Heart RO - Lillith leave Anathema. (+13)

01.05.13 Wrathful decadence Lillith and Medusa get in a scuffle. (+8)

12.21.13 A mothers love Aeron gives birth. (+9)

12.10.13 Sooth my soul with your touch Lillith comes to give comfort to a very pregnant Aeron. (+14)

01.07.13 As You Wish Whispers aids Lillith in her fevered state. (+16)

12.04.12 The Final Touches Lillith watches Pride work on the ovens.

Lasky You will pay the price Lillith consorts with her brother.

Word Points: 419

IC Points
+25 Cotona Ritual
+15 Earn job
+8x5 Perform Job duties
+1104 Transfer (Zalen/Bertolt)

Point Subtract.
-700 Custom icon

Total points = 1499
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Kalila was born May 1, 2014; picked up Feb 20, 2015


4.10.15 It's been so long I've forgotten the words
Kalila meets Ardoise.

5.07.15 Waking up to Ash and Dust
Kalila meets Spike and Ricky and helps them to begin rebuilding a forge.

Archived - 6
3.31.15 They tell me ice cream junkies are all the same Kalila meets Jehan. (+10)

3.28.15 Cut my life into pieces Kalila is depressed, but meets someone new. (+5)

3.21.15 Only Blueprints Kalila joins Sapient. (+6)

3.09.15 Bring me to life Kalila is saved from drowning by Storm. (+15)

2.25.15 A hole where my heart should be Kalila meets Maire. (+15)

2.20.15 Green White Red Yellow Blue Kalila meets Leonardo. (+9)

Points = 60
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Old thread archive:
Dead/Dropped Characters Thread Count
Helotes: 96
Timori: 6
Zera'im: 11
Ovi: 29


Zalen arrived in Nova Scotia on July 4, 2010; he died Jan 16, 2015 in New Dawn.

Archived - 118
01.15.2015 Sun Set Zalen dies. (+9)

12.04.14 Done Chase Me Out Zalen learns of Leela's pregnancy and punishes her. (+6)

10.26.14 See you, see me Zalen talks with Fayne. (+5)

07.29.14 Boys will be boys Bertolt and Zalen catch Conan and Krys misbehaving, much to Keylo's dismay. (+6)

07.25.14 Make me better Callum comes to talk to Zalen about weapons. (+6)

07.25.14 Come little children Zalen, Berolt and Kalila visit Hartt and her new puppy. (+3)

07.05.14 Close my eyes and let it come Kerrian talks to Zalen. (+2)

6.25.14 Where I'm meant to be Zalen and Raeka share a private moment. (+4)

06.19.14 The Balance Between Good and Evil Zalen meets Siv in disguise. (+10)

06.17.14 Welcome to hell soldier Zalen fights Kohaku. (+6)

6.02.14 Celebrate the Good times CdC Feast. (+3)

6.02.14 we're better when we stand together Veyra/Callum mateship. (+1)

05.24.14 Poison is in the beauty of it Zalen accompanies Marrok to Amherst. (+13)
5.18.14 Is there an Advil for the heart? Zalen seeks out Decker's company. (+8)

5.13.14 Our Kingdom Stretches far beyond... Cody join ND. (+7)

5.01.14 I'm holding out for a hero Grace and Zalen's pup is born. (+3)

4.28.14 The Hardest Part Columbine joins. (+8)

4.19.14 Ever wish upon a star? Fiora comes for a visit. (+1)

4.16.14 A Part of You and Me Zalen talks with Grace. (+7)

4.04.14 Getting what I want, boy Zalen accepts Grace, and learns of her pregnancy. (+4)

4.01.14 Patronus Zalen visits the Evergreen Haunt. (+7)

3.25.14 Our next generation is growing Lucia and Zalen teach the pups to hunt. (+2)

3.22.14 Soar Fayne's sister comes to join. (+4)

3.16.14 Betrothed Callum and Veyra ask for Zalen's blessing. (+5)

3.15.14 I'm scared that you wont be waiting Zalen dispatches a large and surely Grace. (+9)

3.7.14 And whatever they say Florina announces her departure. (+1)

2.20.14 Everything the light touches Raeka and Zalen introduce the pups to the pack. (+3)

2.20.14 Guided by a beating heart Sequoia returns. (+4)

2.16.14 Don't bother putting out the fire Panda comes for a visit. (+16)

2.16.14 Bringing Home Strays Veyra brings a recruit to ND. (+2)

2.11.14 A chance at redemption Zalen accepts Halona. (+5)

2.09.14 Pin Wheel Zalen talks to Hartt. (+7)

1.26.14 Time of Dying Hartt is attacked and Zalen kills the trespasser. (+13)

1.22.14 What happened to your face? Zalen finds a very injured Vidar. (+6)

12.30.13 Scandal and Solitude Zalen finds Veyra in heat. (+3)

12.28.13 Closer to the Edge Hartt comes to seek Zalen's forgiveness. (+6)

12.22.13 New to Tell Hartt brings Dark to Zalen. (+9)

12.05.13 Sexy and I Know it Hartt tries to get Zalen to mate with her. (+4)

12.02.13 And they call it Bella Noche Zalen and Raeka mate. (+7)

12.02.13 Caught Me Slippin' Zalen and Fayne speak to Decker about his mental illness. (+11)

11.25.13 Suddenly, I'm peckish. Keylo and Krys become mates. (+7)

11.24.13 Goodwill to All Bringing the rest of SK's animals to VN. (+3)

11.18.13 We all can share in the bounty Silent auction for SK's livestock. (+3)

11.14.13 Fresh Start Hartt joins New Dawn. (+3)

11.13.13 Just One More Step Zalen comes across Decker. (+14)

11.13.13 what does this button do? Lisette comes to join. (+6)

11.12.13 Laughing Jaws Zalen and Altair dispatch some coyote vagrants. (+7)

11.09.13 Gather what is left Zalen speaks to his pack about Sangi'lak. (+1)

11.06.13 I'm Not the One Zalen learns of Vidar's past transgressions and Altair is none too happy. (+10)

11.05.13 Time to open your eyes Zalen confronts Ciara and learns of SK's disbandment. (+9)

11.04.13 Dreams of Courtship Callum comes to ask permission to woo Veyra. (+8)

11.02.13 Your Dowry is a Burden Zalen discusses suitors with Veyra. (+5)

10.26.13 Show me what you're selling Zalen visits Vinátta to find a possible suitor for Veyra. (+5)

10.08.13 Then the piper will lead us to reason Soran returns. (+5)

10.06.13 Sea Foam in the Sunlight Zalen visits SK and gets agitated by Kisomm and X'y. (+7)

10.06.13 With every chip I nearly crumble Zalen consoles Lucia. (+2)

10.05.13 To join New Dawn Zalen accepts Vidar. (+1)

09.04.13 Hunting Fever A pack hunt goes disastrously wrong. (+8)

08.02.13 To Feel Fear Once Again Xy'rin and Sequoia meet with Zalen to discuss moving Sangi'lak closer to New Dawn. (+5)

08.02.13 A Wild Mine Appears Brigands invade New Dawn and kidnap Krys! (+5)

07.24.13 Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater Raeka jealousy confront Zalen about him having visited X'yrin. (+4)

07.23.13 Warning Sign Zalen visits X'yrin. (+6)

07.20.13 I am what I am A little bit of soul searching for Zalen. (+10)

7.05.13 deep into that darkness peering Zalen deals with a distraught Keylo mourning the death of his mother. (+12)

6.09.13 Come Dawn or Dusk Zalen finds Leon on the outskirts of the territory. (+4)

06.01.13 All that is gold does not glitter Sequoia comes through ND with trade goods. (+3)

05.24.13 Step one you say we need to talk Alfhildr comes to Zalen with a proposal and a request. (+13)

05.10.13 Summer Nights Zalen and Raeka mate. (+3)

05.09.13 I'm All Alone, and I Need You Now Zalen witnesses Veyra's first shift. (+3)

04.26.13 Rubbed the wrong way Zalen speaks to an upset Kerrian. (+6)

04.25.13 Tarred and Feathered Zalen confronts Whispers. (+3)

04.25.13 The clashing of two Planets Zalen finds Adonia has become pregnant by Whispers. (+9)

03.06.13 Tell me you like it Zalen finds a drunken loner on the borders. (+7)

03.06.13 Tell me you like it Zalen finds a drunken loner on the borders. (+7)

03.02.13 The meaning of life Keylo has some hard questions for Zalen. (+6)

02.26.13 no man is an island Zalen and Raeka accept Adonis. (+4)

02.24.13 distant rhythm of the drum Zalen meets Adonis. (+10)

02.20.13 And this How the Cookie Crumbles Adonia returns! (+5)

02.18.13 It feels like it has been long Zalen talks with Kaeli. (+10)

02.18.13 The Dawn of New Lives Zalen goes to see Ciara's new born pups. (+6)

02.16.13 A moment of weakness Zalen comforts a disturbed Raeka. (+5)

02.14.13 You've Been Naughty Zalen and Jazper confront Aeron. (+6)

02.13.13 The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee Zalen goes to Casa and meets with the Brotherhood. (+5)

02.09.13 I'm getting lost with a heart to break Zalen meets and accepts Ksenjia. (+12)

02.02.13 A Message X'yrin comes bearing good news, Zalen however, has bad news for her. (+13)

01.31.13 Rags to Riches Raeka and Tharin fight and Raeka comes out on top and demands to become Alphess, Zalen obliges. (+11)

01.27.13 scared of change Saki undergoes her first shift. (+9)

01.23.13 Pride and Joy Zalen and Ciara talk about her pregnancy. (+5)

01.20.13 Secrets in the shadows Noah challenges Zalen for the Alpha rank and loses. (+5)

01.20.13 why are you dressed like a police officer? Sebastion of Casa comes to New Dawn as their new ambassador. (+26)

01.15.13 Brother, My Brother Jazper and Zalen discover they're related. (+14)

01.12.12 Time to talk After making love for the second time, Zalen and X'yrin talk about Vinátta and admit their love for each other. (+35)

01.07.12 Change towards the future Raeka is in heat and has shifted due to her meeting with Zalen. (+19)

01.04.12 Going Under Zalen saves Krys from drowning. (+12)

12.30.12 Cuddle Close Romance blossoms between Zalen and Raeka. (+17)

12.15.12 an extension of peace Shiloh and Colibri come to New Dawn with friendly intentions. (+13)

12.10.12 Carpe Diem Zalen is coy around an in heat Ciara. (+10)

12.08.12 Introducing the Family Zalen pays a visit to Sangi'lak. (+32)

12.04.12 Ambition should be made of sterner stuff Zalen accepts Raeka. (+11)

12.01.12 Even playing field Zalen meets Raeka. (+13)

12.01.12 When you let your walls come down Zalen visits Inferni. (+16) 11.27.12 Like resignation to the end, always the end Augustus and Ciara challenge Tharin and Kiara. (+4)

11.25.12 We must all learn from our mistakes Zalen demotes Sky. (+10)

11.20.12 So Let's Set the World on Fire Sangi'lak and New Dawn party. (+12)

11.14.12 This is it boys, this is war! The final showdown between Amy and New Dawn. (+15)

11.8.12 Can you prepare me? Zalen goes to meet Fayne's new puppies. (+8)

11.7.12 A new face in the forest Zalen meets Kaeli. (+9)

11.7.12 Hiding in the shadows Xeno asks to join. (+7)

11.6.12 I can't Stand this Pain Adonia gives birth. (+10)

11.01.12 Pull the Trigger Zalen along with Ciara and Augustus go to rescue Adonia. (+10)

10.31.12 Somebody get me through this nightmare Augustus shifts for the first time. (+7)

10.31.12 Somebody get me through this nightmare Augustus shifts for the first time. (+7)

10.26.12 Cobwebs in the Womb Zalen tells Ciara to start making puppies. (+7)

10.11.12 Amongst the Jewels of Autumn Zalen and X'yrin meet and he learns of her pregnancy. (+16)

Word points = 1652


Archived - 18
12.24.14 Wayward Sons Bertolt meets Lelouch. (+3)

12.06.14 ones with the waves Bertolt observes a loner. (+1)

11.12.14 Black cat, nine lives Bertolt meets some interesting loners. (+1)

11.01.14 Everything is better French Bertolt goes for a walk. (+1)

08.29.14 Hope for Ambidexterity Bertolt shifts among family and friends. (+5)

07.29.14 Boy will be boys Bertolt catches Conan and Krys fooling around. (+4)

07.10.14 A Promise Kept Bertolt and Veyra visit Vinatta. (+4)

06.23.14 Little Wolves. Big Trouble. Bertolt gets into a sticky situation. (+5)

05.29.14 You'd better run Sister/Brother bonding. (+3)

05.26.14 Sweet Summer Child Mom/Son bonding. (+5)

05.25.14 You're the first thing I see Bertolt goes to greet a loner but is hijacked by Decker. (+5)

05.16.14 Pups on the Brain Bert interacts with Hartt. (+2)

04.23.14 It's called a dinglehopper Bertolt follows a loner and observes him. (+3)

04.23.14 Tracks In The Mud Berolt meets a loner along New Dawn's borders. (+4)

04.16.14 the jaw bone's connected to the brain bone Bertolt spends some time with Ciara. (+6)


Points = 52


Archived - 6
03.10.13 Whistle while you work Timori cleans up the old carpet in the mansion with Sparrow. (+13)

03.24.13 those who do evil ride over the roads in Cadillac cars Timori comes to visit Myrika's pups. (+3)

04.21.13 Jhator Timori is subject to viewing Ombre's burial ritual.

04.24.15 what used to be Zana returns. (+7)

5.16.2013 Forgive me for my rage Timori speaks with Azucena about Zana.

05.28.2013 Coyotes can't blush Tim and Brumaire get into a sticky situation.


Points = 150


Archived - 29
10.8.12 Day Dream Eyes Helotes and Valkyrie romance. (+15)

10.10.12 Of grass and splendid evenings Sparrow asks Helotes for combat training. (+15)

10.14.12 Too Many Puppies Helotes meets up with Fleta (Terra) and her brood. (+9)

10.21.12 They call her a demon Helotes and Aeron meet up again to do the deed. (+6)

11.1.12 Coming Home Terra asks to join Inferni, Helotes vouches for her.

11.4.12 the darkest country road Helotes catches up with Vesper. (+12)

11.8.12 Forever Free Helotes tracks and observes the drifter bay horse herds. (+10)

11.9.12 Some memories should stay buried Helotes meets Saoxa, a new member.(+12)

11.10.12 dance with the devil Helotes meets Abaddon on the borders. (+6)

11.16.12 fly into the light of a dark black night Helotes meets and accepts Silas. (+6)

11.17.12 like knives in our back Helotes accepts his brother back into Inferni. (+7)

12.08.12 Chastity Belt Helotes refrains from taking Terra during her heat. (+16)

12.14.12 bend till you break Helotes helps Vesper catch a horse. (+9)

12.15.12 Spirits Combined Willam has a gift for Helotes. (+17)

01.01.13 I see the paradox in your smile Helotes goes to visit Aeron and Charm. (+18)

01.04.13 There goes my hero Azucena shifts and Helotes takes her to get tattooed by Kaena. (+25)

01.12.13 Across the species line Helotes meets Raeka. (+9)

01.14.13 Terror in the Dark Helotes saves Loki from drowning. (+11)

01.16.13 business casualty Helotes meets and accepts Bass into Inferni. (+18)

01.25.13 Hooves and paws, hems and haws Helotes checks on his recluse sister and breeds his horse. (+22)

02.03.13 it takes one to know one Helotes confront a pregnant Myrika about her infidelity. (+25)

02.04.13 I Hear Them Calling My Name Helotes and his kids investigate the smelly basement. (+11)

02.10.13 Fatherhood Helotes talks to Vesper about Myrika's pregnancy. (+15)

02.11.13 Frozen wishes Helotes plays with Kára and talks with Sepirah. (+6)

03.04.13 Practically Family Liam comes from Anathema to seek spiritual advice.

02.24.13 The Art of Suicidal Defense Helotes and Leon train. (+4)

03.11.13 Everything the Sun Touches is Our Empire Helotes speaks with his son. (+6)

03.22.13 you love's like rhinestones, falling from the sky Helotes greets and accepts Emma back to Inferni. (+7)

03.25.13 we don't really want a monster taking over Helotes goes to see Myrika and Vesper's pups. (+3)

03.25.13 crucify the ego, before it's too late Enkiel and Helotes find out what happened to Willam.

03.30.13 Worn bodies, Merry Souls Leon, Vesper and Helotes have a night to celebrate.

Points = 1696
Lillith Trombetta
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