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Jehan's in Optime, Clover in Lupus. :B Their location is vague but they're heading out from the mansion probably toward the Waste or rivers or whatever??

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Sure as hell is spring now, Jehan remarked, glancing in an accusatory fashion at a robin that flew past and now took up residence in a tree, chirping exceedingly loudly. He grimaced and scrunched up his nose, squinting his eyes against the sunlight, and paced onward when he realized that his companion wasn't going to stop for him.

Don't fucking tell me you're hungover, the grey dog spat over her shoulder, though there wasn't as much venom there as there could have been. Her brush with death certainly hadn't mellowed her out any, Jehan thought, though he was grateful for this -- happy that the girl was back to her old self.

He was about to retort that no, he was not hungover (probably), when Clover suddenly plopped down and started scratching at her fur. He laughed. Fleas?

Fur, she replied. Aren't you shedding, too?

A little. He wandered past her, scratching at her head; she ducked it and grimaced, loping back alongside him and then racing onward. Where are we going?

Clover didn't stop. Hunting, if you want to sit and look pretty while I do all the work.

And isn't that our usual plan?

Ha. At least Harosheth thinks you're being more useful -- aw, shit!

Jehan jogged to catch up to Clover, only to find her splattered with mud all over her long-haired chest and belly. She'd sank into a considerable amount of mud and standing water and now fought to get back onto firmer ground, cursing all the while.

Being the usual supportive big brother, the one-armed dog burst into giggles. At least you don't have to worry about shedding now. Once we clean all that crap out you aren't gonna have much hair left.

Screw you.

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So chivalrous. :I

Saut trotted into the morning on two legs for the first time in several days, disoriented and a little unsteady on limbs still snagged by sleep. He took a moment to try and shake it off, then darted into the trees.

His large paws thrummed noisily against the earth, softer with the warmer weather, and his breath took up a familiar rhythm as he found a path and made his way towards the mansion. He wasn't certain what he'd do when he arrived – perhaps he would “feed” the rabbits again, or bother Maddox for something good to keep him going for the next while. The monochrome Asylum's mind drifted lazily from possibility to possibility and he entered an autopilot state that was more characteristic of his younger months.

He nearly missed the pair of doggish Outsiders. It was the soft laughter that brought him out of his thoughts.

Curious, Saut slowed his pace and moved off the path. Any remnants of sleep immediately seeped out of his body when he realized the scene up ahead, on a different trail out of the trees. “Ugh,” he uttered as he drew closer to the two, only one of whose names he could recall (the girl's name, he unfortunately believed, was Flower). Then, louder, “UGH!”

A little breathless, the russet-nosed Sciens slogged into the mud in what was perhaps half genuine concern and half bravado born of the female's presence, completely ignoring the male, for now. “Let me help,” he offered, awkwardly, and reached out even though she seemed to be doing just fine on her own.

“This is disgusting,” he breathed.

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I'm in love with Saut omg

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The peal of laughter tapered off into a lower chuckle as Clover glared crossly over her shoulder, but then Jehan's ears pricked at a more distant exclamation of disgust. Another moron come to join the doggy mud parade -- though on closer look, the Outsider was surprised to see that the stranger was a dog, or at least more dog than any ranked Infernian had a right to be. He had the same damnable splash of red on his nose that everyone and their cousin had in Inferni, and the right ear shape, but...

Jehan's quick calculations and confusion fell to the wayside as the lanky dog-coyote slogged through the muck toward Clover, who grimaced at him. She blinked a few times, as if trying to decide whether to accept the help, then ducked her head so he couldn't touch her and made a few awkward hops back toward (more) solid ground.

Thanks, it is, she managed, remembering some semblance of manners. Clover splashed through wet grass then turned toward the young man, frowning still.

Is it always this bad? Jehan piped, wandering over.

Who are you? Clover asked, bypassing Jehan's small talk to the point.

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Naah he's a turd.

Saut stood dumbly in the mud as the girl dodged his offered hand and made her way to the grass. He crossed his arms tightly over his chest, as if he could save face that way. Rude.

Seeing as the Lupus-formed dog was so disinterested in his presence, the thin Asylum turned to consider her one-armed companion. His lack missing arm was, indeed, the first thing he saw – but he'd seen it before from afar, so his attention didn't linger there. It was the first time he was near enough to notice the keys at his throat, however. He stared at them as he stomped out of the mud.

“Sometimes,” he answered grouchily, despite the grey dog's question. “I think I remember some areas being bad around this time last year.” He shot "Flower" a frown. “It'll probably get worse,” he finished.

“My name's Saut,” he replied after a few moments. “Who're you?” Saut lifted a paw and began to wave it rapidly from side to side in an effort to free his toes of the cold muck. He was facing the male again, but he gave a few extra flicks in Flower's direction before placing his paw down and lifting the other one. Before either of them could answer he raised a hand to point at the keys. “And what are those?”

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best turd

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Jehan smirked slightly as the coymutt crossed his arms, though he flashed him an apologetic look for Clover's sake; the grey dog wasn't fond of strangers touching her and had probably wanted to save face herself, come to think of it. His smile faded at the other's stare, though it wasn't directed at his arm like most gazes were; he wouldn't have faulted him for it, though. He was more gawking than looking at the hybrid himself, as if he could figure out what, exactly, he was.

Oh, said Clover, while the one-armed dog looked across the muddy sort of plain. He couldn't imagine crossing it day in and day out, not that he would have done so while it was dry; despite his wandering tendencies, when Jehan was in Inferni territory, he liked to stick to areas he knew. It seemed... safer, that way.

He began to answer before Saut pointed at his throat, and he laughed. Keys, he said, and jangled them to prove the point. They don't do nothing anymore, but... they're good luck. The girl beside him nodded confirmation.

I'm Jehan, the spitz introduced to "Saut," and this rude girl is Clover. She bared her teeth. We're, um, Outsiders. Friends of Cartier. Implied was the question of what Saut was, though he knew it was probably too rude to accuse the other of not being "coyote" enough outright. The Infernians probably got in violent spats over that sort of thing.

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“Oh. Cool,” he said, meeting the man's blue gaze for the first time. He had some idea of the objects' original purpose, though he'd never witnessed a key open a lock, himself. The idea of instilling something with “luck,” however, was new to him. Perhaps the doggish man wore his keys for reasons similar to Crucifix and her cross.

Saut's interest in the condition of Inferni's paths was born of many a past bruise or scrape from tripping over a fallen branch or getting stuck in the mud, as the grey girl nearly had. Most of the main ways were fine and clear -- they were too well-traveled to gather many obstacles or much undergrowth. Others, though, were obnoxious to walk on, especially during spring.

Clover. Ah. Saut exhaled and tried to clear his mind of his mood. “Oh. Hi,” he said, tail wagging, though he was decidedly disinterested in their rank. He would probably share their Outsider status, were the world fair. “I'm a Sciens. Son of a dog and a wolf, I think. Infernian, somehow.” It was an awkward attempt at a joke.

He looked back at the mud. “Before you get cleaned up,” he said, dipping his head at Clover's filthy legs and underbelly, “Do you want to help me put some sticks and stuff over this?” He cast an apologetic look at Jehan, then a quicker one at the space where his right arm should be. “You can help too, if you'd like...I, ah...yeah. If you want.”

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The awkward meeting among the mongrels smoothed somewhat with further talk, though Jehan got the impression that Saut wasn't entirely sure what to do with himself -- not that either of the Outsiders truly were, either. Generally, the de 'lOr man was more outgoing and tended to take initiative in conversations, but when he was attempting to babysit Clover and not offend every coyote in a five-mile radius it was harder. And Clover, for her part, wasn't generally interested in curbing her tongue.

She was a curious canine, though, and when Saut joked that he was son of a wolf and dog, her ears pricked. So you are ranked, she said, sniffing at him as if that would help her discern the truth. You're coyote enough for that at least. Her expression had calmed, but her tone remained sort of odd. While Jehan could care less about how he was ranked in Inferni, Clover took her membership with the coyote clan seriously. He was sure she would have been happier as a Bellum than an Outsider, but even with Cartier it didn't seem the Legatus made exceptions.

I like your nose though, she added, apropos of nothing. Jehan stifled a laugh.

His mirth didn't so much as fade when Saut glanced at his arm as it did turn wry. You mean I can get out of it? he quipped, then wiggled the small stump thoughtfully. Fuck, if only I thought of that excuse sooner.

Shut up, said Clover, apparently attempting to make up for being "rude" to Saut earlier, and nodded at the Sciens. I don't know if the coyotes notice sometimes, she said, already wandering in search of a branch or something to cover the mud with. Mud doesn't cling to their fur nearly as badly as ours.

Snorting but glad that Clover had found another "dog" to chat with, Jehan waited for the Infernian's direction.

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(+300) Sorry for the crap post. :I

For all his humor (which was rare anyway), Saut was proud of his rank. He lifted his chin a little higher as Clover added validation to his place within the clan, but a small part of him still flinched, because he really wasn't. At least, his appearance had him believe it.

“Thanks,” he said, awkwardly, but the compliment made him laugh. The lanky hybrid thought back to the day of Osprey's execution. Most of the coyote supremacists within Inferni viewed his elongated muzzle as a sign of foul blood, he knew. It made the silvery dog's words that much sweeter.

Jehan's sarcasm didn't really phase him so he laughed again, albeit softer. Normally Saut was not quick to laugh, but he wanted to make a good impression on these dogs; if he didn't make himself pleasant, the world at large would know that he really didn't like it much. “Well, now you can use it later,” he offered, mocking helpfulness. “Now,” he continued, suddenly all business. “I'll move the branches. Unless you want to shift, Clover.” Amber sights followed her form as she moved away from them. “Let me know if you find any good ones. Jehan,” he said, turning to the one-armed dog. “You can maybe break the twiggy bits off the big ones. Throw those along the edge, and I'll put the big branches along the worst parts.”

Satsified, Saut followed Clover's suit and trotted into the trees. He found a sizable branch in no time and brushed dead leaves away to expose the rest of it. A few minutes passed and he had several stacked in his arms, which were beginning to ache under the weight. The monochrome Sciens was puffing a little by the time he'd returned to the muddy path. “Alright,” he said to no one in particular, and dumped them unceremoniously in the grass. Most of the wood was already cleared of smaller twigs or dead leaves -- these he picked up again and, grumbling as he slogged back into the mud, he began to line them up.

He tested one with a foot and grimaced. Hay, he decided, would make the whole thing much safer (and more comfortable) to walk upon. Saut wasn't certain if there was much to spare, though, so he made a mental note to as Sinech about it. Later.

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00+ Sorry for the late post :I and the weird pacing/powerplay/I don't know sorry if i messed something up ;_;

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Clover's tail wagged a little harder when Saut lifted his chin and laughed, and for a second Jehan's scrutiny of the mongrel turned suspicious — though his expression softened again into a smirk when Saut took his remark in good stride. He tried to suppress his brotherly instincts and instead decided he would grill Clover about it later, if only to hear her yell at him.

The Sciens was fast to give out orders, but for their part the Outsiders didn't care; Jehan knew he could hardly argue against them. He nodded slighty and settled down to wait and do as he was told while Clover, woofing that she didn't need to shift, went out to the trees. Her search took a little longer, and she tended to point out good, big branches to Saut more than she looked for her own, but when she found the deadfall she dragged it along the ground. She helped Saut arrange the branches, her pale legs dark and sticky with mud.

You know someone's just gonna trip over one of these and fall on their face, Jehan commented to the younger man.

Not everyone has crappy balance, Clover shot back, and thrust her tongue out at him. Flecks of bark stuck to it; he laughed and she grimaced, lashing her tongue. When they sink in they'll be good, she shrugged.

She began to run atop what was lined out already, potentially making the Sciens' job harder, then stopped and glanced at him. I guess you were born here, then?

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(+300) You're good! Also I just realized that Saut's had like five mood swings in this thread, whoops.

Saut grunted as he dragged a large, still-leafy branch Clover had indicated over to the other man. He dumped it in front of him and copied the girl's shrug. “Maybe,” he admitted, and one of his ears fanned back. “Hay might help, but I don't want to ask for it unless we're sure we need it.”

The grey-furred coymutt bent down next to a branch he'd already lined up and adjusted its position slightly. “I don't think so,” he said after a brief hesitation. He made a soft, apologetic noise to give warning to the dog and then adjusted a few of the other branches. “My mother is Salsolan, so I guess that's where I was born. My father brought me here and gave me to Gramma to bring up.” He couldn't have known that the woman who had given birth to him no longer dwelled in the thistle kingdom, and was far, far out of his reach. The Sciens had long since lost his desire to connect with Svasra or Gehenna, though, so when he spoke of his parents it was as one might speak of passing acquaintance.

Saut stood up and placed his mud-caked hands on his hips, surveying what what had been accomplished so far. “This may seem counter-intuitive,” he began, eager to change the subject even if he was largely indifferent to his early fate. “But I feel like they would be easier to walk on if we put a layer of mud on them, so it can actually dry.” He paused again, as if he'd forgotten something. Then he seemed to shrink as his shoulders slumped, and he heaved a heavy sigh. “Shit. I'm sorry, I'm sure there are other things you two would like to be doing.” The Outsiders had been quick to help, but it had not occurred to Saut that it might have been due to their position in the pack. He certainly didn't want to take advantage of it, especially given his own ancestry.

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