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Disoriented, staggering, Skoll managed to find his way back to Cour des Miracles. He was lightheaded from bloodloss, canting his skull at an odd angle to peer with a single, blazing green eye at his surroundings, his paws fumbling over knobbed roots and tufts of grass. When the powerful scent of the borders -- much of it his own markings -- he sent a singular prayer of thanks to God then collapsed at the edge of one of the fields.

Blood continued to stream across his coat from agitated wounds, but much of it had matted into his pale fur, dried and stinking of copper. Exhausted, he rasped his tongue over the few cuts and grimaced at the taste. The right side of his face was a mess of blood and tousled fur below an empty eye socket, though the remnants of the stabbing were wet and obvious.

A gnat flew past his remaining eye, and a few curious flies, drawn to the scent, began to settle on his pale coat. The bloodied prince reclined in the grass, succumbing to sleep.


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He and his father had spoken, and argued, about the coming war.

Linden saw no reason that the coyotes would take Pascal, while Haven insisted that this had to be the case. You don't know what they're like, he had told his son.

They had argued about that too. It was the first time that Linden had been told to leave their home, and he had done so in a cold, bitter rage. He took his horse and rode, running, along the borders. It was the only thing that helped him breathe these days, for he could not abandon this place despite his disagreeable mood towards the matter. War had a foul taste to it, and it soiled them all.

Gunther smelt the blood before he did and gave a loud, trumpeting cry. The warhorse did not spook, but he halted—rearing—as a means to announce the matter. Linden, surprised by this, realized why in one horrifying breath. He urged the horse on until, led by the horses' flaring nostrils, the pair came across the Seneschal. Linden made a noise, but it was low and cut off by a sharp inhale.

A cry for a medic came with his howl, and Linden dismounted Gunther. He whispered a command, unsure if the horse would understand, but the palomino trotted away as if he had.

Cautious now to the state of the wolfdog, Linden approached slowly.

Skoll? Try and stay awake, he urged.

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Not a medic, sorry!!! But NEED in on this dramatic action. Sorry for the crappy post -.- Having trouble writing for some reason today.

Restless as she normally was, Aurelya spent even more time outside as of late, either training in archery or throwing daggers (or as of late, her makeshift wooden sword, which was still clumsy in her untrained hand), or running off energy and building her endurance. Fairly untiring in long runs to begin with, she now found herself jogging around the pack lands wherever she had to go, loping easily at a nice clip.

This late summer day found her doing much of the same. She felt unproductive, wanting to do something to aid the pack, but hesitant to bring more harm to her pack than she already did by her tousle with Liir. He had been a loner at the time, and that had been a bit of an assurance that she had the advantage of pack mates to defend her if necessary, but now that changed. And logically, she knew she couldn't risk running out and recklessly taking matters into her own hands. But after Pascal's disappearance, she felt like a powder keg, and all she needed was a spark.

It came to her in a howl.

It slowed her in her jog, but the sickening copper scent of blood halted her. It was overpowering. Only for a moment did she halt, then she shifted into her Lupus form and sprinted in the direction of the scent. It was her lightest and swiftest form, and she needed speed.

At first, her mind refused to register what she was seeing. An unfamiliar pack mate bent over a golden wolfdog, who was drenched in blood. The matted fur and buzzing flies only made the scene more grotesque and dreamlike. And then it hit her and almost knocked her off her feet in shock. It was Skoll.

No, no, no, no, no.... Her mind echoed rejection as she sped to the fallen prince, afraid to touch him but wanting to nose him worriedly. Golden eyes fell to his face and widened. A copious amount of blood congealed in an empty eye socket. One of the beautiful gems of the world had been wrested from his skull.

Breath coming fast in shock and fear, Aurelya raked her eyes over Skoll and spoke to Linden, unable to remove her eyes from her beloved's blood-caked face. "Who-- what..?" She shook her head. Skoll first. Then vengeance. Finally she wrested her eyes away to look at the other. "Should I get someone? Or should we carry him to someone?"

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OOC: William isn't a medic but he can sew a dress I'm sure he can sew a wound shut

The Cavalier had cause many thoughts to take root in the mind of William. He was born to a simple working class. He was brought into the fighting class. Then he was shoved back behind the desk to sew lovely garments for the pack he was once enslaved to. He had pierced one soul. He was cursing the Pendragon name as he was led to the gallows He slayed a foe of the monarchy. She kept her devil's grin throughout it all. And here he killed another for the sake of his love. A fruitless trial. But all of this led him to wonder.

Was the king's surname worthy of his vessel? From the look he got from Val when he told her of his tailor work he dishonored it greatly. It seemed the land had heard his plight. Still the call to action was one that would never be able to be unseen. He rushed towards the howls. His rapier on his side. His hair flowed behind him with but only a white shirt not even buttoned.

It was horrific sight. The feral prince. A friend. A mentor. Soaking in his own blood. Will took a silent oath of retribution. Will pulled off his shirt in haste ripping it into shreds. He was no medic but day one back in England was on field patch ups. "We need to get him inside the flies are gonna be making the wounds worse, but use some of these strips to clean the wounds," Will paused as he looked with panicked eyes. How the fuck could he help this man? He needed other things besides wrapping. He could stitch him but that eye. That empty bloody socket was the real problem. He couldn't stitch it close. Eye-patch? No, that was for after it was healed.

"Keep him awake and after we clean what we can we move him sound good?" He spoke in a scared tone. It had been so long since he last did this. At most he was regurgitating what he was told.

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hahaha I suck sorry guys

His vision was half blackness -- then whole. The earth trembled under him, a little, and he thought perhaps he was shaking. His skin was cold under his thick, matted fur, his paw-pads sweating, and when he tried to move his head, it swam with the sound of white noise and dull pain. The whinny and the howl sounded muffled to his ears, but Linden's voice spoke. Try and stay awake.

Skoll peeled his eye open and stared at the autumn-colored man, then twitched his ear at footsteps and breathed in a scent past the tang of iron. Aurelya, he said, and at once tried to rock himself back onto his stomach. He managed, barely, but lowered his great head onto his paws with a whine. As the bodies shifted around him, a voice questioning, a voice giving nervous orders, he wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch her. He was suddenly afraid.


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Guys, feel free to mention Linden peacing out and such--he'll be back with a travois to carry Skoll lolol

The woman—the only one Skoll, half-conscious, named—spoke high and fast. Linden, who lacked all but the basic understanding of wound-treatment, felt his mind go blank. For a breath, looking at her when he could not bear to look at Skoll's ruined face, he was at a loss.

A dog, stocky and square in the face, was ripping apart his clothing to serve as bandages. Seeing and smelling fear all around him, Linden took a breath to still his trembling fingers and rose. He moved as to allow the medic (or the woman, perhaps) to get closer, and recalled his horse with a flag of his white hand.

Gunther returned nervously, and Linden yanked his waterbag from the saddle. He turned back, yellow eyes dark, and passed it to Aurelya.

I'll find something to carry him, he told the pair, and mounted his horse quickly.

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OOC: Not even kidding, this post was one of my harder ones to write. The end was starting to hit my feelz.

Aurelya had shifted into Optime form as William arrived, knowing she needed her hands, but for what? What could she possibly do? She couldn't move him, and strong as she was, she could not carry him without inflicting more damage.

Watching William rid himself of his shirt to tear it into rags, Aurelya, for the first time, regretted that she never wore clothing. Except for special occasions, like wearing the cloak at the ball. The first night she had really spoken to Skoll. He had half-carried her from the overwhelming crowd, and she had hidden her face in embarrassment. They had sat on the dewy grass, talking, barely touching, as the noise of the ensuing dance had faded into the background amidst the darkness and the silence of a winter night. She had fallen in love with him that night, looking into his emerald eyes, seeing a part of her soul in them. Willingly captured in them. Captivated.

Congealed blood and flies in a gaping hole.

With a start she came back, a stunned expression on her blank face. She glanced between the grisly scene and William. He said something but she didn't catch it. Her eyes riveted back on Skoll's face at a murmur. Did he say her name? Suddenly - it seemed suddenly - the other man - what was his name? - placed a waterskin in her hand. She stared at it numbly. What was she supposed to do with this? She wasn't thirsty. Maybe Skoll was thirsty.

Dammit, get your head on straight, Aurelya. She tried to give her head a vigorous shake, but as the shock continued to settle in, all she managed was a slow shake of denial.

She was whirling with Skoll on a dance floor. They never did dance that night, although he had asked. Why did she decline? They could have been a breeze of sunlight and moonlight on the dance floor, a swirl of shadow and shine, and nothing but his eyes the color of jade, the color of life, to pull her from the room.

Fight it, a small part of her mind railed against her. Fight it, be strong. If the roles were reversed, Skoll would be flying with you in his arms, not standing around like a lost child. Get out of your head!

Aurelya gazed into his face, his familiar cocky smile only for her. She smiled back, and blinked.

Flies engorged the empty socket.

She blinked again and shook her head a little briskly this time. Startled into reality, she was gazing at a dimming star sprawled on the ground. The star had spoken her name. The star needed her before the fire burned out.

With a start, she crouched by his head and held the waterskin first to Skoll's muzzle, parting his lips tenderly with her fingers. She avoided looking at... that. The thing. She couldn't. Focus. Focus. She trained her eyes only his lips. "Drink, love, help will be here soon..." She set the waterskin aside and, with as much care as though handling broken glass, she lifted his head onto her folded leg and stroked his head, cradling him. "Help will be here.. Until then, I've got you.. I've got you.." Tears slowly cascaded down her cheeks.

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The horse man didn't waste time following orders. William was in a strange position he was ordering those that would once only listen to the feral king. So be it he had this role. WIlliam closed his eyes for a brief second. It felt like a century to the block faced dog. Would this man live? Was this all worth it? Of course it was! Fuck it! Even if he did die, which he won't we still need to work hard! William had all these thoughts racing in that brief second.

He was a Pendragon. Named after the king of knights he should be strong, he should honor his name. William watched the sad display. William stood strong. He knelt only to speak to the fallen fighter. "I promise you I will mend you if I can't I will gather any who can but you will be better Skoll and that is a Pendragon's oath." His eyes burned with unmatched passion. When the carrier arrived they would move him.

He looked to the stung lover of the fallen star. William smiled gently towards her. "We'll bring him near one of the empty shops I usually keep needles and thread in those things I can sew him up shut but we should alert everyone once we get him back to one of them, unless you have a better plan."

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CAMBRIA I CAUGHT THE FEELS. ;_; Here is a quick, clichéd post to keep things going -- feel free to skip me and pp Skoll until they get him moved to wherever. I'll have him come around more then. :B

Water trickled down a dry throat, and Skoll lapped at it, the motions involuntary before he dropped his head. The liquid poured on top of his skull and ran down in rivulets clear then bloody, and he winced and tried to move his head again when water poured into the empty socket, clearing it of more blood and debris. When she took his great shaggy head in her lap, he whimpered again.

Her voice lulled him, and kept him alert. He wanted to hear her voice. He stared at the angle of her face crumpled with emotion, and licked her hand.

William’s voice was a distraction, and Skoll shut his ears to it. He smelled the blood and fear and uncertainty around them, wondering where Linden had gone off to, and focused again on Aurelya’s voice as it guided him out of darkness.


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We can maybe move to wrap this with them getting him wherever? :o

It took an agonizingly long time for Linden to return.

In part, he was anxious – his fingers fumbled with the contraption he had used in his time away from the pack and setting it up – and in another, Gunther responded to this poorly. The horse fought him and grew agitated, but as Linden gained control of himself he gained control of the animal too.

Twin poles lashed together with a smaller section to form a crude a-frame, which itself was covered on one side by a sheet of leather. Tied by hand, the thing looked very crude as it dragged behind the powerful looking horse, whose rider slid from the saddle as soon as he had returned to the scene. Gunther, responding to a motion by the wolf's white hand, stood still.

Linden's demeanor was now ferociously tempered, like sharpened steel.

Help me get him on this, he said, and bent to reach for one of Skoll's burly arms. One of you go ahead – wherever you intend to take him, the Marquis grunted, half-hoisting the Seneschal to his feet. We need a healer, and the King must be informed.

He looked at the dog as he said these things, having recognized that the woman's presence was perhaps the most important at the moment. Skoll's bleary eyes were locked on her face.

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