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(300) This thread is related to the scouting of lumber/cutting down of trees for the Walipini Project! Dullahan Eternity, Gjalda, and Khirot (for the sake of translations) are all currently present and may be PP'd by anyone who joins. :3

Into the wee hours of a stormy evening they’d discussed matters the blonde had decided warranted attention. Salsola’s numbers had become such that they were, to her knowledge, the largest pack in the north. This was no surprise given the gravitational pull power had on the body, but a few of those who numbered among them concerned her for a reason she could not say.

To deny the blood of Khalif was in them — both the broad-shouldered Tradesman and the flaxen haired Ranger’s Apprentice — would be to err, but she wondered at the growing presence of those whose last name was D’Angelo.

They had not been born here but strove to learn the ways of the Thistle Kingdom, and Osrath wondered what had sent them here. The word of a woman on the Mountain, supposedly, but why had the words been uttered in the first place? These were the things they’d discussed until the sky turned pink, and while no conclusive answer had been reached by either of the Tigress’ children, a decision had been born of such insidious conversation.

The focusing of their attention was necessary.

This was why she brought him along, among other reasons. Gjalda walked both with them and separately, his dark red-brown eyes turned toward the trees as though determined to focus on the task in hand. At the last possible moment Dullahan had elected to locate and bring along Khirot as well, for neither of the two Salsolan’s present were capable of understanding the burly slave they so desperately needed to guide this expedition.

The day was gray but only slightly cloudly, and all those present took it as a good sign.

When Gjalda began speaking, Osrath looked to the teal-eyed slave. At the mention of Tarat she gleaned from the muttered undertones that he was mildly aggrieved at having been unable to bring along what he considered an apprentice, and the horsewoman looked away unperturbed. The Slave of the Hoof was required elsewhere, though if he should choose later to maintain the earthen greenhouse, that was his choice.

The small group continued on until a suitable stand of trees had been located a short distance away from where the actual structure would be built, which was fortunate — it meant hauling the lumber back and forth would take up less of their time.

Why these trees? She asked when curiosity got the best of her.

He says they are of middling age and free of… defects, no bugs or sickness in them.

Osrath’s ears twitched surreptitiously.

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Ondine had motives for joining this particular group for the day. She had no interest in lumber, nor had she much strength in felling trees. She could collect firewood as best as any other but it was not the reason she came. Her mother and her sister suggested she go to interact with the Princess of Salsola, a title that was unofficial but still somehow fit whenever someone said it so. Likewise, she was another rising star in their collection of ambitious monsters. Osrath was someone to watch and someone to befriend. Unfortunately for Ondine, that meant her.

It was not something she wanted to do, but Delfina was useless at befriending another power-hungry jackal with eyes on the prize. It naturally fell to the "meeker" daughter to place herself unobtrusively near the superstars and try to dim their glow. Never mind the fact that Ondine was in no way interested in forced friendships with rabid monster.

Still, she tagged along to be useful, and found herself late to join them. She came just as Osrath's tones echoed through the trees and the foreign slave's voice rang out after. Good wood? She raised her eyes up the tall thing and raised a brow. How could he tell?

"Just by looking at it he knows?" she asked as she approached them, wrapping her thin arms around her equally thin body and looking pointedly at the slave.


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Heine followed a good ways behind the two older slaves and the Eternity children, mindful to not seem like he had ulterior motives for the tree cutting project while also not making his presence overbearing or in the way. Bane had instructed him to help aid the project that she was spearheading, and this was simply one of those parts. The slave felt weird, alone, without the Khalif woman’s presence within the group of strangers. She had bid him to be on his best behaviour in her absence though, and Heine was doing his best to do just that.

The usually hot summer weather had been traded for a cooler, clouded evening, and the hybrid briefly wondered if the cream-colored Eternity had purposely set out when they did for that fact alone. It would make the work easier, Heine mused, as they—as he knew the slaves would probably end up doing most of the heavy lifting—would not get tired as easily. Not having the sun bake one’s brains was always a plus.

His ears flickered forward as he heard the grumbled words of Gjalda, who seemed unhappy. His rebellious words caused the teen to steal a glance at the female Eternity—her name still alluded him despite his best efforts to remember it throughout their journey to the wood-cutting location—but, she did not seem to care for his words, as she did not react negatively to them. Heine cocked his head slightly at this, and, for a moment, briefly wondered if such speech was allowed for a slave. It was a dangerous concept, and one that quickly led him to remember Darijus, whom the older males had told him had lost his tongue for speaking out. Whether or not it was true, the threat had helped the roguish teen keep his tongue in check…for now.

When they came to a halt, the Kaiser did so as well, his slate eyes looking about the group for cues of what was to happen next. Gjalda indicated that area was suitable for the project their group had been tasked to finish. The blonde princess questioned their choice, and it was Khirot that translated for the stouter carpenter. A new voice, one smooth as silk and pretty as her breeding, chimed in, causing the chocolate hybrid’s gaze to shift to her. He found her placement odd in the setting, as she didn’t look like she was built for the labour part of the job they had come for.

It was not his to judge though. Perhaps she was an acquaintance of the Eternity child that seemed to be the leader of the operation. Quietly, Heine shifted from his position along the outskirts of the gathered group. He patiently waited for a command to be thrown his way, his slate eyes dancing between the two older slaves and the Eternity princess.

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Just.. gonna.. slide.. this.. in.. here...... P: [ 394 ]

For a while the Beast had considered not going at all. He had heard of the project as it took form from thought to action and being who he was – someone who regularly kept to himself and only sought counsel with those he truly trusted – he thought it against his best interests to get involved. The D'Angelo femme at the forefront of it all, the one called Bane, priestess from the homeland; he did not trust her in the slightest. She brought with her the archaic beliefs and witchcraft of the Mountain and while he did not deny it coursed through his own veins as purely as it did any D'Angelo, he could not help the way the Lord Commander had warped his mind, had turned him against anyone who dared show their interest in all things supernatural.

At the end of it all, however, he had chosen to follow for a different reason. In his fondness for seclusion and separateness he had disconnected himself from the rest of the Family, and in doing so had made himself something of a mystery to the those outside of his very small circle of individuals he considered his friends. This he hoped to remedy; and once the opportunity arose to rub shoulders with those closest to the Queen – the heirs to the Thistle Kingdom – it seemed only fitting he cast aside his affinity for silence and solitude in favor of mingling with the rest of the pack, if only just to acquaint himself with the next generation of power hungry tyrants.

Taking up the rear of the group, the Beast had settled into silent observation and stopped when they stopped, taking note of the slaves' observations. The Confidant was well versed in all things related to plants but trees were certainly not something he paid particular attention to. He knew when a tree was dying of old age or being devoured by rot or insects, but beyond that he couldn't tell if one's wood was any better than the other. Sanguine sights moved from one canid to the other as each raised their voice to speak but he had nothing to add, instead choosing to remain silent instead of spouting something irrelevant simply to stall their efforts further. The sooner they could get on with things the sooner he could get back to hunting and patrolling.

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(300) Feel free to 'partner off' with whomever you'd like; we can always switch it up in a bit. Thanks for joining guys! :3

Like moths, ambitious Salsolans were drawn to the projects as if to a flame. That one of Isabella’s ilk would number among them surprised the blonde Eternity princess—they were pretty little things, she thought, and likely not overfond of rigorous activities—but perhaps this was just a byproduct of her privately held disdain for anyone connected to the witches.

Apparently, She offered noncommittally, for she knew nothing of timber. An edge of doubt had crept into her voice, as unmistakable as storm clouds over the bay; the meaning of it remained unclear, however. She would not separate the slave’s tongue from his body for having a bit of pride in his work. Darijus’ ill-treatment was more or less the result of his belief that, despite all odds, he was a member and not a slave. This had been remedied with brutality.

Eying the silent slave whose owner had begun this entire project, she wondered idly if his presence was meant to indicate watchfulness on behalf of his dark waif of a master. Gjalda and Khirot took up axes while she watched the blue-eyed serf, terminably incapable of naming exactly how she felt about his presence. Did Bane send you? She queried, and the words were barbed like a fishhook.

Scorpius’ presence was as undeniable as his height, though he had trailed behind the rest like a shadow. He had existed here before her birth, and to her mind that meant he had always been here. This was not the case, of course, but she thought it nonetheless. What his mask hid from the outside world was as much a mystery as his behavior, though perturbed her less than it might have during her formative youth.

Striding forward to join one of the slaves at a stout tree, she swung her arms obliquely to suggest that the others should do the same.

Find a partner and join either Khirot or Gjalda. We’ll all take turns swinging an axe.

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