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Word of the Day Tracking

  1. January 1, 2018 - instauration "There was no instauration to be found in this night's sleep."
  2. January 1, 2018 - instauration "Normally when she walked through the Ruins of Tog, she would notice things that needed instauration, or where she could maybe salvage something useful, but not today."
  3. January 7, 2018 - horsefeathers ""Horsefeathers," Lucille muttered, continuing with the teasing, though there was a smile on her face all the same."
  4. November 8, 2018 - rococo "...and she paid little mind to what sort of attention it was; she liked to feel rococo wherever possible."

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Word of the Day Archives

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<li>[b][url=]November 9, 2013[/url][/b] - en bloc
[i]"Contact with another had, [b]en bloc[/b], rarely been positive."[/i] </li>
<li>[b][url=]November 18, 2013[/url][/b] - commix
[i]"The sunlight seemed to [b]commix[/b] with the leaves on the trees."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]November 19, 2013[/url][/b] - omnium-gatherum
[i]"Before leaving her house, Esther had chosen from her [b]omnium-gatherum[/b] some brightly colored yarn and braided them together."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]December 21, 2013[/url][/b] - solstice
[i]"It seemed there were many exciting things happening this season as the [b]solstice[/b] drew near, with puppies being born, new kittens on the way, and, Esther hoped, something good happening for Drahnor."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]December 22, 2013[/url][/b] - fiddlesticks
[i]""[b]Fiddlesticks,[/b]" Esther muttered, looking down at the one nearest her."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]December 31, 2013[/url][/b] - sozzled
[i]"She stumbled clumsily through the snow, as if she were [b]sozzled[/b], and she nearly collapsed in front of the deer."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 7, 2014[/url][/b] - lea
[i]"Still, the chase across the [b]lea[/b] was relatively short, thanks to Fayne's close proximity when the hare saw her."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]February 9, 2014[/url][/b] - dulcify
[i]"They were [b]dulcified[/b] once the bowl of water seemed more secure to them, so Whitey, Kittensworth, and even Sunshine decided that they would take advantage of having Esmeralda at their level."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]March 18, 2014[/url][/b] - venerable
[i]"The only impression Aspen had gotten of the female was negative; she did not seem at all [b]venerable[/b] like Saul, or even understanding like Colibri."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]April 03, 2014[/url][/b] - bedash
[i]"After several more times attempting to [b]bedash[/b] one rock against the other, she made a quiet angry sound and threw it hard into the water."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]April 22, 2013[/url][/b] - frivol
[i]"She sighed since she was not usually one to [b]frivol[/b] away her time and set them aside and stood to walk over to the door."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]April 29, 2014[/url][/b] - obliquity
[i]"She was not usually one for [b]obliquity[/b], and her voice lacked any sort of patronizing tone."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]May 10, 2014[/url][/b] - zephyr
[i]"As she walked, a [b]zephyr[/b] brought Fayne the scent of a pack and she paused, turning to see if there were any markers other than the scent."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]June 18, 2014[/url][/b] - scofflaw
[i]"For a moment, it hadn't occurred to her that if some [b]scofflaw[/b] was attacking her, they may have already grabbed her."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]June 19, 2014[/url][/b] - flak
[i]"She would catch so much [b]flak[/b] for that, even if he was just joking."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]June 24, 2014[/url][/b] - garboil
[i]"Her brows knit in [b]garboil[/b]."[/i] </li>
<li>[b][url=]June 29, 2014[/url][/b] - smirch
[i]"She set down the knife she was using to clean the fish and picked up a cloth to wipe her hands on, causing a [b]smirch[/b] on the fabric as she cleaned the fur on her fingers."[/i] </li>
<li>[b][url=]July 13, 2014[/url][/b] - tumultuary
[i]"It had not been too long, but to a lost puppy, it probably felt like an eternity, especially if she had been running around in a [b]tumultuary[/b] way."[/i] </li>
<li>[b][url=]July 23, 2014[/url][/b] - hemidemisemiquaver
[i]"She did enjoy playing, right down to every little [b]hemidemisemiquaver[/b]."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]July 24, 2014[/url][/b] - ardor
[i]"It was a scary thought, but Aspen was told she would feel such [b]ardor[/b] for the puppy or puppies, that it wouldn't matter."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]August 3, 2014[/url][/b] - rimple
[i]"She felt her heart flutter and she smiled, causing the corner of her mouth to [b]rimple[/b], only to have the expression sober a little at his words"[/i] </li>
<li>[b][url=]August 3, 2014[/url][/b] - rimple
[i]"Trying to imagine how huge she would be only caused her to laugh again and the skin around her eyes [b]rimpled[/b]."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]August 9, 2014[/url][/b] - slipshod
[i]"Her first couple when she started looked a bit [b]slipshod[/b], but her dad said it was to be expected."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]October 14, 2014[/url][/b] - juvenescent
[i]"The [b]juvenescent[/b] canine pounced, oversized paws out in front of her as she did her best to aim for the odd blade of grass."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]October 14, 2014[/url][/b] - juvenescent
[i]"The sheepdog listened as the [b]juvenescent[/b] male spoke and a frown crossed her features as she tried to decide if he was being truthful."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]November 12, 2014[/url][/b] - clowder
[i]"There was a [b]clowder[/b] in the corner, and several pairs of eyes glared as the canines moved things around."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]November 12, 2014[/url][/b] - clowder
[i]"Luckily, she didn't own as much as Esther, so some of the [b]clowder[/b] was able to ride amongst her things as well."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]November 24, 2014[/url][/b] - gaslight
[i]"Foolish and yet, still unnerved. Whatever it was, it was doing a good job of [b]gaslighting[/b] the healer."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 1, 2015[/url][/b] - incunabula
[i]"It was the [b]incunabula[/b] of Aspen's riding, and she knew that it would eventually get better."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 2, 2017[/url][/b] - yeasayer
[i]"The accent the other female had was not one Reluceo had heard before, but for some reason, Reluceo immediately pegged her for a [b]yeasayer[/b], possibly of the annoying variety [...]"[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 3, 2017[/url][/b] - murmuration
[i]"[...] so she simply waited while rearranging some containers of spices on the shelf with quiet [b]murmuration[/b] as she mad mental notes to herself."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 4, 2017[/url][/b] - emolument
[i]"Valentina was here, but Nieve really though Sylvestre should be since helping Naenia was a criteria for his [b]emolument[/b]."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 5, 2017[/url][/b] - draconian
[i]"It was just easier for her to joke than think about the [b]draconian[/b] practices they had escaped that led them to this terrible place."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 7, 2017[/url][/b] - frondescence
[i]"She missed the [b]frondescence[/b] and relative warmth. Right now she really wished she had more clothes on."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 8, 2017[/url][/b] - fallal
[i]"[...] she and Thiago certainly did not have enough stolen goods to do that, not even one bit of [b]fallal[/b]."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 8, 2017[/url][/b] - fallal
[i]"[...] and so it would be helpful to know if they were looking for some sort of [b]fallal[/b] or something more practical."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 8, 2017[/url][/b] - fallal
[i]"Reluceo had never owned any [b]fallal[/b] as nice as leather armor, nor had she really needed it, although it did look cool."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 9, 2017[/url][/b] - crepitate
[i]"He probably wished for some leaves to [b]crepitate[/b] rather than the wet snow to walk through [...]"[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 9, 2017[/url][/b] - crepitate
[i]"As she listened, Tiro pawed at the snow, eventually making it to the leaf litter below, causing them to [b]crepitate[/b]."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 20, 2017[/url][/b] - asseverated
[i]""Yes of course," Lucille [b]asseverated[/b], handing over her notes to Willow to look through."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 20, 2017[/url][/b] - asseverated
[i]""But I will try not to lead them here," she [b]asseverated[/b]."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 21, 2017[/url][/b] - multitudinous
[i]"It made her angry, afraid, and feel [b]multitudinous[/b] other things."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 21, 2017[/url][/b] - multitudinous
[i]"Fine," Shore finally said, rather than saying anything about the [b]multitudinous[/b] emotions she was feeling or snapping something rude [...]"[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 22, 2017[/url][/b] - talisman
[i]""What is a [b]talisman[/b]?""[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 22, 2017[/url][/b] - talisman
[i]"Upon receiving it, she had wondered for a little while if the charm was meant to be a [b]talisman[/b], part of Vinatta's religion, but it did not seem to be the case."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 23, 2017[/url][/b] - froideur
[i]"Someone else might look upon it with [b]froideur[/b], but to Lucille it simply looked like a home that was lived in, rather than just a house."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 26, 2017[/url][/b] - fulminate
[i]"She expected them to [b]fulminate[/b] against the idea of leaving, or at least to try [...]"[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 29, 2017[/url][/b] - parergon
[i]"Today, for example, while they were doing the monotonous task that was patrolling the border, they could also do a [b]parergon[/b] such as practice riding, [...]"[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]January 29, 2017[/url][/b] - parergon
[i]"Now she was off hopefully doing some sort of [b]parergon[/b] and not bothering someone else."[/i]</li>
<li>[b][url=]February 2, 2017[/url][/b] - umbra
[i]"She walked in silence out to the border, her arm through Thiago's as she kept her eyes on the flickering [b]umbra[/b] caused by the trees."[/i]</li>
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